Does Ge pay for college? 

Is your child studying in a college which is far away from your home? Who is struggling to get good marks in his academics, but you are unable to pay his college fees because his college is located far away from your home.

When you may not be able to reach his college and pay his fees, you may be thinking what could be done in this case? Its certain to feel overwhelmed. Let me tell you that this is common problem.

Well dont worry about it, because Ge pay is the solution for your problem, Ge pay is one of the best mobile banking solution in which we can send money from our bank account to others bank account in a one click. Let us see Does ge pay for college is worth or not.

Ge pay users also gets proof of money transferred from one bank account to the other. Statements are also recorded while paying and receiving money.

Uses of Ge pay for Users

As a Ge Pay user we can avail so many benefits and offers, the more we do transcations the more we will receive cashbacks and offers.

  • Suppose we had paid College fees through Ge Pay (UPI), in this case for each transcation we can avail one scratch card, which is a surprise gift for us because it can be anything either 10 Rs. To 50 Rs. Cashback or Discount Coupon of Any product.
  • We can also pay for Electricity bill, DTH/Cable TV recharge, Gas bill, Mobile Recharge in a one click UPI transfer.
  • We can also chat with our contacts and send or receive money from them quickly and effectively.
  • We can also refer our friends to install the ge pay application and earn cash.

4 Benefits of Ge Pay for College

Bar Code System

In each and every college desk there are two or three accountants who are responsible to collect fees from candidates. In which bar code is placed on a desk in which candidate can scan that bar code and pay his fees directly from his bank. 

He/She does not need to keep cash handy because now a days digital payment method has its own craze in todays generation.

Colleges Website

Some of the colleges uploads a bar code of their Ge pay account so that students and parents can directly scan that bar code and send fees to College. When College recieves his/her fees they also sends digital invoice to them so that both the parties can have record of fees payment.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has a great impact on social media because most of the colleges promotes their courses on various social media platforms that includes colleges website and method of payments. Either they can promote by themselves or they might ask help from social media influencers or promoters. 

Email Marketing

Most of the colleges sends email to the most eligible candidates so that they can apply by sending application to the particular college by paying joining fees through UPI payment method.


You can start using Ge pay payment method to save your time. So start using Ge pay for your better life, and make your life digital.