Do You Read A Lot In College?

Reading is a vital part of human life and it’s a never-ending process. The more we read the more we learn and the knowledge is enhanced. Reading is a process and every stage has its benefits. As a toddler, we observe and learn from the instructions of the parents and caretakers. Let us know more detail about ‘Do You Read A Lot In College?’.

Do You Read A Lot In College?

Do You Read A Lot In College?

As we enter school, education begins by reading books and this, in turn, enhances the writing and vocabulary skills. This also enables the child’s mind to sharpen and have a good command of the language. Parents and teachers must inculcate the benefits of reading from the early stage so that the kids take it as a passion that will help them excel in life.

Now the question is do we need to read a lot in college, to answer this we have to first understand the benefits of reading. Every college has its curriculum and understands that reading can be implemented without compromising extracurricular activities. The importance of reading can never be limited to school or college education, it’s a lifelong activity. 

Benefits of Reading

Below listed are a few benefits of reading books for students.

1. Builds confidence

In today’s competitive world we must be confident in what we are doing and speaking. Confidence follows the ability of public speaking to use the correct choice of words which attracts the audience.

2. Improves Analytical skills

The brain is trained to solve critical problems when exposed to the right set of education is gained through reading. However practical experience also adds value as it’s all about the experience that’s grasped from learning. 

3. Improves Reasoning power

College is an educational institution where the students get the opportunity to upskill themselves with a wide range of learning processes. The brain is stimulated to think in innovative ways. The students have the zeal to complete the assigned task with accuracy and within the stipulated time which comes not only from the classroom training but also from reading and practising.

4. Time Management

Reading takes time and hence when students in college dedicate a certain period of the day in a classroom to reading along with the homework assigned. So, this is the stage where they learn to manage time in a manner that reading becomes a part of life. The interesting part is that reading for a few students becomes a passion and that they pursue it as a career opportunity in the future.

5. Improves Vocabulary

There are extra-curricular activities like sports and athletic programs, debate, and other collective goals in college. These activities are based on a competitive environment which increases the scope to learn and win by competing. This requires great communication skills to interact with students from other colleges as well. So, reading and writing enable the students to articulate the words correctly through real-time exposure to the world.

6. Strengthens Writing skills

Reading consistently certainly impacts the vocabulary and pronunciation skills which is a process to exercise the brain to make notes and jot down points. This eventually makes the students write more, this strengthens another great skill that is writing. “Great writers once were great readers.”

Some students visualize the content and understand the concept, which is a process of reading as well. So, the below listed are different aspects of learning:

Listening- there are different means such as radio, lectures, TV shows and other audio gadgets which help the students based on the choice of learning. Some students prefer to learn while travelling from home to college or vice versa by putting the headsets.

Visualizing- learning by watching videos. Pandemic has evidentially taught this generation to watch and learn. So, YouTube videos and other educational sites boost the learning process. Observing others also helps.

Experimenting- Trying new and innovative ideas in the day to day life teaches a great lesson for a lifetime.

Guidance- Teachers, mentors, parents, and trainers are our live examples from whom we can learn a lot.

The above-listed points make the reading process interesting and enjoyable for the students.

How much reading is required in college?

This totally depends on the professor and the academic requirements. Reading multiple times makes the reader expertise on the subject.  

College reading is something which differs from student to student or based on the environment. Not all students have a reading friendly environment. Some students get exposed to reading once they are in school or college. Each child shows a different pattern of reading and writing. Some like reading whereas some like listening and learning. Once a student explained why her former history teacher was the best, she was so good with her explanation that the students did not have to go through the same chapters again. Hence reading by prioritizing is required.