How much tuition is at Albany Technical College?

Situated in the southwest city of Albany, in the state of Georgia of United States of America. Albany Technical College also known as ATC or Albany Tech is a public sect community college. It has the honor of being a part of the Technical College System of Georgia. It also is accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs for its ATC Medical Assisting Program. It was established in 1861 by the name of Monroe Area Vocational-Technical School, with only a class of 175 students, then in 1972, Monroe Area Vocational-Technical School was joined together with Albany Area Vocational-Technical School. The name of the college was then changed to Albany Technical Institute in 1988. But again, on July 6, 2000 it was finally named as the Albany Technical College. The college was made to teach the residents some major subjects of technical education as well as the awareness of business industries. Let us dig into the more details of the Albany Technical College about the programs that they offer and what are the tuition fees of all these programs along with the services and facilities that the college has to offer below. However, let us have a look at the fee structure.

How much tuition is at Albany Technical College?

The fee structure is as follows for the programs you are going to find below

    The application fee for admission is twenty-five dollars must be paid at the start. The fee structure for fifteen credit hour student or a full-time student is combined into Tuition fees which are 1500 dollars, activity fees 29 dollars, registration fees 50 dollars, Student Insurance fees 6 dollars, athletic fees 28 dollars, Technology fee is said to be 105 dollars, instructional fee 55 dollars, and the campus salary fees are said to be 25 dollars. The part time students’ fees is around is the same just the credit hour is reduced to 1000 dollars.

The thorough list of the programs offers at the Albany Technical College

      The university offered the certificate courses for the duration of three months with a diploma in a year or eighteen months. Including an associate degree in two years. The little over view of the programs are mentioned below in which the following degrees are given.


  The business faculty have the subjects of;

  1. Accounting: They offered degrees, diplomas as well as certificate courses in Computerized Accounting Specialist, Food Production Worker, Graphic Design and Prepress Technician, Office Accounting Specialist, and Payroll Accounting Specialist.
  2. Business Healthcare Technology: They offered degrees and diplomas in Business Healthcare Technology Degree, Business Technology Degree. With Technical Certificate in Administrative Support Assistant, Business Office Assistant, Healthcare Billing, and Reimbursement Assistant, Healthcare Office Assistant, and Healthcare Practice Manager.
  3. Business Management: This subject has a diploma and degree in Business Management. Certificates in Human Resource Management Specialist, Service Supervision Specialist, and Supervisor/Management Specialist.
  4. Ecommerce: In e-commerce they only give degrees. There are no single diploma and technical certificate courses in this subject for now.
  5. Marketing Management: In marketing the degree and diploma in the following subject. The technical certificate in the Certified Customer Service Specialist, and Entrepreneurship.

Computers & Engineering

    The computer and engineering faculty has the following subjects:

  1. Computer Programing: The degree and diplomas are given in the formerly mentioned subjects. The technical certificates are given in C++ Programmer, Java Programmer, Mobile Application Developer Certificate, PHP Programmer, and iOS Mobile Programming Certificate.
  2. Computer Support: The degree and diploma are given in computer support specialist and technical courses in help desk specialist.
  3. Cyber Security: In this subject, the degrees and diplomas are given in Cybercrime Investigation Degree, Cybersecurity Degree. Technical Certificates in the Computer Forensic and Investigation Specialist, Cyber Crime Specialist, Cybersecurity, and Cybersecurity Fundamentals.
  4. Design and Media Production: The degrees and diplomas are given in design and media production. The certificate courses are given in Advertising Layout Specialist, Design and Media Production Specialist, Digital Illustration Specialist, and Photographer.


   In healthcare the subject offered are as follows:

  1. Dental: The degree is given only in dental assisting.
  2. Emergency Medicine: The degree is given in paramedicine technology. Also, the diploma is given in the formerly mentioned subject. The certificates are also given in Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT), and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).
  3. Medical Assisting: The diploma and degrees are given in this subject with technical certificate courses in Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician, Health Care Assistant, and Nurse Aide Accelerated.
  4. Nursing: Associate degrees, as well as diplomas, are given in nursing.  The degrees and technical courses are further given to the students of Practical Nursing, Radiologic Technology, and Surgical Technology.
  5. Information technology: The diplomas and degrees including technical certificate courses are given in the subjects Computer Support Specialist, Computer Programming, Cybersecurity, Electrical, and Computer Engineering Technology, Information Technology Professional, and Networking Technology.
  6. Leadership: This important major gives degrees, diplomas, and technical certificate courses in Accounting, Business Management, Business Logistics Management, Business Technology, Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management, Management Supervisory Development, Marketing Management, Operations Management, and Quality Assurance Six Sigma Green & Black Belt.
  7. Logistics and Operation: The logistics and operation give the degree, diploma, and technical certificate courses Business Logistics Management, Industrial Operations Technician, and Operations Management.
  8. Manufacturing: Business Logistics Management, Engineering Graphics – Computer Assisted Design for Manufacturing, Industrial Operations Technician, Industrial Electrical Technology, Operations Management, Precision Manufacturing, Welding & Joining Technology are the subjects in which degrees, diplomas, and technical certificate courses.
  9. Professional services: The aforementioned degrees are given to the individuals studying Accounting, Addiction & Substance Abuse, Business Technology, Barbering, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Design & Media Production Technology, Early Childhood Care & Education, Environmental Horticulture, Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management.
  10. Public Safety: The degrees, diplomas, and technical certificate courses are given in the respected subjects of Criminal Justice Technology, Cyber Crime Investigation, EMT/Paramedicine, Fire & Emergency Services Occupation, Law Enforcement Preparatory Certificate, and Professional Firefighter / Fire Science Technology.
  11. TRANSPORTATION: The course is further divided into the subject of Automative, where the technical certificate courses are given to the Auto Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician, Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist, Automotive Climate Control Technician, Automotive Collision Repair Assistant I, Automotive Collision Repair Assistant II, Automotive Engine Performance Technician, Automotive Engine Repair Technician, Automotive Light Duty Diesel Engine Tech, Automotive Refinishing Assistant I, Automotive Refinishing Assistant II, and Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist. Other than that, the same degrees and diplomas are given to the students of Automotive Technology, Commercial Truck Driving, Diesel Equipment Technology.


    Winding up after having a look at the fees structure and the variety of programs that the college has to offer one can be said that the college truly knows how to give rise to the individuals who cannot afford the heavy tuitions of the ivy league colleges and the other colleges of the highest standards, to enhance their skills and made them the earning and well-educated member of the society. The university has the best program to offer tuition to even those who cannot afford the full-time student responsibility by giving them part-time classes which is a good source of making a career while continuing studies.