Do Colleges Have Metal Detectors?

Do Colleges Have Metal Detectors?

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Today, apart from focussing on the academic growth of the students, the colleges also prioritise the safety of the students. Most public places have metal detectors today. Malls, metro stations, etc all the places have metal detectors. Now, we see colleges also taking measures to create a secure environment for the children.

Not all but most of the colleges we see today have metal detectors as a mode of defence and security in the United States. Even other countries like Jamaica and Costa Rica also have metal detectors in their colleges. The colleges say that the safety of the students is the top priority. Hence they have a line of defence for this safety purpose. 

Use of metal detectors

Any foreign metal object which has no use inside the college campus is caught by the use of metal detectors. The foreign objects include guns, knives, bullets, lasers or anything harmful to anyone inside the college campus. The colleges use metal detectors at the entrances of the campus. They use it for each and everyone; from the head of the college to the working staff of the college. Many students find it inconvenient and inappropriate to be checked for they may carry metal-bodied lighters inside the campus which they may not want to be caught. However, the use of a metal detector may not detect even the smallest trace of metal which is not safe on the school campus because even the smallest trace of metal can be dangerous for the people. The use of metal detectors is important in the interior areas of the nation at the time of emergency in the nation. However, during emergencies colleges may be locked up. Metal detectors have a very strong capability to sense any metal object. This can serve as the first-line defence mechanism in most colleges.

Colleges with metal detectors

We find colleges with metal detectors in all circumstances to be safe. The metal detectors have proved themselves to safeguard the campus from certain kinds of terrorism, or violence involving any brutal weapons like guns and knives. A college is a place where students of different kinds are studying together. Most of the time due to diversified brought ups they may disagree with each other on certain topics and also they may have different views and thoughts on random topics. There may be arguments, debates and even fights between groups or individuals that often lead to serious fights, attacks, strikes, etc inside the campus. This happens at most colleges in the United States. The students have heavy minds and short temper as well. The most notable thing about students is that they do not know to talk and resolve the matters. They may think that being in college, it is cool to have fights. This cool attitude often leads to serious fights. School authorities can control these fights up to an extent but they prefer prevention. The use of metal detectors is the wisest choice for controlling any kind of fights or attacks inside the campus.   

Can metal detectors be a wise choice?

Talking about preventing unwanted situations inside the campus, the use of metal detectors can be a wise choice for colleges up to an extent. The college outbreaks of violence may find their way easily and we find that most the college outbreaks of violence have been planned after the students and staff had entered the premises safely. The potential threat to the safety of the students and the college as well cannot be excused. The metal detectors we use in the colleges cannot hamper the threats well. So, they are not reliable. Metal detectors can detect the metal objects which are outside and not those that someone might wrap inside the foil papers or any double-layered material. So, this gives us another reason not to rely on metal detectors too much. Also, they can find metal objects but not terrorists. Metal detectors are just used for formalities inside the campus and have no control over a few bigger outbreaks of violence inside the colleges. They are just used to satisfy the authorities that no one is carrying anything harmful or suspicious. It is not as the use of metal detectors is useless. However, it is not capable alone and needs another line of defence for itself to go on together for keeping the safety of the campus in check. 

How many metal detectors a college can have?

 There is no limit for the colleges to have a certain number of metal detectors. It depends on how many metal detectors they can have and how many they can maintain. Metal detectors are very costly and demand maintenance. So, this is a matter of concern if any college campus is big. Usually, colleges have 2-3 metal detectors at different points on the campus. The guard uses it daily to check if any student or any other staff member is carrying any suspicious metal object which may be harmful to others inside the campus.

How do the authorities find any metal object with anyone?

If they catch anyone with any unusual metal object, they stop the carrier and take him to the authorities concerned with checking. They check the whole of his bag and clothes well to make sure he is carrying nothing more. Then they would ask him the reason for carrying such an unusual thing to the college. They would ask the person to submit an application, apologising and promising to make sure this does not get repeated. After this they let him go. The procedure is very usual after the authorities find someone with any unusual metal object. This seems a very weak measure and so for this reason also find metal detectors a weak line of defence and safety.

Are students allowed to carry metal detectors with them?

Students are not allowed to carry any kind of useless and unusual objects to the college. If the authorities find you with any metal object, they may confiscate them and may or may not return it to the student. They are supposed to carry only the things of their needs to the college and nothing else.


Metal detectors are used in most colleges and are very common in colleges. The use of metal detectors can detect metal objects but not bad intentions. The use of metal detectors is probably good for formalities. However, in actuality, it is a weak mode of safety. It cannot serve the purpose of controlling college violence alone. It needs to be combined with another better defence system to form a safety valve for the students inside the campus. Any college should have a safe learning environment for the students to learn and grow well. However, this is not enough for the purpose.

Frequently asked questions
  • What is the range of metal detectors?

It can detect objects of dimensions 5 cm x 5cm and height of 3.5 m. 

  • How many colleges in the United States have metal detectors?

Around 19% of the educational institutes, whether it is about academies or colleges, have metal detectors for safety reasons.

  • Do the college authorities punish the students for bringing metal objects?

They will confiscate objects and ask you to write an application regarding an explanation for the metal object.