Do Colleges Have Vending Machines?

Do you have a liking for pre-processed and packaged meals? If you do then stick with me as you will find this article very entertaining and informative. In this article, you will find out a lot of interesting things which you might not have known about Vending machines. This article will help guide your stand on vending machines. So do keep an open mind as you go through this. let us know more about, “Do Colleges Have Vending Machines?”

Do Colleges Have Vending Machines?

The answer is yes, most colleges have Vending machines. The reason is Vending machines are seen as a healthy and convenient way to provide food to students in between classes. It is an added meal aside from the one provided by the government to the students. It is a second option for students who might not be satisfied with the meals the college provides.

The Benefits Of Vending Machines

  • Quick accessibility to snacks during breaks.

Vending machines are convenient ways to provide snacks to students during breaks. It provides pre-processed and packaged foods. It helps students to grab a meal before the next class thereby staying focused on their studies while enjoying a nice meal. So far, there has not been any other means of providing meals as equally fast as the Vending machine.

  • It is beneficial to students and staff alike.

The vending machine can be patronised by anyone. Both staff and students can grab a healthy snack from the machine and head back to the task they were previously attending to. This is in contrast to food provided in the cafeteria which is to be served to students only.

  • It provides healthy snacks and drinks. 

There have been complaints from students in the past that the meal available is not healthy and often contains a high amount of sugar. This however can easily be rectified as colleges have started implementing healthy Vending machines. Among such colleges are the University of California and Ohio state university.

  • Provides more than healthy snacks to students.

Vending machines have evolved over time and no longer provide just healthy snacks. They now provide a range of resources from; books, pens, and notebooks to contraceptives. The provision of various essential products for staff and students is one of the reasons why it is so beneficial to colleges. A student does not need to be stressed over acquiring such trivial items.

Disadvantages Of Vending Machines In Colleges

  • Vending machines are solely a means to make a profit.

The main reason for installing vending machines in schools is profit maximisation. Vending machines are a way for the school board to make additional profit on the food sold to students. This entirely isn’t wrong, it is the paying so much attention to the profit that the health of students is not put into consideration.

  • Risk of being diagnosed with obesity.

Some vending machines have been known to provide only unhealthy snacks and soda. Constant consumption of this can lead to obesity so therefore it is advised to have healthy Vending machines at schools.

  • The quality of snacks cannot be ascertained.

Since Vending machines are stocked at set dates. Most times, snacks can be left on the shelves for weeks before they are bought. The quality of the snack may have reduced during this period and if consumed by students can lead to deterioration in such an individual’s health. The quality of the snacks at the point of purchase cannot be ascertained most times.

What Items are Available at Vending machines?

When vending machines were first invented, it was solely to provide snacks to students. But like any other invention, it evolves. Now there are vending machines for smoothies, sodas, healthy snacks, stationery products, and even contraceptives. This is to provide everything a student can need to enjoy their stay at the college.

How Much Profit Does a Vending Machine Make on a Monthly Average?

A Vending machine’s average profit a week is about $75. And a month is over $300. Keep in mind that this is not the same for all Vending machines. Some vending machines may make more while others may make less. It all comes down to patronage. After all, the presence of a Vending machine does not mean that a student will stop and purchase from it.

Should Vending Machines Be Removed From colleges?

Why some have argued that vending machines should be removed from colleges. A study has shown that removing Vending machines from colleges increases the consumption of sugar and sodas. The presence of Vending machines most times does not influence students’ intake of sugar and sodas. 


In conclusion, a vending machine has both its pros and cons. we would advise you to read carefully through the article and then decide if it is for you or not. But from my perspective, it all depends on how it is used hence it can be both harmful and non harmful depending on the usage. The vending machine still remains a fast means of dispensing meals to college students. 

Frequently Asked Questions.
  1. Can vending Machines provide healthy snacks?

Yes, vending machines can provide healthy snacks. Colleges all over the United States have started implementing healthy Vending machines.

  1. Do vending machines cause more harm than good?

Generally, there has not been another equally convenient method of giving out meals to students. So it has caused more good than harm.

  1. Should vending machines be allowed in schools?

If the vending machine provides healthy snacks or other resource-related products for students and staff then yes it should.