Do Colleges Look At Beta Clubs?

Beta club is the largest non-profit, youth-oriented organization in the united states. It was established in 1934 by Dr. John W. Harris. Their motto is: Let Us Lead By Serving Others. The organization was established to inspire students to do their best in academics and to promote basic life skills. The organization also put a strong emphasis on students’ moral development. Let us know more detail about ‘Do Colleges Look At Beta Clubs?’.

Do Colleges Look At Beta Clubs?

Do Colleges Look At Beta Clubs?

Colleges always look for the best students possible. These best students are more likely to be beta members. Most of the beta club members get scholarship offers early. If you are looking to get into a good college, getting enrolled in a beta club is a golden step.  

Why do colleges look at beta clubs?

A good student adorns his institution’s name whether it be a school, college, or university. The beta club membership demands its students to be outstanding both in academics and in life. In other words, skillful students both from academic and moral perspectives are enrolled in beta clubs. 

Following are the personality attributes that beta clubs look for in their members:

  • Be able to maintain a CGPA of 3.5/higher
  • Demonstrate noteworthy morals and character ethics
  • Living for the community / demonstrating good citizenship qualities  

These are also the personality traits that colleges also look for in their students. 

So, it’s not wrong to say that you will have a certificate of these demanding traits if you are enrolled in a beta club. Thus, you will have more authentic proof of your character’s well-being. It will get easier for you to get admitted to the college of your choice. 

Why are beta clubs established in schools?

Cocurricular activities have always been a source of joy for high school students. Students are naturally game enthusiasts. Such activities help students to maintain a fun-study balance and develop holistically. 

Together with sports and games, some students like to get involved in voluntary work. They like to contribute their part to the community in every way possible.  

This class of students likes:

  • To get involved in social work programs
  • To participate in academic contests
  • To participate in event management
  • To lead others

Beta clubs community was designed to meet the needs of this class’ students. 

Types of beta club divisions in schools:

At first, the beta clubs were established for the high school students (i.e. from grades 8-12). Later, students from lower grades also showcased an interest in beta club activities. So in 1961, two new divisions for primary and middle were introduced.  

In high schools, beta clubs are divided into the following divisions:

  • Division I: 4-5 grades students
  • Division II: 6-8 grades students
  • Division III: 9-12 grades students

Collectively, the estimated number of members to get enrolled in a beta club is below 50. 

How to get enrolled in a beta club?

Beta clubs are very specific when it comes to choosing their members. You need to perform outstandingly in academics and must have strong character attributes. Be perfect all in all. 

Then follow through these steps: 

  1. Review eligibility requirements for beta club members
  2. Find a Sponsor: There are many organizations that sponsor beta programs.
  3. Know schools criteria 
  4. Prove yourself

Note that beta clubs require you to volunteer for several hours per week. Your performance and consistency during the work period also determine your eligibility to be in beta clubs. Consistency, hard work, and passion are the virtues that will help you to serve better.  

Reasons & advantages of joining Beta clubs:

Reasons to join beta clubs range from boosting your resume to helping the community. There are also other individualistic aims that people consider while joining beta clubs.

Beta clubs have owned their name, because of the repute and success of their members. Beta club memberships come with hands full of advantages. Its an organization built for the betterment of society. 

A few important points to consider are as follows: 

1. Resume booster:

Voluntary programs shine best on paper. It adds value to the resume. It shows your dedication, and a desire to work for the improvement. All these qualities will increase your chance of getting hired. 

2. Early scholarship offers

Many students wish to get enroll in beta clubs because of the golden scholarship offers. Getting admitted to a prestigious college is every American high school student’s dream. Youngsters are very specific about the college they want to attend. Having a beta club membership will help you pass every step successfully. It will be you, who will be deciding on the college for yourself among the best ones. There are high chances of getting scholarships too.   

3. You will be happier:

It psychologically proved that giving back to the community increases the production of happy hormones (i.e. oxytocin and dopamine) 

4. You will get a chance to express yourself:

With great power comes great responsibility. Your fellows will look up to you for inspiration. You will be able to express yourself independently. It will be your duty to support righteousness. 

5. Connect and develop:

You will get a chance to meet inspirational people. You will be able to be friends with the best, which will automatically enhance your perception. 

6. You will get prepared to be a leader: 

Many wish to lead the crowd but they lack the basic qualities. Participating in beta clubs will advance your leadership qualities. 

7. Real-world experience:

It’s always best to prepare before time. Beta club programs are designed to train their members for practical life. They will work with professionals and will get exposure. Their perception of the world will change. They willingly work for the community and are able to understand life better.  

It is an organization that not only helps you achieve better but also wants you to be more kind & helpful. Colleges also prefer such ideal traits. They value both ethics and progress.

Beta club benefits beyond college application

 “Like most people, I joined partially because being in the Beta Club looks good on college applications, but I stayed because of the opportunities the club offers to help people,” junior Sarah Kelly said.

The members of beta clubs have accepted the validity of the above-mentioned benefits. They not only feel happier but also gets a chance to experience the real world. 

Are beta clubs recognized nationally?

Beta clubs are formed in different institutes keeping in view the respective organization visions. There are specific instructions for beta clubs to follow. If they follow these instructions and work with authenticity. Their members will get recognized nationally and internationally. 

Those who wish to study abroad in college will get help from sponsors. The beta club members get higher chances of getting accepted to both national and international colleges. 


Conclusively, Beta Club programs focus a lot on student development. The beta club membership holders are always priority candidates for colleges. They want the best students to get enrolled in their college as these students are destined to become successful in the future.