Does Our Lady Of The Lake University Have A Nursing Program?

Our Lady Of The Lake University originated in 1895 by The Congregation Of Divine Providence. It is Co-ed institution. Its original campus is located in San Antonio. Moreover, the campus of Our Lady Of The Lake University that offers all of the nontraditional programs of study is located in San Antonio, Houston. On the contrary, the online programs of study offered by Our Lady Of The Lake University are available for all the students residing all around the world and Nursing is one such program.

The educational plan of Our Lady Of The Lake University registers nursing degrees. Our Lady Of The Lake University is a not-for-profit, private organization. The programs of study offered by Our Lady Of The Lake University vary between online and on-campus programs. The standard of the nursing programs for the nursing students is equivalent to graduate-level degrees. Furthermore, the nursing school’s nursing subjects and Our Lady Of The Lake University are accredited by; Academic Military Experience (ACME) and Committee On Accreditation(COA).

Does Our Lady Of The Lake University Have A Nursing Program

Average Passing Rate For Nursing Students In Texas for Associate Degree Nursing And Bachelor Of Sciences In Nursing

Average passing percentage

The average passing percentage determined for the nursing students dwelling in Texas; by the United States government is higher than the average passing percentage determined on a national level for nursing students. For the Associate Degree Nursing program, the candidates must attain 85.50% as per the governmental threshold. Whereas the qualifying criterion determined nationally; for Associate Degree Nursing is lower at 85.48%. Comparatively, for the Bachelor Of Sciences In Nursing, the government of the United States has decided the threshold to be 87.76%. and nationally, it is; 87.22%

Background Of Our Lady Of The Lake University

The originators of Our Lady Of The Lake University, the sisters of The Congregation Of Divine Providence, laid the university’s foundation in 1895. Then, a religious order was initiated by martin Moye in the 18th century in Lauren, France. Finally, the people of the Congregation came to Texas in 1866, where they initially dwelled in Austin and later in Castroville.

The failure of the railroad extension to Castroville triggered the sisters to find a new location in San Antonio. At that time, Henry Elmendorf invited them to accept a gift of land adjacent to Elmendorf Lake. By looking at it, Mother Walter, the senior general of the sisters at that time, said here someday will stand a Gothic Chapple with twin spires, facing the sky of Texas. On August 14th, 1895, her dream came true when the construction of Our Lady Of The Lake University’s main campus began. Our Lady Of The Lake Academy, an all-girls high school, came into being in the following year.  

Eligibility Criteria For Bachelor Of Sciences In Nursing

The Bachelor of Sciences In Nursing(BSN) program targets candidates who have never attended college. As a result, BSN provides high school students with diverse work experience by allowing them to work in different environments such as; hospitals, clinics, schools, and other health care departments. To become eligible for BSN, a high school grad needs to hit at least a grade point average of 2.75. Moreover, before applying for BSN, applicants need to acquire a diploma or an Associate Degree In Nursing from an accredited nursing school or become a Registered Nurse in Louisiana. Lastly, to become a Bachelor of Sciences In Nursing, one must complete 120 credits and qualify for the National Exam For Licensure as a Registered Nurse.

Who Can Apply For Master Of Sciences In Nursing From Our Lady Of The Lake University?

Applicants serious about pursuing their careers in nursing in the United States should only apply for a Master Of Sciences In Nursing(MSN). Moreover, to be eligible for MSN, an individual must be qualified and licensed Bachelor Of Sciences In Nursing(BSN). Moreover, to gain a Master Of Sciences In Nursing(MSN) from Our Lady Of The Lake University, candidates must be ready to board onto a faster track. Therefore, they need to complete 30 credits to become a Master Of Sciences In Nursing(MSN).

What Two Choices Can Be Made In Master Of Sciences In Nursing (MSN)

Candidates enrolled in Master Of Sciences in Nursing(MSN) can opt for the Administrator or Educator tracks. The Administrator track; is a specialty track that trains the Registered Nurses to show their leadership qualities in different health care organizations. Contradictory to that, the Educators track enables the registered nurses to serve as mentors in different places, such as teaching nursing students or creating awareness among the patients about diseases and wellness. Moreover, learning curriculum development to teach nursing students is also a part of the Educator’s track.

What To Do After Acquiring a Master Of Sciences In Nursing(MSN) Degree

After acquiring a Master Of Sciences In Nursing( MSN). Individuals can either; further their education and choose to go for a doctoral degree in the sciences of nursing. Otherwise, they must acquire a job and demonstrate their professional skills whether they belong to the administrator or the Educators track.

Demand For Nursing In The United States.

Historically, nursing was not a crucial occupation. However, with accelerating health issues in the United States and an increased number of old-aged people in the United States demanding an attendant 24/7, nursing has gained a toll. Therefore, nursing is now categorized as an Academic Military Experience because, after acquiring their degrees, all nurses begin to serve as soldiers. In addition, after the outbreak of Covid-19, nursing became high in demand.


Our Lady Of The Lake University offers a highly accredited nursing program in a nut’s shell.