Does Walmart Pay for College?

Walmart is an American & multinational chain of retail stores established on July 2, 1962, by Sam Walton. The company’s headquarters is in Bentonville, Arkansas. The four divisions of Walmart are – Walmart US, Walmart International, Sam’s Club, and Global eCommerce. An Employee can gain a degree/diploma/certifications or even complete high school. Here we will see about Does Walmart Pay for College?

Walmart had announced to provide free college for their employees in the US through the Live Better U program. The employees working at Walmart or Sam’s Club can gain a college degree or certificate, complete high school, or even learn a language at zero charges.

Does Walmart Pay for College?

Eligibility For The Tuition-Free Program

The degrees get offered in business, supply chain, health, and technology. In this benefit program, employees also have access to the ACT and SAT preparations with seven hours of free college credit through their program. It is meant for hardworking employees & creating a path to success.

  • The worker shall be a part of the frontline workforce at the distribution center, or fulfillment center either at Walmart or Sam’s Club. 
  • The employee can be a part-time or full-time worker in any other location like a home office or transportation. 
  • The program is also eligible for truck drivers. 
  • Employees at the temp level are not eligible for this program. 
  • Employees at a salaried position that is market level and above are also not eligible. 
  • The benefit of the program could be taken on the very first day of their employment.

Highlights Of Live Better U Program

Live Better U is an educational program that provides certificates and degrees to employees at free or low cost. Associates at Live Better U can complete their high school, make preparations for SAT and ACT, Gain higher education such as bachelor and degree programs, or attain a skilled trade certification/career diplomas. 

The main vision of this program is to provide educational assistance to the Walmart Associates without any load of debt. The program is affiliated with different schools and universities. The programs are flexible and are available through online mode. Up to now, the program does not offer in-person classes. The courses are mostly offered in technical, trade, and business fields and not in English or Music.

At Live Better U, the courses are provided which will assist in the future work. Employees not to have high school GPA or exceptional extracurricular certificates. The program is not competitive or merit-based. Associates need to sign in through their portal number to have access to the courses. 

Walmart’s Tuition-Free Program Features

The programs are top-ranked and accredited by the universities. There are four options available for the employees to pursue their careers – college degrees, high school & college preparation, professional certificates, and skilled trades. 

  • Employees can get started with the education benefit by creating a free account at Live Better U. These programs are affordable, accessible, relevant, and supported by a Guide Education coach, and they can receive additional education and training offers. 
  • Have access to over 50 programs and gain personalized program recommendations
  • Receive assistance from the experts/guide coaches. 
  • These are specifically designed for working adults.
  • The program is offered to part-time and full-time eligible associates.

College Degrees 

Associate & bachelor’s degrees are available. Degrees are offered in healthcare, business, supply chain management, technology, and more. The business administration is through Purdue University Global and the information technology degree is through Southern New Hampshire University. The fees are completely paid by Walmart. 

High School & College Preparation

Employees can earn a high school diploma because college preparation courses get offered to the employees. A high school diploma gets provided through the Penn Foster High School. An employee must get over 18 years old. The funds for high school diplomas and college preparation get funded by Walmart.

Professional Certificates

10+ certificate programs are provided for in-demand roles. The programs are evaluated and rely on the business needs. Employees can gain professional certificates. Advance their knowledge in the specialized areas that are paid by Walmart. 

Skilled Trades

Skilled Trade diplomas are available for the employees in the specialized areas that are completely paid for by Walmart. Through Penn Foster Career School and Bellevue University, the Live U certifications are offered in the skilled trade leadership, optician, facilities maintenance, construction, electrical, plumbing & more. 

Universities Affiliated With Walmart For The Tuition-Free Program

  • University of Arizona
  • University of Denver
  • Southern New Hampshire University 
  • Purdue University Global Bellevue University 
  • Brandman University 
  • Penn Foster
  • Wilmington University
  • The University of Florida has partnered with Walmart for the tuition-free program. 

Programs Offered For $1 A Day At Live Better U

  1. AA General Education
  2. BS in Cybersecurity 
  3. BS in Business Management
  4. BS Cloud Computing & Solutions
  5. BS in Operations Management
  6. Bachelors in Healthcare Management
  7. Bachelors in Supply Chain, and more.

Signing Up At Live Better U

Registering at Live Better U is quite effortless. To create an account, you shall enter your employer’s portal which is Walmart’s associate portal. Further, scroll & explore through different programs. 


Walmart is a prominent multinational retail chain store firm in the United States. The firm has announced to provide tuition/debt-free programs to its employees through Live Better U medium. Many Universities are affiliated with Walmart for this program. The fees are completely paid by Walmart and seek assistance from the experts/guide coaches. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Employees At Walmart Receive Discounts?

Working as a Walmart associate, you can receive a 10 percent discount on any general merchandise and perishable products. The same discount card is applicable on the website. 

2. What General Benefits Are Provided To An Employee At Walmart?

The employees can gain paid life insurance, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance, short and long-term disability insurance, business travel accident insurance, and more. 

3. How Many Hours Does An Employee Need To Work At Walmart?

Employees need to work for twelve hours per day and three days a week.