Do colleges look at state SAT scores?


SAT score is a standardized test that is used countrywide in the United States. SAT began in the year 1926 when it was originally named as Scholastic aptitude test but later was renamed to Scholastic assessment test.  The SAT score is a general exam given by any high school student after they have completed high school. The SAT scores increase your general GPA and are a great way to apply tisr3n5many colleges based on SAT scores. SAT score is a way of the student taking the test as well as a college who will be seeing the student’s application know-how well in practical be in college. The SAT score by 2016 was recognized in all states of the United States and has a country-wide standardization. Here we will see about Do colleges look at state SAT scores?

Do colleges look at state SAT scores?

What is SAT?

SAT is an exam taken by either junior or senior high school students. It has multiple components included in the test, which covers mathematical skills, literature skills, and comprehensive understanding.

The exam is to be given by either junior or senior high school students after their final exam in school. The exam is to be given in a set duration that is 3-4 hours

SAT scores usually are combined with your GPA from school which combines and brings up your academic score even higher.

The SAT exam began as an initiative to introduce the students in high school to college life as well as to see if the students could be to college standards.

The paper is set in such ways that it is half academics from high school and half practical aspects one will face in university or college. Through this, the student and the admission committee in college will get a perspective on how the college is and how well the student will do respectively.

State SAT exam

As the SAT score is a standardized and general examination it is the same country-wide. There isn’t a difference in SAT scores between the state borders. 

The score attained is considered as SAT score as a whole and which state the exam was taken doesn’t account for the scoring.

The state, however, having the best scoring student for the SAT examination is considered for the education level and value of the state.

The SAT score doesn’t mention the state itself, making it more widely accepted.

Do colleges look at state SAT scores?

As SAT score is an overview of how the student will do in college life, colleges do look at state SAT scores.

SAT score is accepted in 90% of all universities in the United States. Some colleges see SAT scores at the top and accept students with good SAT scores.

Some colleges accept SAT scores with GPA and credits from high school  SAT scores just increasing the score on their portfolio.

Most prestigious colleges require SAT scores to apply to the college itself. These colleges accept a student based on their SAT score as well as GPA. However, with a good SAT score the chances of a student getting into college are high.

Other colleges don’t require a SAT exam before applying and accept a student based on their GPA and extracurricular.

However, every college will look at your SAT score if it is included in your file and your admission will be opinionated based on these scores.

Which college requires an SAT score for admission?

There are some prestigious colleges or universities in the United States that require the student to take the SAT exam for applying to the college.

These universities are spread all around the United States but are highly prestigious and most students dream to get into these universities.

One of the universities that require SAT scores is Yale University. Yale University is a research-specific university. 

Yale University is a private Ivy League college. Yale University is the third-oldest institution of Higher education in the United States. Yale University has a further 14 schools and colleges under the organization. Yale college is one of the undergraduate colleges.

It is situated in New Haven, Connecticut.

Another prestigious university that requires a SAT score for admission is Howard University in Washington D.C.

The university is a privately federally chartered historically black research university known to the same community.

Many other universities must have SAT scores to be considered a candidate of choice.

Is it an exam other than SAT?

SAT exam is one of the generalized exams accepted in the United States as one of the crediting factors for admission of a high school graduate.

Many other exams are available to be taken by any student, but this exam just enhances one’s portfolio. However, few other generalized exams can be taken and are necessary for some universities for admission.

ACT is one of the exams similar to the SAT. Both ACT and SAT have the same value and most colleges accept both scores. ACT mostly stands as an entrance exam used by colleges to shorten the admission candidates.

Another exam similar to that of SAT is GRE. The graduate record examination, also known as GRE, is a standardized exam taken by high school students in their senior year.

GRE has components such as verbal skills, writing, mathematics, science, and comprehensive skills. The GRE score can be used for the mere admission process as well as an important factor in selection. 

The exam is a computer-based exam given at a particular center allotted by the GRE team.


The process of admission to universities is big and can be stressful.

Combining this stressful process with scores attained in high school makes it even more impossible for students to concentrate and achieve their goals in the future.

SAT score makes it a tad bit easier for these students, as this score not only increases the scoring on their application form but also makes up for the admission selection.

It is always good to take up a standardized exam that can be accepted anywhere in the country, making the option of applying to universities a greater field.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is a good SAT score?

Aiming for a score of more than 1200 is considered to be a good SAT score.

  1. Is it necessary to take SAT exam?