Does Bridgewater College Have Nursing?

Does Bridgewater College Have Nursing?


It is general knowledge that health is wealth. No doubt, every college or university has a health facility to cater to the health need of both workers and students. Having a nursing school or nursing as a discipline becomes a bone of contention for some colleges that cannot afford its provision and maintenance. Although some colleges do not have nursing, they only have programs in the sciences that may be related to nursing.We will see does Bridgewater college have nursing or not in this article.

Nursing in Bridgewater College

Bridgewater College has various fields of nursing programs, which, therefore, means that it has nursing as a program or discipline. Nursing at Bridgewater college helps students to work with and learn from experienced nursing practitioners to improve patient functionality.

About Bridgewater College

Bridgewater College is a liberal art private college, the college serves as a non-profit organization that was founded in 1880 in Virginia. The current president of the prestigious college is David W. Bushman. Bridgewater College is located in Bridgewater, Virginia in the United State of America.

The college color is Red and Gold, the college is aimed at producing students with academic excellence and character. It also prepares students to be successful in their careers outside the workplace.

Bridgewater college’s academic and educational activities are focused on the primary campus of the institution. The college offers more than 60 majors and minors in Bachelor of Arts and Science degree programs. It provides students with the opportunities to study abroad and provides the resources needed for academic excellence.

What is Nursing?

Nursing is a skill or a job of caring for people who are sick or injured. It is also a professional course in colleges or universities within the health care sector and science faculty.

It is a career that is focused on families, individual, groups, organization, communities, or state to maintain good health and quality of life. The individual who studied nursing is called a nurse, they ensure that patients’ health functions properly by giving them all the care, treatment, and attention they need. 

Requirements and Things to do Before Going for Nursing

Every profession or course has its requirements and things to consider, before choosing a particular discipline. These requirements must be met by the individual who wishes to have a career in that course. For a successful admission into nursing, here are some of the requirements you need to meet to be admitted into the program. Although these requirements vary from school to school.

  1. Your high school transcripts will be required.
  2. You will have to take and pass the required test score.
  3. Your essay statement of purpose should be excellently written.
  4. Application for admission should be properly done.
  5. You will need a recommendation letter from an authority.
  6. Your application and language proficiency if applicable will be required.
  7. You will have to pass the interview process.

Some of the things to do include;

  • You should take the right high school classes.
  • You must make sure you meet the required grade in your high school classes for nursing school.
  • Research and decide on the type of nursing program you will want.
  • Another thing is your financial commitment to nursing.

Why do I Have to Study Nursing?

If you have had a passion for taking care or giving advice to people about their health and wellness, then you will have to study nursing to be professionally recognized. Nursing gives you various opportunities of helping humanity and saves lives.

If you wish to have a career in a professional science course, then nursing is one of the best options. Again, to study a particular course in the university or college is a matter of choice and interest, if you want to be successful in that discipline.

Things to Consider Before Going for Nursing

  1. Are you financially stable? That is, will you be financially committed to the demands of studying nursing successfully?
  2. Will you have the time to dedicate to studying nursing?
  3. Do you have the patience to care for the old and the young, especially the sick?


Nursing is one of the integral degree programs offered by colleges and universities. This program creates great awareness especially in the health sector, by helping and teaching people to live healthily and rightly. For a healthy society, there need to be qualified health practitioners that will oversee the health needs of the society. That is why colleges and universities are putting great efforts into building well-standard health facilities for effective training of their nursing students.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Are there any Benefits to Studying Nursing?

Yes, there are various benefits to studying courses in the health sector. Available financial aid, and health insurance, among others.

  1. Is Nursing an Expensive Program?

No doubt, the nursing program is quite expensive because of the nature and skills to be taught and it is majorly practical.