How Many Colleges are in Dayton Ohio?

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How Many Colleges are in Dayton Ohio?

To know how many colleges are in dayton, ohio……read on this article…

Dayton is the sixth-largest city in Ohio. The city has around 1,374,844 people and colleges ,making it the fourth-largest in Ohio by population ratio and the 73rd in the United States. The city was founded in 1796 and was named after a guy named Jonathan Dayton, who was the political head of New Jersey and the youngest person in the US to ever sign the constitution of the United States. The healthcare sector is the most progressive as it earns approx. $6.4 billion per year and is named the 3rd best city in the nation for excellence in healthcare.

How many colleges are in Dayton, Ohio?

In total, there are around 19 colleges in Dayton,ohio where each college comprises the following study programs: web development and cybersecurity. There are colleges giving web development and cybersecurity courses, whereas there are some related to finance and some related to criminal jurisdiction. Of the 19 colleges, 11 are private universities, 7 are public universities, and there is 1 community college in Dayton.

What is the list of colleges present in Dayton and what are their types?

There are three types of colleges in Dayton, which are:

  1. Private colleges or universities: 11 colleges fall under this category in Dayton. Their names are:
  • Franklin University
  • Dayton University
  • Antioch College
  • The modern college of design
  • Wittenberg University
  • Kettering College
  • Payne Theological Seminary.
  • Cedarville College
  • The United Theological Seminary
  • Antioch University for a Ph.D. program in leadership and change.
  1. The public colleges are the second type, where there are seven colleges under this; they are:
  • Wright State University.
  • Central State University
  • Miami University, Middletown
  • The Air Force Institute of Technology is an acronym for the Air Force Institute of Technology.
  • Sinclair University
  • Miami University, Oxford
  • Clark State University.
  1. The third type is the community college, and there is only one in Dayton named:
  • Edison State Community College

What is the average cost of college in Dayton?

According to the reports, the average cost of learning in Dayton depends upon whether the college is a non-profitable one or one that earns a profit for the students’ fees. All the public colleges in Dayton are non-profitable, and if a student is in this college, then their average fee per year will be around $18,432. The average cost for profitable universities, like private colleges, is around $29,507 per year. Some colleges also offer online courses to students, and if you have enrolled in one of those courses, then the average cost per year will be around $4,874 for you.

What are the job opportunities for people who have degrees from the colleges in Dayton?

The job opportunities for students in Dayton are greater than in average states, but the job growth is 0.5% below the national average. The per-hour amount given to any Dayton bachelor’s degree student is more than the national average. A person with a Dayton college degree who works in Dayton earns around $19.27 per hour, so job opportunities are plentiful, but job growth in Dayton is slow.

What are the fields of study offered by the colleges?

There are many fields offered by the colleges; some of them are:

  1. Cybersecurity: After data science, cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields in technology today, and many applicants from all over the world want to come to colleges in dayton,ohio to learn and earn a Master’s degree in it. There are 6 colleges in Dayton that have this field of study: 1 private college, 4 public colleges, and 1 community college. The best university in Dayton for this is Franklin University.

The fees for this course field are $6,507 per year for all non-profit universities, which is quite affordable, and the job opportunities after that are vast not only in Dayton but throughout the United States and the world, with the average ethical hacker salary currently ranging from $55,000 to $85,000 per year.

  1. Web development: another field of interest in the field of science is web development, or as you say, full-stack development; the demand for full-stack developers is at an all-time high today, with 38% of the hiring process focused on this aspect of technology. In Dayton, there aren’t many colleges that offer this as the number is only 3. One private college and two public universities offer this course, with the best university again being Franklin University for the course.

The average fee for this course at any non-profit university is $5,483 per year, which is affordable as the median salary of any web developer is around $75,000 per year and it can increase as experience increases. This field also allows developers to do freelancing, which can earn some extra money for them.

  1. Finance: the field of finance will never go extinct in this world and the job opportunities just keep on flourishing. Money is the key to everything in this world and the people who manage are the people in finance, whether it is for the government or any company.

There are six colleges in Dayton that offer this course, of which four are private colleges and two are public. The best universities for it will be the University of Dayton and Franklin University. The average fee per year for this course is $25,128. This is on the higher side, but a person with a finance degree earns well in the country.


In short, there are 19 colleges in Dayton, not of the highest-ranking but have got some good names passed out from their colleges. The job opportunities are good and the average salary for any person who works in Dayton is more than the national average. The best universities are the University of Dayton and Franklin University.


  1. What is the national rank of the University of Dayton on the list?

They stand at number 127 on the national university list.

  1. What is the median salary offered by the University of Dayton?

The median salary for anyone who has a master’s degree from the University of Dayton is $55,000 per year.