Do Colleges care about Honor Societies?

Many years ago in high school, someone got an invitation to be a part of the National Honors Society. Like every young person, the excitement and anticipation were there. The invited student was having thoughts about awesome this is going to be. So now let’s find out how important is Honor for college? Here we will see about Do Colleges care about Honor Societies?

Now back to the main question, do colleges care about honor societies? The truth be told, colleges do care about the national honors society to some extent. Being a member of the National Honor Societies simply means that you have a high GPA, doing community services, and getting involved in clubs are all wonderful experiences. It builds you up to become a more responsible adult. But note that there are more factors that are still of importance than being in the Nation Honors Society.

Do Colleges care about Honor Societies?

What are the benefits of NHS according to various Institutions?

3 colleges were asked what the importance of the national honors society to college is. Kindly check out their response below:

  • University of Missouri: We run our selection based on the academic performance of each candidate. We evaluate how they performed in the courses and the grades in their various high schools. They further stated that there are no benefits for high school students in National Honor Societies. 
  • Johnson County Community College: National Honors Societies don’t have any effect on your admissions process. However, the great thing it can do is that it can help a candidate out when it comes to scholarships. We only grant merit-based scholarships, and it is based on the candidate’s grades and the candidate’s involvement in high school.
  • University of Tennessee: National Honor Societies could signify the student took difficult or rather challenging classes and it could be a great boost with the student’s scholarship application for college.

The summary I deducted from the various school response is that 

It is better to be in the NHS it boosts your academic profile, especially your college application. But being a member of the National Honor Societies isn’t the ultimate thing to gain college admissions.

Benefits National Honor Societies offers


One of the main reasons you find students joining NHS is probably because of scholarships. The truth be told, the cost of a college education is expensive and every extraocular activity you do as a student is a huge boost in attaining scholarships. But always put this at the back of your mind: Being a member of NHS doesn’t guarantee students in any way that they will get a scholarship. To stand a better chance, you have to be an active member of the society or better still an executive leader of the society something like being the Vice President or an Event Coordinator. Beyond having great academic records, having leadership traits in you boost your chances of getting scholarships. 

There are several students who have been to NHS. And a good number of these students got no scholarship. And the most likely reason why these students didn’t get scholarships could be probably because they weren’t really active or didn’t play a leadership role in NHS. Always remember that If you want to get rewarded in anything you do in life, push the extra mile, don’t just sit there to do little or nothing.


Well, this aspect depends on which high school you attended, most times there are volunteering opportunities being granted by your school’s NHS. And please note that at least 20 hours of community service is necessary if you want to be considered for NHS. The fact remains that volunteering is very necessary when it comes to NHS. And don’t forget that volunteering comes with its own benefits. People who volunteer are prepared for leadership and their impact goes a long way to change the world for good, you will have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and feel good about yourself as well. One more benefit you get from volunteering is, that volunteering boosts your experiences on your resumes. For example, after college education, you can add all the places you volunteered during your service at the NHS. This would boost your resume and give you a better chance of getting a reputable job.


Joining the NHS is a great boost in building a student career and making you become a more responsible adult. You will gain a wealth of experiences, learn to be responsible through the community services, meet new and interesting people, and many other benefits. Even if colleges don’t care about your membership in NHS, it would help in your scholarship application. It might in the future land you a reputable job or even a government job in the future. The NHS will prepare your mind for leadership and responsibility that is if you are an active member. Always remember that in whatever you do in life, do it well, and give it your best, and that’s where your reward lies.