How Long I Wait After Submiting a Application?

How Long I Wait After Submiting a Application?

To know how long i wait after submiting a college application….read on this article….

You have submiting a application and you are wondering how long you wait and it would take for you to get feedback from your chosen institution, or I guess you have applied, and it seems like you have waited forever. Applicants grow dissatisfied year after year when they see that all their friends have received responses while they haven’t. Or they may have heard from four of their options but not the fifth. Don’t worry, it’s not unusual, it’s common.

You don’t have to wait that long, you just need to know the response times and policies for decision making in your applied institution because institutions vary when it comes to admission processing. 

It is important to know when the college you submiting a application ,you have to wait, it usually responds to its applicants because you need to move on with other plans for your life. Moreover, there is a lot of preparation for school, so the earlier you start the better, you don’t want to be cut unawares.  

Now the first thing to understand is, that for various colleges, it takes different lengths of time to respond to applicants, due to the various screening models they use to screen their candidates. It could take days, weeks or months for a university to respond to your application, whether it’s with an offer (hopefully), an invitation to an interview, or a rejection (hopefully not).

When you applied is also a factor in determining when the institution is going to respond to you.

But when will my university respond to me? 

These are a few basic things you need to know while waiting for feedback from an institution.

  1. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas) APPLICATION DEADLINE TO ALL SCHOOLS
  2. How does each college handle decisions and how does it affect you? 

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas) APPLICATION DEADLINE TO ALL SCHOOLS

As earlier stated, how you can know when your college will get back to you, is to keep the date of when you applied in mind and match it with the Ucas deadline for candidate application and the school’s usual response date. Also note that Some courses have different deadlines and response times, and many are a long time in advance of the start of the course. Take a look at the deadline for the year 2022.

With respect to the application for 2022, we have compiled the timing below. 

You submiting a application should have been responded to before one of the dates after you wait for a long time. remember depending on the courses you apply for – for courses starting in 2022 

The main UCAS application deadline (for most undergraduate courses) is 6 p.m. UK time on January 26, 2022, while Ucas Extra begins on February 25th. 

For April to June admissions, university judgments for January 26 applications are normally received by 19 May. If you have all decisions by the 19th of May, you must respond to offers by this date. After June 30, applications will be submitted into Clearing while those received before will be sent to colleges.

The next is the July-August admission category; the deadline for UCAS extra applications is July 4th, while from July 5th, UCAS Clearing opens, with vacancies beginning to be published. By July 14th, university judgments are due for applications received by June 30th.

How does each college handle decisions?

Probably your friends might have gotten feedback from their chosen institution, and you haven’t, or you both probably applied to the same institution and they have seen their application, but you haven’t. don’t panic, your application hasn’t been sent into the recycling bin. 

Various institutions have different times they process their admission, an institution might have different times it processes admission for various departments, most of the time, you’ll hear back before the end of March, but some courses remain open until the end of June or make rolling offers until the July deadline.

It depends entirely on how the university or department to which you’re applying handles applications. for instance, medical students can be found waiting for months due to high applications from applicants and the busy schedules of the school admission committee members who may also be teachers. But one thing you need to know is “when do they start making decisions” of which there are two categories.

  1. Postdeadline decision making 

These institutions start their admission process after the deadline has passed, they believe everyone interested in applying for their institution should have applied. For example, Oxford and Cambridge have a well-defined method for deciding on all applications received by the 15th of October deadline. After interviews in November or December, all decisions are made, and candidates are usually contacted by the end of January.

Another thing for Cambridge is that it has a strong winter pool for strong students. So, when there is an over-subscription of a school (meaning there are more applicants than spots available). Pooled applicants are then evaluated by all institutions over a few days in early January. they may be needed to attend an interview with a college that is evaluating them and be offered a spot right away.

  1. Rolling Admissions

If you applied for schools with rolling admissions such as Arizona State University, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Alabama, University of Maine, University of New Haven, University of Pittsburgh, University of Tulsa and others start making their decisions as soon as the application starts coming in, some colleges make sure they get back to applicants within two or three weeks, while some ten working days and for some, it may take a month although it may vary with various departments within the institution so that means you wouldn’t have to wait that long, you just have to be patient for a little while except for universities like Michigan state’s and Penn state’s rolling which works a little bit different from the can state divides their admission into three categories, which include early action, regular, and rolling. You are considered an early action applicant if you apply before November 1 of which you should get your admission by January 15. Regular admission is applied for if you apply after November 1 but before February 1 then by March 31 you will probably get feedback After February 1, all applications will be considered on a rolling basis which might take up to eight to twelve weeks for you to get feedback. 


In conclusion, you don’t really have to wait that long; you just have to note the UCAS schedule deadline for the college you applied to. However, your situation may be, don’t panic, especially when you know that your application contains all that is required for you to get admitted. Even if your friends who applied to the same college as you or a different one have gotten theirs and you haven’t, don’t panic. I hope you get the right offer.