How Many Campuses Does Ohio University Have?

How Many Campuses Does Ohio University Have?


Every university can decide to have one or as many campuses as they can manage and maintain. For a larger population of students, a university can decide to have more than one campus. This is to prevent overcrowded campuses and ensure an effective learning environment. Again, the number of campuses of a particular university does not determine the academic excellence they offer. However, some colleges have up to three to four campuses in other cities outside the main campus city, to create awareness among a large audience and as well make education easily accessible to many.

Ohio University campus

Ohio University has one major residential campus and five regional campuses. The campuses will be briefly discussed subsequently in this article. They include the Athens campus which is the major campus, Chillicothe campus, Zanesville campus, Lancaster campus, Southern campus, and Eastern campus. 

The five regional campuses also have extension campuses that offer professional educational programs 

Five Regional Campuses at Ohio University

Athens Campus

Ohio University has its residential campus in Athens, where it offers world-class educational and academic excellence. The Athens campus has the central library facilities of the university for student research and publications.

The university press is also located on the Athens campus which serves as the university publishing company. It has the 100th largest library in the United State. 

Chillicothe Campus

Ohio University – Chillicothe campus is the first regional campus of the university. This was established to help curb overcrowding on the university’s main campus after world war II in 1946. 

Zanesville Campus

Ohio University – Zanesville campus was open in the year 1946, the same year the Chillicothe campus was opened. This is a satellite campus of the university that practices open admission. It was majorly opened for community education and for those who seek an associate degree or business training. 

Lancaster Campus

Lancaster Campus is the third regional campus of Ohio University in Lancaster city, which was opened in 1956. This campus operates in this city to offer research and degree programs to students, especially Lancaster residents.

Southern Campus

This is the fourth regional campus of Ohio University that was opened in 1956, the same year the Lancaster campus was opened. This is also a satellite campus in Ironton, Ohio, this campus has two other extensions. It was opened as a result of the massive turnout of students when it held college-level classes in Ironton.

Eastern Campus

The Eastern campus of Ohio University is a regional and satellite campus of the university in St. Clairsville in Ohio. This campus was opened in the year 1957. It offers Baccalaureate degrees in various disciplines with an average class size of 15 students.

What is a Campus?

A campus is the building of a university or a college and the land around such a building. It is also referred to as the area within the university or college. Some schools provide students with accommodation within the campus, while some do not have accommodation within the campus, in this case, students live outside the campus. Living within the campus is safer as there is adequate security to monitor the activities of students, many students love to stay in campus hostels due to their affordability.

About Ohio University

Ohio University is a highly recognized research educational institute. It is known for its outstanding academic excellence, campuses, and faculties. It allows creative research and knowledge across all disciplines and experience for career success.

This university is a public university that was founded in 1804 in the United States. This is one of the oldest colleges in the state. Hugh Sherman is the current president of Ohio university which makes him the 22nd president of the prestigious university. 

The State of Ohio

Ohio is one of the states in the United State of America located in the mid-west part of the U.S., it is also part of the great lake region. Its capital city is Columbus, it became the 17th state of the United State in 1803. The name “Ohio” was gotten from the “Ohio river”. It is a republican state with Mike DeWine as the current governor. 


The campuses of Ohio University discussed in this article are not limited to it only. The regional campuses have other educational branches and extensions that are known for their academic excellence and prowess. Be that as it may, the number of campuses does not determine the academic success of the student. The regional campuses and their extension are set as tools to bring quality degree programs and education to a large audience at the grassroots level.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Ohio University Free?

Ohio University offers a very affordable tuition fee so that those living below the average income can afford a quality education. It also offers financial aid to students.

  1. Is Ohio a safe place?

Yes, it is safe to live and study in Ohio and its environment peacefully.