Does Target Pay for College?

Does Target Pay for College?

To know does Target pay for college….Read on this article…!

Many people around the country and world will know how famous the retail store is Target. This American big box department store has been in the market for quite some time now. The management department of this big box department store knows how to attract its existing employees by offering exciting benefits. 

Now, many people around the country and world have asked whether Target pay for college. Unfortunately, as of now, they have not yet started such activity for its existing employees, but, the company has revealed something exciting for them. Recently, the big box company has announced that it will begin paying the full college tuition and textbook expenses for both of its part-time and full-time employees. 

Does Target Pay for College?

Yes, this is exciting news for all the part-time and full-time workers working at Target. Interestingly, most Target retail stores hire young generation people from the market. This would be a great advantage for the youth in the country and also for the workers who are working at Target. Unfortunately, we are not sure if Target has started this initiative as of now or not. 

100 % College Tuition Coverage

Initially, Target, the big box department store company, did not offer such benefits like pay for college for its part-time and full-time workers. This initiative has been taken quite recently for all the workers at Target, especially if they are a school or college-going students. 

The company has revealed that education fees and hospital fees are the most expensive areas for an individual. If these two areas are covered, then the employees of all ages, can save a lot of penny at home and work on their dream. This is a great initiative taken by the world-famous big box department store retail company. 

Additionally, the company will pay full fees for any college or school that the individual working at the retail store is going to. The company has started such an initiative to attract customers and employees from all over the country and the world. Unfortunately, as of now, we are unsure if the benefit has started in other international countries as well. 

Other than these, the bog box retail store offers varieties of benefits to employees working at their retail stores. The retail store offers exciting and unique benefits for both part-time and full-time employees working at their retail store. Over the years, the big box retail company has come up with great offers and benefits thinking of its workers or employees only. 

Education Plan and Ideas

Anyone willing to get any type of education might just not get it from the big box retail company easily. There are certain simple rules, regulations, and criteria that should be maintained and followed by that individual. An individual willing to take up an international course may not be funded by the big box retail company as of now. 

Students willing to take this benefit will have to choose from 250 programs at over 40 universities across the country. The university and program names will be listed on the official website of the company. As of now, anyone willing to apply to other universities that do not come under the mentioned university from the company will not be able to do so. 

The student must enroll themselves under one of these universities only, or else the company will not fund their education or college tuition fees. Additionally, the big box retail store also revealed that they are willing to pay up to $10,000 a year for master’s programs within its available schools and universities. This is a great opportunity for all the employees who have yet to complete their college at any listed university they are willing to do. 


Target has partnered with various education platforms around the country for such an initiative. The head department of the big box retail store has revealed that they have partnered with Guild Education to provide easy access to more than 250 business-aligned programs. Now, this is a great initiative taken by the big box department store company for all employees at their store. 

Other than that, the company has also revealed that it will now start funding advanced degrees that are available in any of its listed schools. Now, to happen this program or initiative, the big box retail company is investing $200 million for the next four years. 

Interestingly, the company has revealed if the program runs successfully, then they will continue this for a much longer period. This program has been introduced just to attract customers from the market and around the country. But, other competitors of Target have already started such initiatives for the people around the country already. So, this would be a head-to-head competition for the big box department retail company. 

Currently, the big box retail company has partnered with this educational platform only. But, we are expecting that they will increase the number of listed schools in the coming future. Some programs are available that are not offered by the listed universities, so that might be covered by the big box retail company in the coming future. 

Free Textbooks and Utensils

Such initiative has already been taken by various multinational companies in the country. But, those multinational companies do not cover the additional fees of textbooks and other required utensils for the particular program. 

That is not the case with Target corporation. The head department of this company has revealed that they will cover the additional fees such as textbooks, utensils, and other required materials for education. Now, we are not sure if the company will start offering laptops and tablets to the employees who are going to the listed universities. 

But, the big box retail store has revealed they will cover the full fees of each individual that opts for such benefit offered by the company. This is such a unique yet attractive benefit being offered by the departmental store retail company in the market. 


Benefits and other related offers are offered by most companies in the country and the world. But, few companies take up the initiative to cover all expenses of an individual. Such kind of initiative is taken by the big box retail company for all of its employees in the market and country. This will surely attract lots of customers and will make its turnover grow rapidly.