Do Colleges Have Deans?

Dean is the person who has the authority over academic units, also over a specific area of concern, or in both the units. Programmatic, academic, fiscal responsibilities, and managerial are some of the responsibilities which deans have for the authority.Lets checkout do colleges have deans and talk about this in detail?

Do Colleges Have Deans?

Do Colleges Have Deans?

Deans are the academic administration of colleges or universities. Significant authority was provided to the deans themselves. Dean is not so common in the middle schools and high schools but they are common in the preparatory school.  They have roles that include the verification of the adequacy of instruction, admission, student recruitment, confer degrees, academic progress, and also monitor academic integrity. A dean is always not above the principal. Other senior administrative positions in higher education may carry the title of dean. Dean is the tenured professor who gives up most teaching and research activities over the deanship. 

How to become a college dean?

The dean is the key player in any university. Dean plays a very important role in college. The role of the dean includes strategic thinking of a large community, and diverse academic organization while doing the university’s athletics, culture, and other tasks exercising with the community with a fair amount of diplomacy, often the face of the university. 

Dean is typically in charge of the individual colleges or areas of student affairs or admissions. Also the critical part of the collegiate administration. To become a dean of the college is just one potential and a good career that can be exploded with the advanced education degree of doctorate in education/9EdD), with many responsibilities. 

The path to becoming a college dean:

There are many paths to becoming the dean and many multiple paths that can be explored. Most college deans have educational or academic backgrounds according to the BLS which is the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Here are some steps to becoming the college dean-

  1. Complete the right education: A bachelor’s degree is an absolute necessity, and a master’s is nearly important to become an assistant dean or dean at a college or university. Also, terminal degrees like Ph.D. and EdD, earn by many candidates. 
  1. Gain abundant professional experience: It is important to work in post-secondary education for a no. of years. This is important to work as an educator before becoming the dean. Mostly, they work before as a professor or instructor for their expertise. 
  1. Nurture leadership and management skills: Deans are effective leaders. To prepare the candidates some skills are required which include communication skills, the ability to consider the big picture with students and colleagues to manage budgets, and compromise with various aspects.  
  1. Discover the position’s salary: The average pay scale for a dean’s salary is $90, 077 per year. The pay scale also depends upon some factors like experience, specific academic institutions, and geographic location. 
  1. Explore the future growth of jobs: The reports of BLS shows that the growth will increase by 10% in the coming years through the year 2026. BLS also defines the positions being post-secondary education administrators that is the category which includes assistant deans, provosts, and other managerial roles. 

What does a student’s dean do?

Dean is one of the most high-ranking people in charge of the student’s life. In some colleges, it is also termed as Vice Provost of Student Life or a Vice Chancellor for students. The experience of the dean helps students outside the college classroom or sometimes inside also. If a student has any doubt related to their subject, he/ she can approach their respective subject teacher but if the student has any issue and is concerned about anything which is related to outside the classroom and can impact college students as in their experience then the dean of the students can be a great ally. 

The responsibilities include are:

  1. Health issues
  2. Conflicts with other students
  3. Living situation
  4. Difference and disability of learning
  5. Any personal problems which a student is facing
  6. The climate of the campus

How the college dean helps students in their way?

The deans are very knowledgeable and helpful, so talking to them may solve issues in student’s life.

  1. They help students to deal with the financial concerns or problems which come up during college time. They try to find solutions that a student tries to expect.
  2. They help to connect people of the same type of concern and problem. They do so to work in a better condition and to make work easy.
  3. Most of the students share their problems which are outside the classroom, but also if any student has a problem with a professor then also a student connects to the dean.
  4. Also, apart from problems and complaints students can talk to the dean about the campus. 

Some students assume that the dean might be strict or they feel negative or uncomfortable talking with them. For example, the dean will listen to every student whether it will be an awkward talk or not however, the dean will still advise you in every situation regardless of the situation. 


Dean is common in middle schools and high school but not in the preparatory schools. In colleges, deans are the professors who give up doing research activities and most of the teaching over the deanship. They have different which include doing admission, student recruitment, monitoring academic integrity, conferring degrees, admission, adequacy of instruction, and academic progress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: When should a student call dean?

Ans: When a student has any problem regarding a professor or having any personal issue(eg: loved ones dying, unfortunate situations, or other unexpected illnesses). It is good to talk with someone rather than suffer alone. So before, a student-run into trouble they may contact the dean first. 

Q2: Why is the dean important for college?

Ans: Dean is important to maintain discipline in college and take care of the student’s queries. The main or whole functioning depends upon the dean. However, a dean plays a vital role in college.