Illinois State University Acceptance Rate

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It is not rocket science that the present-day professional world has laid a great emphasis on skill acquisition. Acquiring a set of skills may be trending but obtaining a formal qualification still has its perks. With a University or College certification, some jobs and professional ranks are easily achievable.  

Illinois State University (ISU) was founded in 1857. It is the oldest public school in Illinois. Aside from being a state-funded institution, ISU has stood the test of time. As of 2020, the school, which is situated on about 1000 acres of space in Normal, Illinois state University, had an acceptance rate of 81.3%. For a long time, it has been pegged between 80% – 82%. ISU is currently one of the many higher schools of learning in the United States with a high acceptance rate.

Illinois State University Acceptance Rate

Illinois State University has a recent acceptance rate of 89%. This implies that the “normal” institution is not overly strict in considering and admitting potential students. However, Illinois State University is slightly selective in its admission. 

Illinois State University Acceptance Rate

Did you know that about 90% of students who apply are admitted to Illinois State University? lSU makes it a whole lot easier for freshmen, transfer, returning, graduate and international students to be admitted. 

Acceptance rates depend on the nature and operational mode of the school. Some have low rates. Others like ISU have a super high rate. Some other schools have a much higher acceptance rate. You can check here for 100 schools in the United States with a 100% acceptance rate. 

Schools with high acceptance rates admit a higher number of students unlike schools with as low as 10-20%. Generally speaking, private schools usually have low acceptance rates. This is due to several reasons:

  • Proof of funding which is usually expensive for average citizens. Tuition rates of private schools are higher than in public schools.
  • Top-notch educational patterns and facilities
  • Limited fields of study and specialization also makes them selective in their admission requirement and processes. 

With the above, public schools tend to be the go-to option depending on individual preferences, financial status or academic choices. Illinois State University is a slightly selective public school which does not cost an arm and a leg to get enrolled. 

Meanwhile, it is difficult to talk about the acceptance rate of Illinois State University without knowing what the institution demands before students can be accepted. 

Let’s take a look at the school’s admission requirements. 

ISU Admission Requirements

As a State-owned institution, it is in line that the noble school of repute’s admission requirements are not unnecessarily difficult to obtain. This as earlier indicated does not in any way suggest that admittance into the pioneer public school in Illinois is an all-comers affair. As much as every institution wants to enrol the brightest of applicants, ISU has gone a step ahead to ensure that applicants of different intellectual and financial capabilities can have a fair chance to apply. 

Their ease of application processes is worthy of note. The following are the requirements you need to know:

Freshman Admission

Currently, ISU is accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic session. As a freshman, you are required to produce the following:

  • High School Transcript (Student’s Copy) or unofficial SAT or ACT scores. Opting for unofficial copies of this document is cost-effective. For GPA requirements, ISU admits students with a below-average GPA. 
  • Though not required, ISU considers a competitive SAT score range of 1020 – 1220 and an ACT score range of 21 – 26. 
  • Personal Statements are optional.
  • $50 non-refundable application fee

So without a doubt, one can see that the school makes it easy for all to apply. Nonetheless, it is clearly stated on their website that priority will be given to applicants with the “strongest academic records”. This policy applies to all forms of ISU admission.

What Are The Benefits Of Being Accepted Into ISU?

Illinois State University has a resounding academic record. It has stood out in many respects for so many years. The school which operates on a semester-based academic calendar graduates about 68% of its students. ISU is a small-sized University by space but large by population. It has an admin staff of well over 3000 and more than 20, 000 students. 

Here are several good reasons why you should endeavour to be accepted by Illinois State University: 

  • According to the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, Illinois State University is one of the leading producers of teachers in the United States. ISU originally kicked off as a Teacher’s training institution. To date, ISU is still keen on teaching. Hence, their effective classroom policy.
  • Regardless of the population of students, ISU has succeeded in making classroom learning conducive and super-effective. Statistics show that ISU classes have fewer than 20 students at a 38.3% rate. This directly impacts the retention level of the student. A small number of students in the classroom helps increase the focus and attentiveness of students. That way, it is easier to carry everyone along. 
  • With a vast programme offering in the school, it is logical that it would take up more students. Illinois State University offers a lot of programmes such as Business, Education, Health-related programs, Journalism, Communication, Agriculture, Social Sciences, Humanities and many more. ISU ranks 58 in the list of Best Colleges for Information technology and 72nd in Best College for Education in America. 
  • Another beautiful advantage of being a student of this school is gainful employment after your study. Did you know that as an Illinois State alumni employed in ISU, you have a chance of earning as much as $39,600 in the first months/years of your employment? Not bad, I bet!
  • As a state-supported institution, Illinois State University is not as expensive as other private schools in the state. With the help of government funding, tuition rates are subsidized compared to some other public and private schools. Likewise, one can benefit from the school’s scholarship and financial aid plans. 


In conclusion, Illinois State University has a high acceptance rate and sure does have a host of benefits for admitted students.