Are Bates a Good College?

Are Bates a Good College?

Bates is the third oldest college in Maine. It is established as Maine State Seminary. The main campus occupies 813 acres of area. The college has become the first co-educational college in New England. This college conferred the first female undergraduate degree in the region. The college is internationally recognised as a leading Liberal Arts College.

Bates is a top-ranked college in National Liberal Arts. Bates along with Bowdoin and Colby College are considered the top three colleges in Maine, Lewiston. It is considered an elite college and is the best place for any student seeking graduation. However, it is very difficult to get into Bates College as getting admissions to this college is something very competitive.   

Are Bates a Good College?

Bates is considered one of the best colleges of the state. The quality of education it provides enthrals the students from distances. It was established in 1855 with the motto “Amore Ac Studio” which means “With Ardor and Devotion”. This motto has been given by Charles Summer. The college has selective admit rates and no transfer rates. The college has a wide range of programs for undergraduates. It also offers joint undergraduate programs with big universities like Washington University, Dartmouth College, etc. Here, the college ask the students to complete a thesis before graduation completes. The college works to improve the personality of the students in large aspects. The college has a research enterprise which is funded privately. The college aims to provide the best and most successful citizens for the nation and has been noted to provide many great and renowned alumni or people to the nation. It has provided 7 Emmy Award winners, 12 members of the United States Congress, 2 the United States Cabinet ranked officials, many CEOs and the count goes on!

Academics in Bates

As mentioned above Bates is a privately run baccalaureate Liberal Arts College. It provides its students with 36 departmental program majors. There are interdisciplinary program majors too. With 25 secondary concentrations, it is known to confer Bachelor of Arts(B.A.) and Bachelor of Science(B.S.) degrees. Around 1,792 students enrol in the college and out of this 200 students study abroad each semester. The academic year is of three terms and they call it a 4-4-1 academic year calendar. 

  • There are many natural science academic departments at Bates like Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Geology. Biology is the largest natural science academic department here.
  • Social science academic departments include Economics, Psychology, Politics and History.
  • Humanities Academic Department includes English, French, Art and Visual Culture and Rhetoric. 

Interdisciplinary and Joint Programs

What is special about Bates College?

The 36 interdisciplinary programs which have the highest majors include environmental studies, Biochemistry, Neuroscience and Classical and Medieval Studies. As it is mentioned above, Bates offers joint programs from renowned universities of engineering. These programs are called Liberal Arts Engineering Dual Degree Programs. For these programs, the students must study three years at Bates and then two years at the engineering college or university. This results in degrees from both the places, Bates and the engineering college. Bates is recognised by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

There are many things the students note down to get into Bates College. These may include:

  • The college promises to admit the students irrespective of race, religion or gender.
  • It is a co-educational college which helps build healthy and fruitful interaction among the students from diversified regions.
  • It is open to international students.
  • It has all the athletic facilities like gymnasiums, swimming pools, etc.
  • It has an official mascot.
  • It organises events from time to time like, Ivy Day and Winter Carnival.
  • It has got a debate council.
  • Student media includes The Bates Student; the oldest operating newspaper on the campus.
  • Best dining services.
  • Nature preserving campus; 600 acres of nature preserve.
  • Provides financial aids or supplementary grants to the students in need.
  • Presence of Bates Museum of Art.

What is the acceptance rate of the Bates?

The acceptance rate of the college is 14.1%. For their class of 2025, they received around 7,696 applications but they admitted just 1,085 students. The Early Decision Admission process of Bates drives the acceptance rate to 14% and under this, it received 838 applications. On the waitlist, there are around 817 students in the last five years. Only 20% of the students on the waitlist get accepted. The college has a low acceptance rate and students struggle with high competition. It has above-average grade scores.

Why the college is good for students?

Studying at Bates, a student will have good analytical and communication skills. The college creates a sense of community among the students and the staff. The professors of the college care about how you do and find the best ways to solve any of your problems. The environment of study in the college makes it one of the best colleges in the place. All the facilities that have been provided to the students make their learning better and shape them so that they are going to be better-known persons in the future.

What does the college have for international students?

Bates has the best financial aid options for international students. It also promises to provide scholarship options to all its international aspirants. However, the difficulty level of getting into the college is the same as that for the residential students. The college provides full (100%) aid to the students or financial needs and scholarships regardless of citizenship status.


Bates is one of the most trusted colleges in the United States of America and has the best facilities for the students. It is worth it to be among the top three colleges of the states and top-ranked colleges of the nation. It has the best courses and facilities which aim to shape the student and his mind diligently. The financial aids or programs are helpful to the residential students as well as international students. However, the competition level for the college is extremely high and the low acceptance rate makes it even more difficult for the students to get into the college. 

Frequently asked questions
  • How many students enrol at Bates every year ?

Around 1,876 students enrol every year.

  • How much are the fees for the undergraduate programs at Bates?    

On-campus placement costs around$57,353 for the undergraduate programs at Bates College.

  • Is there any sports team at Bates College?

There are basketball teams at the college. The official mascot of the college is the bobcat.