How Much Time Do College Students Spend On Extracurricular Activities?

College is not just about education, it’s more than that. It’s an institution that holistically develops a student. It provides not just professional or methodological training but also training in fields of sports and arts. It bestows a student with lifetime experiences and memories which they cherish forever. A student gets enrolled in a college expecting not just education in their technical fields but also to be able to participate in cultural events, sports, and liberal arts. That’s what makes the journey of college enjoyable and more memorable. Let’s learn about ‘How Much Time Do College Students Spend On Extracurricular Activities?’.

How Much Time Do College Students Spend On Extracurricular Activities?

How Much Time Do College Students Spend On Extracurricular Activities?

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to extracurricular activities. It can be informative clubs, athletics, communal services, student administration, arts, or hobbies. These extracurricular activities complement the core curriculum of the students in many dimensions. It gives a student an opportunity to showcase their hidden talent and gain expertise in the same field. These activities not only shape the knowledge however it gives practical training to a student which is helpful to a student in life.

The extracurricular activities confer a student with not just skills but life skills that are helpful to a student throughout the journey of life. There are many kinds of extracurricular activities which students can take during college. It can be participation in Athletics or sports, participation in dance or music festivals, Academic clubs or teams. It can be any artistic team. There is a wide range of options when it comes to sports. It can be basketball, football, athletics, cycling, or gymnastics. There is a wide range of options when it comes to clubs as well. It can be drama club, culinary club, debate teams, Music club, or dance club. These clubs are best when it comes to sharing knowledge and gaining practical training and refining the skills. These skills remain with the student for a lifetime.

All companies look for candidates and graduates who have an array of skills, personal qualities, and knowledge, which will aid them to be creative in the office. Extra-curricular activities give them the opportunity to develop these by doing things they love and enjoy. This is the greatest opportunity to learn, enjoy and make the student more employable at the same time.

There are many activities that can help a student not only gain employment but also get an amazing job. It can be:

Volunteer work:

There is nothing that impresses an interview application other than some volunteer or social cause work. Most colleges deliberate some kind of volunteer work or communal service as compulsory work for all applicants. A significant part of the volunteer practice is to consider the activities a student love and find a way to inculcate them into the service hours one is doing to showcase in the resume. It should not take more than 1-2 hours a day and usually can be done over weekends. The best thing one can do is to also get associate with a non-government organization. It can be an orphanage or an old age home or a school where one can offer teaching services free of cost and help them learn a skill or a subject.

Internships during:

Obtaining an internship while a student is in college is a remarkable way to impress and make brownie points on the interview application. An internship demonstrates that a student is talented, devoted, and developed enough to enter the workforce. Internships are usually 1-2 months and can offer a lot of learning. Representing such potentials, in turn, allows interview officers to accept that a student will be more than proficient in handling heftier workloads and vigorously contributing to the work since the student has already established ingenuity.

Academic Clubs:

Being a part of an academic club or any team displays that a student is enthusiastic about education and gaining practical training. These clubs won’t take much time of a student and usually is 3-4 hours a week. When it comes to difficult academics, a student doesn’t run or shy away from but face it with dedication and consistency. 

Music and Arts:

Imagination is always a strength when it comes to excelling in interview applications. Students active in artistic domains like music, cultural drama, and visual arts incline to be broad-minded, unconventional, and different from the rest of the crowd. This domain also leads to cultural events and usually takes 5-6 hours a week. These qualities enhance campus life, which is an advantage in the eyes of an interviewer and employer.


Sports not only build strength but also enhances the decision-making skills of a person. They learn to make conclusions on behalf of the squad and look at the broader picture. This is a very hard talent to teach a student, but a sport can aid them to acquire this effortlessly. They will develop not only physically but also emotionally and mentally stronger as a person. It usually is 1-2 hours a day.


Being part of a debate club can be quite valuable to college students as this would enhance their behaviors, build self-confidence and give them an opportunity to express their thoughts and speak their minds. 

These activities give a student an opportunity to not only develop but also showcase their talents and impress the employer. However, the real question is how much time a student should devote to such activities other than academics as the burden and workload of academics is also quite immense on a student. The focus should always be on academics as the GPA matters while in college and also during the interview process. It is a prime and imperative object when it comes to selection procedures. The academics are deciding factor for any recruitment firm. These activities capture the attention of the employer and impress the interview taker when it comes to high-pressure jobs and leadership roles. That is the reason extracurricular activities are so important and vital for any student. There should be a proper division of time when it comes to deciding the duration of such activities. It usually is from 2-4 hours a day and could be more over weekends. There should be proper prioritizing of activities so that a student is not tired and can not only concentrate on academics but also enjoy the extracurricular activities. 


Now we have learnt ‘How Much Time Do College Students Spend On Extracurricular Activities?’, It is rightly said that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” These activities when done in a moderate amount can be very fruitful and awarding to a student. It can just act as a brownie point when it comes to capturing the attention of the interviewing officer and get not only employment but help in landing a job that a student can dream of with all perks and benefits!