Is A 4.2 GPA Good Enough For Harvard?

Is A 4.2 GPA Good Enough For Harvard?

Harvard University is the oldest institute (established in 1636) for higher education in the United States of America. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard is one of the most distinguished universities in the whole world. Its motto is ‘Veritas’ which stands for ‘truth’ or ‘verity’. Harvard welcomes undergraduates from across the country and all over the globe, with varied backgrounds and far-ranging talents, curiosities and interests and also with 4.2 GPA.

The university’s admission process is highly competitive because the acceptance rate is formidably low. Harvard admits only 4-5 students per every 100 applicants and thus securing admission becomes exceedingly difficult for even the most hardworking students. Harvard is considered to be the most selective undergraduate university when it comes to admitting students. Out of 57,786 applicants who applied last year, only 2,320 were selected.

Can An Applicant Get Admission In Harvard With 4.2 GPA?

GPA means Grade Point Average. It is a parameter to measure how well a student is doing in high-school in academics. To secure a seat in this prestigious university, an applicant needs to maintain a 4.18 unweighted GPA. 

That means, you have to score straight ‘A+’s or ‘A’s in every subject and be at the top of your class. You need to have the perfect grades because Harvard asks for nothing less than perfection. The GPA requirement is the most critical requirement in the college admission process. However, Harvard does not have a stated, clear-cut minimum GPA requirement. 

If you have a 4.2 GPA, you need to maintain your dedication towards academics. Further, try to join extra-curricular activities in high school because they will certainly increase the probability of you getting selected. 

A student must have also taken adequate AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) classes to reflect his/her capability to outshine in academics and take on any challenge. 

Since Harvard doesn’t have a stated minimum requirement for a 4.18 GPA, an applicant can also get an application if he/she has a GPA less than 4.18/ 4.2 GPA. Likewise, an applicant with a 4.18 GPA or above can also be rejected on various grounds by the admissions committee. 

Outstanding students with a low GPA can still get a chance in college if they prove themselves in extra-curricular activities like sports. Students can still get selected if they have a 4.0 GPA provided, they are exceptional in some other field. 

Other Requirements For Admission

You may think that a 4.2 or above GPA would get you into Harvard, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Harvard also requires SAT/ACT scores of the applicant compulsorily with your high-school transcript, school report, mid-year school report, college prep courses and teacher recommendations. 

A score of at least 1515 in the SAT or 100 in the ACT is required. With a 1560 SAT score, you may have a higher chance of getting in.

According to the College website, while academic accomplishment is important, the Admissions Committee considers many other factors—strong personal qualities, special talents or excellences of all kinds, perspectives formed by unusual personal circumstances, and the ability to take advantage of available resources and opportunities.

Weighted and Unweighted GPA

Harvard accepts candidates with 4.18 unweighted GPA and above. If you have scored 4.2 unweighted GPA in your high school, you are in luck. You may have a chance of getting into Harvard. However, if your school calculates weighted GPA then your marks are based on the difficulty of your subjects. It means that challenging academic subjects are graded on a larger scale in unweighted GPA. 

A score of 4.2 weighted GPA means that you are probably scoring some ‘A-‘s and ‘B+’s. If Harvard is your dream college, then you may want to pull up your socks and work a little harder to score ‘A’s and ‘A+’s. Before applying to college, don’t forget to check if your GPA is weighted or unweighted.

How To Maintain A 4.2 Or Above GPA?

To maintain a high GPA in your high-school, you must be very hardworking and religiously-dedicated to your academics. You have to stand out to be selected. Here are a few tips that you can follow that might get you into the university of your dreams –

1. Set short-term goals for yourself and make a time-table. Don’t forget to follow it. Stick to your schedule.

2. Do not miss out on classes.

3. Make notes during and after classes. These might come in handy before exams.

4. Find a quiet, well-lit place to study.

5. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily to remain productive in the day. Eat healthy.

6. You can always ask your teachers for extra-credit.


Harvard is an Ivy-league college with one of the most brutally selective admission processes. An applicant who makes it into Harvard needs to maintain excellence till graduation. Getting into Harvard should not be the end goal, it should be a means to an end. Those who do get selected go on to achieve great things in life. The list of Harvard alumnus who made it somewhere is a long one. You can be one of them too. All the best!

Relevant Questions – 
  1. Can I afford any ‘B’s in my marksheet?

Yes, but your chances of getting in increase if you score all ‘A+’s or ‘A’s. Anyhow, you cannot have more than two ‘B’s on your mark sheet because they lead to a decrease in your overall GPA.

  1. Does Harvard conduct interviews?

Harvard does conduct interviews during its admission procedure. They are conducted by the admissions staff of the university.

  1. How much is the application admission fee?

The application admission fees for applying to Harvard is $75. It can be paid either through online payment or by cheque. The application admission fees can also be waived if the applicant faces hardship paying it.

  1. Does Harvard release wait-lists?

Yes, wait lists are released for those candidates who might get admission if the selected students do not wish to join. However, waitlisted candidates do not assuredly get admission.