How can I graduate with a bachelor’s in 2 years?

Depending on where you are studying, a bachelor’s degree generally takes four years to complete. Four years is a pretty long time. Some of you may feel impatient and wishes to rush out of college so you can enter the workforce sooner. You may wonder, How can you graduate with a bachelor’s in 2 years?

Accomplishing your bachelor’s degree in two years is a very ambitious goal. The success rate of completing your bachelor’s degree, just half of the standard four years, is not high. It is found that the most realistic early graduating time is three and a half years. Although, it is definitely not impossible to graduate in two years. This article will discuss how you can get your bachelor’s degree in two years or at least less than four years.

How can I graduate with a bachelor's in 2 years?

The harsh reality

Let me share with you the facts and statistics on undergraduates in the US. According to a report by Forbes and NBC, most college students with a four-year bachelor’s degree don’t graduate on time.

Here’s an exact quote from NBC News, “colleges have gradually moved the finish line to give themselves credit for success if students graduate in six years — or even eight years, which is the measure used by the government’s newest consumer website, College Scorecard.” This means that most college students in the US require extra time to graduate, with either six or eight years of college. Additional information by Education data Initiative showed that in 2-year universities, the percentage of students graduating on time is 31.6%.

Before you feel sad, there is absolutely nothing wrong or shameful about not graduating on time. College students are expected to master everything while having a job and who knows what problems could come on the way. 

Understandably, graduating later means the extra time and more money wasted. In the next part, I will share tips on how you can graduate in 2 years, or at least earlier than four years or on time.

How to graduate early?

Use your community college or high school credits

If you have previously enrolled in a community college and earned your associate’s degree, you can transfer your credits to your university! Yes, it may seem like the same four-year undergraduate program, but it will cost you less, and you don’t have to take your undergraduate university program from the start. 

Luckier for you, if you took courses in high school that suits your chosen undergraduate program and university, you could transfer those credits! If you are a high schooler reading this, try reaching out to your school to see if they provide such services.

Take more class credits

An undergraduate program usually consists of 120 credits or an equal of 40 classes. The standard is that each semester, students have to take 15 credits. Obviously, if you want to finish as early as two years, you can imagine how you should cramp the four-year credits to two years. Each university has its own rules. They may have different regulations on the maximum amount of credits students can take per semester.

Take accelerated degrees

Some universities offer accelerated degrees (two or three-year programs) where you still need to undergo the same courses and the same time as the traditional four-year period but in a shorter time. 

Take summer classes

Sacrifice your summer freedom. Most students take summer school to re-take any failed courses but depending on the university, some courses can be taken earlier in the summer class. Although, doing this means you won’t have much time to do a summer internship.

Stay close to your academic advisor

You have to be involved not only in your classes but also with your academic advisor. They probably know the ins and outs of the university. Confide in your goal to graduate earlier and discuss how to organize your courses and other requirements your university may have to graduate. 


Unfortunately, you have a higher chance of completing your bachelor’s degree in two years if you have existing credits from your previous college, university, or school. The earliest possible graduation time will be three years if you’re starting fresh. So, if you are still in high school, take advantage of any credits that can be transferred to your future university. If you have already enrolled in an undergraduate degree, aim to complete your degree in three years or on time! Know yourself, your major, and the programs offered by your university to maximize your chances of a smooth uni life and graduating early.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to get my bachelor’s degree in two years?

Yes, mainly if you already have existing credits.

  1. What’s the earliest time undergraduate students graduate?

Realistically it’s three to three and a half years.

  1. Is it a disadvantage to graduate early?

No, and yes. No, because you’ll save time and money; yes, because you may miss longer internship opportunities and a lot of college life experience and fun.