Champlain College Admission Requirements and GPA

To know Champlain College Admission Requirements and GPA….Read on this article….!

While the application process to various Colleges is fairly similar, each College has specific guidelines you can follow to ensure that you have the greatest chance of being accepted. A comprehensive guide follows to prepare you for the application process.

Champlain College Admission Requirements and GPA

For your admission to Champlain College, you will need to fulfill requirements like GPA of 3.4, an SAT score of 1090 or higher, or an ACT score of 22 or higher. If your GPA is below 3.4 then you will need to have higher ACT and SAT scores to increase your chance of being accepted.

Champlain College Admission Requirements and GPA

SAT Requirements

Champlain College embraces a test-optional stance. For a lot of majors, you do not have to submit an SAT. Some majors do however require you to send in your test scores. You have the freedom to decide whether you want to submit your ACT or SAT scores. An SAT score of 1090 is the minimum recommended score for your application to stand a great chance to be accepted. 

ACT Requirements

If you decide to send in your ACT scores instead of your SATs or send both, you should aim for a score of 22 or above for a solid chance of being accepted. The benefit of submitting your ACT score over your SAT scores is all the SATs you have ever taken will be sent to the College. When you send your ACT score, you are in control of which test scores you send in and you can take as many ACTs as you want to have your highest score possible. Utilizing this method is a sure-fire way to give you your best chance for acceptance.

GPA Requirements

The average High School GPA of the accepted student is 3.4. If your GPA is below 3.4 then you would need to have a higher SAT or ACT score to compensate and ensure your chance of being accepted stays high. 

Other Submission Requirements

Regardless of whether you decide to submit SAT/ACT scores, other standard documents are required:

  •  Recommendations.
  • Test scores (optional).
  • Extracurricular activity list. 
  • Optional essay.
  • Transcripts.

 Strong communication and writing skills are a massive plus. 

Academic preparation

 The primary curriculum of completion for academic preparation to be considered for acceptance is as follows:

  • 3 years of Mathematics e.g. Algebra II, AP Calculus, Calculus, or Pre-Calculus.
  • 3 years of taking Social Sciences or History classes.
  • 4 years of reading/writing English
  • 3 years of Natural Sciences. Including two courses with lab components.
  • 2 years of participation in a foreign language class.
  • Challenging academic subjects during a senior year.

International Student’s Requirements

Students who want to apply to a College whose native language is not English requires proof of proficiency in English. For those students there are multiple ways to achieve this requirement:   

  • Paper (written) TOEFL with a score of 550.
  • Internet-based TOEFL with a score of  79 or above.
  • IELTS Academic with a score of 6.5.
  • PTE score of 58.
  • SAT Verbal score of 500 and above. 
  • Pass British ‘O’ Level English (A–C)

Home-schooled Student Applications

For home-schooled applicants, the same application requirements should be submitted just as all first-year applicants. Only if the student is admitted and enrolls, is proof of graduation via home-school diploma or official exam results required.

These applicants must also include:

  • High school transcripts, including completed and coursework still in progress along with grades and a course description.
  • Any courses that were completed at a secondary school will require official transcripts from the institution

Portfolio Requirements

Certain majors require portfolios of your work to be submitted during the admission process to be considered for application. Submitting your portfolio will show your ability and enthusiasm for the work and help the evaluation process to ensure that you will be able to flourish in your selected program. 

Showing great technical skills for this subject before starting the curriculum will impress and fast-track your application to being accepted.  

Majors Which Requires A Portfolio:

  • Creative Media (BFA) – A creative piece according to a given theme, 5 work samples, and a personal statement.
  • Filmmaking (BFA) – A movie or video sample of up to 5 minutes or a script of 3-5 pages.
  • Game Art (BS) – An art portfolio consisting of 3 examples of creative work.
  • Game Design (BS) – A board game created to reflect a specific theme.
  • Graphic Design & Visual Communication (BFA) – 5 artistic pieces or images and an art narrative in the portfolio.
 Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who should apply for ED and what are the benefits?

For students who are certain that Champlain is the College where they want to be, an early decision is a great option to increase your chances of being accepted. 

The benefits are: 

  1. Higher chances of being accepted
  2. Enrollment caps won’t lock you out of popular majors.
  3. You receive the same financial aid considerations as all other applicants, a benefit of Champlain compared to other institutions. 
  4. Receive your admission decision and financial aid before other applicants.
  5. Enjoy priority housing preferences.
  • When is the Early Decision deadline?

There are two deadline dates: The first Early Decision deadline is November 15th and the second Early Decision will be done by January 15th.

  • Is your application complete?

You can monitor your application on their Application Dashboard where you can check the status of your application and determine whether you have outstanding requirements. 

  • Can you submit your portfolio after the deadline has passed?

Yes. Any supplemental materials should be submitted as soon as possible to be considered for admission. 

  • When will you receive your financial aid package?

Your FAFSA should be sent before the Early Decision deadline. The financial aid offer is included with your admissions packet. 

  • What is the Regular Decision deadline?

Regular Decision applications are due on January 15.

  • Someone wants to write a recommendation. Where can I send it?

Materials sent on your behalf can be emailed to The sender should include your full name with the submission. 

  • I have more questions. What can I do?

Text, call, or email the Admission Counselor anytime for any additional assistance.


Champlain College has a 75% acceptance rate. Enrolling in some extracurricular activities, or applying with higher scores than those recommended in this article will only strengthen your chances of being accepted and you will be accepted in no time.