Colleges in the United states of America

The United States of America is a great and beautiful country with over 50 states and other territories. As a great country having  the young people at heart, has built and  approved over 4000 universities including four year public colleges, private non profit institutions, private profit institutions and two year public colleges also known as community colleges. In this article we shall see Colleges in the United states of America

And this great institution has done and is still performing a wonderful work moulding young minds to be great leaders of tomorrow. In this article we will be learning about the number of colleges in each of the 50 states of the United states of America and the top universities  in each of these states.

Colleges in the United states of America

Colleges and Universities in USA

• Texas: 299 colleges.

• California: 225 colleges.

• New York: 225 colleges.

• Pennsylvania: 157 colleges.

• Florida: 129 colleges.

• Ohio: 111 colleges. 

• Illinois: 105 colleges.

• Massachusetts: 93 colleges.

• Michigan: 85 colleges.

• Missouri: 73 colleges.

• Georgia: 68 colleges.

• Washington: 68 colleges.

• Alabama: 63 colleges.

• Indiana: 63 colleges.

• Virginia: 58 colleges.

• Tennessee: 57 colleges.

• North Carolina: 56 colleges.

• Wisconsin: 52 colleges.

• Minnesota: 48 colleges.

• New Jersey: 46 colleges.

• Iowa: 37 colleges.

• Kentucky: 36 colleges.

• South Carolina: 35 colleges.

• Colorado: 34 colleges.

• Kansas: 34 colleges.

• Louisiana: 34 colleges.

• Maryland: 34 colleges.

• Oregon: 34 colleges.

• Oklahoma: 33 colleges.

• Connecticut: 29 colleges.

• Arizona: 25 colleges.

• Arkansas: 24 colleges.

• Nebraska: 24 colleges.

• West Virginia: 24 colleges.

• Vermont: 22 colleges.

• Mississippi: 18 colleges.

• New Hampshire: 18 colleges.

• Utah: 18 colleges.

• Maine: 15 colleges. 

• North Dakota: 14 colleges. 

• South Dakota: 14 colleges. 

• Montana: 12 colleges. 

• Rhode island: 12 colleges. 

• Idaho: 11 colleges. 

• New Mexico: 11 colleges. 

• Hawaii: 10 colleges. 

• Nevada: 10 colleges. 

• Delaware: 9 colleges. 

• Wyoming: 9 colleges. 

• Alaska: 5 colleges.

Top Ranking Universities  in each of this states in the Us

 It would be insane to talk about the number of colleges in each of the wonderful states in the United States without recognizing the different prestigious colleges in these states . So in this category we will learn about the top ranked college in each of these states.

  • Texas: The city of Texas also known as “ The Lone Star State” being the home to millions of Americans and second most populated state in the US  has the highest number of colleges. The top colleges are University of Texas, Austin.
  • California: The most populated state in the US and home to Hollywood has the second most number of colleges with their top universities being one of the most prestigious universities Stanford University ranking number 4 in the world and number 3 in the United states .
  • New York: The largest and most economically fertile state in the United States is home to very prestigious universities Cornell University.
  • Pennsylvania: Home to one of the oldest universities and the top in the state University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania.
  • Florida: University of Florida.
  • Ohio: Ohio State University known for their Ohio State Buckeyes football team, the best in the country.
  • Illinois: University of Chicago.
  • Massachusetts: The state is blessed with two of the top colleges in this one state Massachusetts Institute of technology  ranking number 1 in Us, number 2 worldwide and the best research university in the country and also Harvard university first university in the country number 2 in the country and number 3 worldwide.
  • Michigan: University of Michigan.
  • Missouri: University of St.Louis.
  • Georgia: Georgia State Institute.
  • Washington: University of Washington.
  • Alabama: The top Universities known for their Football rivalry are the University of Alabama and Auburn University. These State colleges being the most sport loving are very advisable for athletes to attend to further their studies.
  • Indiana: University of Indiana, Bloomington.
  • Virginia: University of Virginia.
  • Tennessee: University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • North Carolina: University of Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin, Madison Madison. 
  • Minnesota: University of Minnesota- Twin cities.
  • New Jersey: The prestigious Princeton University is located in the city of New Jersey.
  • Iowa: Iowa State University, Iowa.
  • Kentucky: Kentucky home to the top Basketball team in the country, University of Kentucky Wildcats. The top Universities are University of Kentucky.
  • South Carolina: Clemson University, South Carolina .
  • Colorado: Colorado college Colorado springs.
  • Kansas: University of Kansas.
  • Louisiana: Tulane University of Louisiana.
  • Maryland: John Hopkins University one of the finest research universities.
  • Oregon: Reed College Portland.
  • Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma.
  • Connecticut: The glorious Yale university being the top university in this state is one of the oldest universities.
  • Arizona: Arizona State University.
  • Arkansas: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.
  • Nebraska: University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
  • West Virginia: West Virginia University Morgantown.
  • Vermont:  University of Vermont.
  • Mississippi: Mississippi State University.
  • New Hampshire: Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.
  • Utah: University of Utah.
  • Maine: University of Maine.
  • North Dakota: University of North Dakota.
  • South Dakota: University of South Dakota.
  • Montana: Montana State University.
  • Rhode Island: Brown University, Rhode Island.
  • Idaho: Brigham Young University.
  • New Mexico: University of New Mexico.
  • Hawaii: University of Hawaii at West Oahu Kapolei.
  • Nevada: University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Delaware: University of Delaware.
  • Wyoming: University of Wyoming , Laramie.
  • Alaska: University of Alaska, Fairbanks.


The United States of America has over 352 universities in the world ranking of universities with 2 of their prestigious universities in the top 3 spot has proven to have one of the best education systems in the world with a major of moulding and building great people.

Frequently asked questions

  • There are so many colleges in the United States. How do I decide which schools to apply to?

The hunt for a good college can be very confusing so many schools to select from and so much that need to be considered. So I will be giving on what to consider when applying to different colleges.

o Your course of study or career path.

o The location or the state you want to study.

o The reputation of the college or the school ranks.

o What you are planning to achieve.

These are the major things to be considered to make the right choices.

  • What is the hardest university to get into and the easiest to get into?

The hardest university to get accepted into or with the lowest acceptance rate according to is Stanford University with an acceptance rate of 4%. While the easiest with an acceptance rate of 90.79% is College of Kentucky.

  • Do Universities in the United States encourage foreign students?

The United States being a country that encourages Cultural diversity and discourages racism, tribalism and any form of discrimination highly encourages foreign students and having created so many opportunities for them like Study abroad programs, different Scholarship programs and so much more.