How Common Are College Parties?


Being a student at a college can be very stressful. You have a lot of classes to attend, several assignments to submit, and projects to complete, and you still have to read and prepare for tests and exams on top of that. Trying to balance all these can cause you to break down and may even drive you to an early grave. Let us see how common are college parties.

How Common Are College Parties?

As much as you must be on top of your game as regards classes, assignments, projects, and exams, it is also important you find time to let loose and unwind. College parties are one of the ways students unwind and destress themselves after a long period of academic work.

You might be wondering how common college parties are. Read on to find the answer to your question.

How Common Are College Parties?

Students love to party. Why wouldn’t they? They are stressed enough by academic activities. Parties help them unwind. So, college parties are most common as it happen as often as two to three times a week. Though, in some select schools, the frequency could be as low as one or two times a month. 

The frequency of college parties could be affected by several things ranging from the school’s rules and regulations, the number of student clubs around, the level of sporting activities, school traditions and culture, and many other things.

No matter your view towards college partying, if you are the party animal or an introvert trying to break out of your shell, or if you are just about to resume college, continue reading as you will find some important things you need to know about college parties.

Benefits Of College Parties

As much as we always hear horror stories about college parties in movies and on Tv, there are still benefits to be gained from them. Let’s talk about some of them.

Stress Relief

The period of a college education is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. For most people, this would be the first time they are living away from parents’ or guardians’ supervision. Now, things they used to take for granted when they were at home now begin to hit them in the face. Apart from worrying about classes, tests, exams, and projects, they now have to worry about feeding, laundry, and clothing, things that they might likely not have been worrying about at home. The daily worrying and stress would exert their toll, and one would eventually break down.

College parties come into the picture here. They act as effective stress relief for us. The parties help us unwind and have fun at the same time. They help your mind relax for some time and take off your worries. This event serves as a recharge to most people. A day of partying and relaxing helps their mind rest and work better when they eventually get back to classes and all that.

You Get To Meet New People

It is impossible to know everyone at a party, even if you were part of the organizers. So, going to college parties is a great way to meet new people and make friends. The atmosphere is a relaxed one, which helps the conversation flow better. 

This is good for you if you are an introvert. Parties can help you loosen up and work out your social and conversational muscles. This can help you develop social skills that would be useful in the future. And who knows, you could make a friend for life at one of the parties.

Parties Can Be Great Places To Network

Parties are great places to meet and connect with other scholars in your course of study, especially parties hosted by school departments. Discussing and rubbing minds with these people in-between drinks can lead to contact exchange. These connections can help in the future with a job prospect.

The Dark Side Of The Story

Every story has a grim and dark part to it, no matter how much we try to sugarcoat it. This is the same with college parties. As much as they are very beneficial, there are still some cons to consider to help you protect yourself. Let’s delve into them.

Too Much Partying

Parties are good, this is true. But, as college students, we may fall into the euphoria of partying that we do too many times. As students, our foremost priority is getting our degree. Going from one party to the other can make us lose focus on that priority. 

Attending lots of parties without caring for yourself affects your schooling. You become too tired and sleep-deprived to concentrate in class. Your grades go on a downward spiral and you risk being expelled for poor grades.

So, as much as parties are good, take care not to overdo it.

Consumption Of Dangerous Substances

It is an open secret that no matter how much college authorities try to impose rules and regulations on how parties should be conducted, the rules most times never hold. Apart from parties hosted by the college, the rest are pretty much lawless zones.

It wouldn’t be strange to find strong alcohol and drugs being passed around at a college party. Here, we find a lot of students taking these substances in and causing harm to their bodies. More sadly, other students who don’t even want to do them are peer pressured into doing these things. 

There are many more horrible things that happen at college parties. So, be careful when attending one, and don’t give in to peer pressure to do anything you don’t want to do.

What To Do And Not Do At College Parties?

If you are going to be attending your first college party, no matter how tame you think it would be, there are still some dos and don’ts for you to keep in mind. College parties are good on one hand, but wild and savage places on the other. You never know what could happen. So, we would be discussing some tips below to help you prevent unwanted consequences.

Don’t Go Over Your Limits

If you are someone who has never had a shot of alcohol all your life, don’t be pressured by anyone to participate in a drinking game. You would likely cause harm to yourself. Or perhaps, you have been taking sips or one cup at home, good for you. But, know that one cup or just a little sip at home isn’t the same as what goes on at college parties. Don’t be deceived into thinking you can take 10 cups of beer when you have never taken more than one. The more you drink, the higher the chance you begin to make decisions you would not make when you are sober, and these decisions would most likely come to hurt you later.

Never Go Alone And Be Watchful

Most college parties happen at night, and it is easy for you to be assaulted if you are alone. So, go with a friend and look out for each other. Don’t let them overdrink or go wandering off alone.

Keep Your Drink In Sight Always

It might sound cliché, but it is good advice to follow. It is very common at college parties for drinks to be spiked or drugged. So, always watch your drink. If for some reason, you lose sight of your drink, perhaps you had to look at something or had to use the restroom, it is best you go get another. So, take care always.

Make Sure Your Phone Has Enough Power

You must have enough power on your phone so that you can contact family or friends in case of an emergency. Anything can happen at a party. So, make sure your phone is well charged, and keep it well.

Don’t Stay Out Too Late

Even if you are going nowhere the next day, it is still good sense not to stay out late. The night is a time when atrocities are committed, and you staying out too late can make you a victim. Most college parties last well into the night, but you have to stay till the end. Two hours at a party is enough to relax and meet new people. After, go home and rest. You’ll keep yourself safe that way.

Parties are a great way for you to socialize and relax, but they can also turn dark quickly. So, be mindful of these tips and take care.


So, there you have it, folks. We have seen how often college parties are held, depending on various circumstances. But as much as they are a great social tool, they can become horror stories very quickly, so keep yourself safe and be mindful at all times.

Also, remember parties are not the reason you are in college, so don’t be pressured into going for anyone you don’t want to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is There Any Benefit To Attending College Parties?

Yes, parties can be a way for you to cool down after academic work. Schooling is hard and can cause a lot of stress, so parties are a great way for you to relax and lose some stress lines. Also, parties are great places to network and meet new people.

  1. Is It A Must To Attend Parties?

Of course not, while parties are good for relaxing, if they are not your scene, you can find other means of relaxing. You don’t have to party,