Do Colleges Have Late Applications?

The important asset one could have in today’s time with them is “Education”. The biggest thing that holds power in this world is the enlightened mind, creative thoughts and your abilities, knowledge and skills and all of these is supposed to come education. Education plays an important role in everyone’s life. It’s a right which should be availed by everyone to mark its importance in the world. But the question arises that is this education available to everyone? Is it easily affordable by everyone? Is there’s something which is acting as a hindrance in the way of education? If yes! Is it right enough? Is there’s something which is overpowering education and suppressing it’s role by its existence? let’s see , Do Colleges Have Late Applications?

Do Colleges Have Late Applications?

The answer is Yes; Money. The paper notes which are supposed to decide that whom should avail this right to education. so, by this you can say colleges do have late applications. The fees of the course and its duration to get it submitted is something more important than the interest of student who has enrolled himself/herself in the course.

Why not to have late applications!?

All colleges have different set of courses and for various courses they charge some set amount of fee with deadlines. The better is the infrastructure, the brand name of the college more is their inclination towards their terms and conditions. The colleges don’t entertain late applications when it comes to the entrance submission or the course fee.  The late applications of colleges can come in various forms whether it being enrolling themselves for the course, submission of application/ assignment, fee deposition and many more. There are numbers of students who prepare to get seats into their dream colleges, but the tradition of not having late application just vanish their dreams in seconds. Some spend their days and nights to submit the applications on time but the various factors act as an obstacle in their way. The factors are mentioned as below:

1. Monetary funds:

There are students who work and study on the same time to match their educational funds and expenses. But the lack of not having last application system in operation somewhere breaks of dreams.  Due to shortage of funds at asked time some of them aren’t able to enrol themselves or carry forward their course. It is true that the good infrastructure, the good environment of college is all made by money and hence the courses will demand the same as well. But if given a chance to submit the same lately without any late charges then things can make difference. 

2. Lack of update for deadlines:

A less awareness for the respective deadlines also leads to higher chances of students not getting into their dream college and course. The things should be conveyed in a transparent and descriptive manner. A proper notification with timely reminders can make them aware about the same. The purpose is to just do things right at right time. 

3. Time deficiency:

The one’s who work along with studying lacks time as their focus is to create a balance among their working and studying schedule. A student can be very intelligent but the lack of time can lead to extension of enrolling themselves into course or submission of the same. If given the time post submission then the things can make difference. This will not just push them to do better for next but will also help them in prioritizing the things for them and making balance on the same time.

The coin has always two sides of it that itself shows convey that thing have more than a perspective to a single thing. Both of it can be either in the favour or they can be against. The concept of not having the late application format no doubt increases the discipline among the students. It helps them in developing the skills to work under deadline and to do their work speedily with accuracy and keeping in mind the other factors to arrange funds and look for the other required things. The concept of last application cane be genuine and ingenuine on the same time. So, if given a priority to the things that can create a difference. Not having last applications process on the same page if is increasing the skills of a person but on another hand is creating sometimes mess as well.  So if the colleges should have the last application system in process, then the students who are not able to meet the deadline can take a help of last applications and can make the most of out. A very small introduction of last applications can help students make their dreams come true and can give the students a chance to make their future brighter. The thinking of relying on your own self will then have so much of importance, it can boost the morale and also bring a change in the system also. 


Education can give a person a whole of everything or can take away everything. Every system needs to change its working from traditional methods to the way there is the need of an hour. Change is inevitable it may take some time to adapt and see things with different perspective. When taken into operation, things might can take a longer time to come into habit and order, but all the new way thinking can create difference to a greater extent. The last applications system holds no drawback but only gives the hope to the needy or the deserving ones the chance to meet their goals. If the college system should start providing the last applications, then definitely things will change and can become much smoother. The hard work needs to be paid off in a good manner, the last application system can give a hundred of students the chance to do the work with much more satisfaction, commitment and with a sense of relaxation where they’ll be able to give their best shot. Therefore, education is boon to the society but if it’s not provided in an appropriate manner then it’ll not take a second to say that it’s Bane