How do college students deal with dogs?

Every college student has a different type of interaction with dogs. The mindset of every student varies from each other, so automatically, the act toward the dogs differs in every aspect. In this article we shall see how college students deal with dogs?

Students who have an open mind and are socialistic with everyone and will interact with the public and show their sense of behavior those types of students really have a good connection with the dogs, and they absolutely know how to handle the dogs.

Some other students are introverts and don’t like to interact with people and don’t want to share their feelings or emotions, and always want to hide, so because of that kind of behavior, they don’t know to treat the dogs and get irritated by seeing the dogs.

In fact, these types of people have to own the dogs most and try to be with them so that it really helps them to improve their nature and can easily feel free to share their problems either with their friends or dogs.

How do college students deal with dogs?


  • The student and dog bond are extremely great that is uplifted by the behaviors that are primarily important to the well-being of both the students and dogs.
  • College students, after completing a long period of classroom sessions, really feel tired and bored, so the best stress relief for them is spending time with the dogs, and they get a better companionship with the dogs, they usually don’t know the time, and it passes very fast when they are with dogs.
  • Major people own dogs as their pets rather than many animals. When it comes to age groups, kids deal differently when compared to college students and adults. There are two types of people optimistic(positive) people and Pessimistic (negative) people.
  • These two kinds of people deal completely differently from each other based on their mindset and ability to think and handle things. 

Optimist Students

Generally, it refers to students who have a positive outlook on things or issues.

  1. These students behave friendly and lovable with the dogs.
  2. They show positive nature towards the dogs and treat them with care and love.
  3. They try to observe the actions of the dog and deal with them accordingly.
  4. College students know a lot of things and learn about various topics, and have great knowledge of the surrounding things so they can able understand the emotions like anger, sadness, happiness, and fear of the dogs.
  5. They try to handle the dogs based on their mood of the dogs.
  6. They try to understand the actions and behavior of the dogs by consoling them and observing their expressions, and by listening to the barking sounds made by the dogs.
  7. College students can easily understand a lot of things, so they can sense the body language of the dogs and treat them accordingly.
  8. They provide a good place for the dogs to live and always try to keep good food and fresh water.
  9. College students love dogs unconditionally by giving them a nickname and playing with them, and taking for a walk in the early mornings; all these things by them creates good chemistry between the dogs and students.
  10. When dogs surround by good people, they develop a feeling of positive vibe and emotionally connect with them.
  11. College students have the ability to give good training to the dogs, and they also make them learn more and be creative the things.
  12. Students always want someone to share their problems with, so they choose dogs more than the people to express the problems they go through in their life.

Pessimist Students

Here, it refers to students who have a negative outlook on things or issues.

  1. Some college students don’t know how to deal with dogs. So, they behave cruelly and always try to hurt the dogs with sticks and stones because they think of it as enjoyment and lack of sense over the animals.
  2. These students behave hostile and hateful toward the dogs and always try to be rude and unfaithful to dogs. 
  3. Due to the negative things done by them, the dogs can easily identify and tries to turn away from those type of students.
  4. They hit the dogs and make fun of them, and some students treat the pet dogs with good care and hurt the street dogs; that is really bad behavior which causes the dogs to become angry and frustrated due to the things done to them.   
  5. Dogs also have a feeling of sadness, and they too feel it when the humans hurt them with objects.
  6. Dogs get angry when a group of people irritates and disturb their dogs.
  7. These students or people don’t know the feelings and emotions of the dogs, so they don’t know how to deal with dogs. This creates a misunderstanding and disturbance, and distance between the people and dogs.


  • Mainly college students go through a lot of things like stress, anxiety, and depression, so being with a dog can really help them as their best friend or sibling. 
  • They feed them and can take very good care of them when compared to other age group of people.
  • Dogs help college students to change mentally and physically. 
  • Those students who don’t have many friends and live alone far from home, interacting with the dogs can reduce their stress problems and can spend quality time with dogs. 
  • Dogs motivate the students to move on and help them to be socialistic and interact with people.
  • Dogs help cops in finding the suspects.
  • It helps as a physical exercise for the students by being active and playful with the dogs. 
  • Dogs are loyal and trustworthy to the people. 
  • Being good and spending time with the dogs, mainly students, can get rid of loneliness.
  • The important use of dogs is mainly they provide better security to our house and protect us from thieves. 
  • So finally, the better suggestion about this topic is to make the dog like your friend or family member instead of treating the dog as an animal or pet.