Does the Navy Pay for College?

Does the Navy Pay for College?

To know does the navy pay for college…read on this article….

Navy pay for college

Navy means Nautical Army of Volunteer Yeomen. A navy or the naval force is a branch of a nation’s armed forces. They are designated for amphibiousand naval welfare.They train andequipcombat-ready naval forces who are capable of fighting and winning a warand maintaining the freedom of the seas. 

Yes, the Navy pay for college but they are provided withsome benefits and programs set by the government for navy through which they get some assistance to pay their college fees. The assistance given to them is the Navy tuition assistance programwhich is also known as (TA). This program pays up to100% of their tuition and college fees or any other fees that are required during the period of college. 

What are the eligibility criteria for the Navy Tuition assistance program? 

The navy tuition assistance is available for both enlisted active-duty officers and continuous active-duty officers. This assistance is also available tothe reserve officers who have served for 2 years or more and also to the enlisted reservists who have served for 120 days. 

To qualify for this tuition assistance a navy officer must have the followings: 

  • Before applying for this benefit or assistance program they should have at least three yearsof service experience. 
  • For the entire length of the course, they should be actively on duty. 
  • Should attend a school that is accredited. 
  • Must get counseling done by a virtual education center counselor or a navy college office. 
  • Should provide all the grades from the previously funded courses.
  • Those who were actively performing their duty should have under 16 years of service experience and reservists who are also actively on duty orders should have 12 months of service experience. 
  • A navy officer must agree to serve the navy for at least 2 years after completion of the course that is funded by the TA. 

Payments of the tuition assistance. 

After October 1, 2021, per fiscal year the sailors are limited to only 18 semester hours. For a fiscal year, the sailors can use the tuition assistance program to fund only two courses each quarter. For their entire career or course duration, they are limited to only 120 semester hours. 

The navy can get assistance up to 100% of the cost of their course. They are given a fixedamount for all semesters, quarters, and fiscal years. But the amount given to them is limited and it should not exceed: 

  • For per semester hours the assistance amount given to them is $250.00.
  • For per quarter hours, the TA amount given to them is $166.67.
  • And for per fiscal year, the amount given is $4,500. 

Theymust pay back the TA in case they receive any : 

  • A “D” grade or a lower grade in their undergraduate classes. 
  • A “C” grade in any graduate classes. 
  • Or if one gets a non-passing grade or incomplete grade in any of their classes.

What is the application process for the Navy tuition assistance?

A navy officer who meets all the eligibility criteria can further apply for the tuition assistance program. One needs to go through an application process that includes the following: 

  1. They need to first contacta virtual education center or their navy college office for getting educational counseling done. This can be done either by visiting them personally or virtually through phone calls or emails. With the help of the academic advisor, they need to determine which courses are available or eligible for the TA funding. 
  1. They need to complete the TA application from a website for TA listing courses. Confirmand check with the instituteto make sure that the amount you listen for the tuition fees is correct or not. The fees should not be pending using TA funds. 
  1. They need to start applying to the TA and proceed with the application at least 30 days in advance of starting the term date. 
  1. For applying they need to visit the TA website. Once the website opens there will be many options to select from. But you need to click on the option where it is written secure tuition assistance and other funding.
  1. The login can be done via DEERS( Defence Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) or CAC(common access card).
  1. All of the TA applications must be approved by the command before forwarding them to the VEC. 

What are the requirements for the command approval: 

None of the TA applications can be passed or moved forward without the approval of the command. So there are some requirements for this approval. Let’s take a look at them. 

  1. In the first permanent duty station of the navy, they must have served at least one year on board.
  2. Should serve their dutyactively until the last day of the course. 
  3. Should pass the physical fitness assessment or receive a waiver. 
  4. If applicable must take their recent advancement exam and should be recommended for promotion or advancement. 
  5. Should not have received an NJP within 6 months. They should also not have any pending administrative separation. 
  6. They must have a score ofat least 3.0 on their recent fitness and evaluation report. 

Does the navy get paid more money if they have a degree? 

There are thousands of people who are working for the navy.The majority of the people in the navy are enlisted.Leaving few exceptions, most of the people in the navy are required to have a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree. Few of the enlisted people in the navy also have a college degree. 

Buta navy having a bachelor’s degree or being highly qualified does not necessarily mean that he or she will get highly paid. But being educated certainly improves the chance of getting more pay. 


Nowadays most people seek to become highly qualified. But due to the rise in the cost of college fees many people struggle to pay for it. The assistance that is given by the government to the navy officers is a good thing to help the navy grow. Sometimes education helps a person fight many battles in their life alone.But for a navy person, it becomes a lot easier for them. They can perform their duty without any worry of paying for college entire fees.