Does Walmart hire 14 years old?

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Does Walmart hire 14 years old?

As a child hits teenage, it can be thrilling to start an adventure of getting a job. In some areas, you get the opportunity to begin your employment career at an early age. Therefore, if a teenager like 14-years old is in search of a company hire for a job, one might consider Walmart as your new place of employment, which is the largest private employer in America. Walmart is usually the first choice for beginners looking for employment. 

But does Walmart hire 14-year-olds?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not hire someone under the age of 16. Since Walmart sells refreshments and tobacco products for which the employee should be holding a license issued by Federal Law and for that, the employee must be of age 16; Walmart sets this minimum hiring age for entry-level store jobs. 

Federal law is the U.S.: 

In the United States, the 21st amendment to United State Constitution grants each state the power to legalize inebriating beverages within their jurisdiction. As such, laws may differ significantly across the country regarding the production, sale, distribution, and consumption of alcohol items.

About Walmart: 

  • Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation; with headquarters in Arkansas, which operates a chain of supercenters, department stores, and grocery stores in the United States. Sam Walton founded the company.
  • Sam’s West, Inc. is a chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs owned by Walmart Inc.; it was founded in 1983 and named after Walmart.
  • As of April 2022, Walmart had 10,585 stores and clubs operating under 46 different names in 24 countries.
  • According to the 2020 Fortune Global 500 list, Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue, with $548.743 billion.
  • Walmart’s investments outside the United States have had mixed results. It has successful operations and subsidiaries in Canada, the United Kingdom, Central America, South America, and China, but it has failed in Germany, Japan, and South Korea.
  • It emphasizes on positive attitude towards customer service and the importance of leadership skills in its employees. Therefore, the required qualities in any teen, who wants to apply to Wal-Mart, are industrious, optimistic, and customer-focused.
  • An important part of Wal-Mart’s operations is Logistics. It keeps the store’s products flowing dynamically, which gives the retailer a competitive advantage.
  • The size of each regional center of Walmart in the US is over 1 million square feet. These centers remain open 24/7 and have 53000 trailers and 7200 tractors that are operating across the country. 

How to Apply at Wal-Mart:

Normally a Walmart store has a hiring kiosk at the back of the store, so either you can apply there or submit an application online. Applying online gives you the advantage of ease and time management; you may leave the application and finalize it whenever you wish. However, the application expires after 60 days so you must complete the procedure before that. Each application is for only one job hence you have to be very specific about your choice.

Hiring Process & Interviews:

There are different levels of positions at Walmart. Exact qualifications may vary by job position and store location. The experience criteria for entry-level positions is little to no experience. The level of education required to apply for such positions in the company is minimum since most candidates are still underage students. Although Managerial level jobs at Walmart normally require experience in the retail industry. The minimum level of education of candidates is a high school diploma or GED. Physical fitness might be needed for some roles too.  

Available Entry-Level Positions:

  • Cashier: The cashier keeps the record of the purchase money and properly bags the items for the shoppers. They handle discounts and coupons on computerized cash registers. They also manage inquiries about store policies, promotions, and sales. 
  • Greeters: Wal-Mart Greeters are responsible for welcoming customers to the store at the entrance. They provide the customers with their first experience of friendly service in the store. They are responsible for providing the customers with a shopping cart and guiding them according to what they are looking for in different sections of the store. They should have exceptional verbal skills and a professional and amicable attitude.
  • Customer Service Associates: These workers may move around the store to assist customers and handle returns and exchanges. 
  • Stock Associates: Stock Associate typically unloads cargo, store racks, and sets up displays. Due to the night shifts, this job typically requires the employee to be older than 18 years. The employee should be physically fit to lift a load that may exceed 80 pounds. 
  • Sales Associates: Beauty Sales Associates recommend cosmetic and skincare products. Photo Center Sales Associates deal with digital media. They take pictures and print them for buyers. Other departments like automotive, lawn and garden, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and arts and crafts also have their own employees. Basic skills for such a job position are reading, evaluating, writing, and calculation skills. 

Pay Scale (per hour): 

The pay scale for entry-level positions is designed which generally lies between minimum wage and $8.50 an hour. As the employee makes progress in his career from entry-level to managerial level, the pay rises as well. 

  • The cashier, sales associate, clerk, and stocker have the pay ranging from $10 to $15 with an average of $12. 
  • Customer service and retail sales associates, and personal shoppers have a pay scale of $11 – $17 with an average of $13.
  • Overnight stockers, deli and retail associates have the pay scale of $11 – $20 with an average of $14. 
  • The technicians have an average of $20 and pharmacists have an average of $50. 

Walmart associates benefits: 

Wal-Mart store and warehouse employees enjoy numerous benefits, including medical care, discounts, and 401(k) accounts plan policy. The company’s medical coverage allows colleagues to customize their health coverage in more than 50 ways. Employees can select from a variety of deductibles, health credits, and premiums. Discounts include a 10% off both online and in-store, as well as an additional 10% off eyeglasses at Wal-Mart Vision Center. On their associate-only website, the business provides over 100 discounts. Items may include anything from cinema tickets to automobiles.

More opportunities:

Other than Walmart, several firms and companies hire 14 years old. For example, AMC theatres allow teens as young as 14 years old to work with limited work hours during the school year. Baskin Robbins and Bruster’s recruits them to work behind the counter. Chick-fill-A and McDonald’s allow 14 years old to work as a cashier or drive-through attendant. Supermarkets like Kroger, Giant Eagle, and Safeway give employment to young teens too.