Dixie State University Admission Requirements And GPA

To know Dixie State University Admission Requirements And GPA….Read on this article….!

Dixie State University may be considered an open admission school because its acceptance rate is almost 100%. This means that nearly all applicants who meet the average GPA and requirements for admission into the Dixie State University a small school located in the suburbs of Dixie town are accepted.

Dixie State University Admission Requirements And GPA

For the most part, you need to apply to get into the school, provided you meet the requirements. What then are these requirements? They will be discussed in detail in the article. So be sure to read thoroughly.

Dixie State University Admission Requirements And GPA

To apply for the regular four-year program at Dixie College, applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.26 on a scale of 4.0. Unfortunately, the students accepted into Dixie College are mostly below-average or B graders.

Also, applicants should submit their ACT and SAT scores upon application to the school. The minimum SAT score for admission into DSU is 1000 on a scale of 1600, which is not even slightly competitive.

However, students whose SAT scores are 900 and below are in the lower 25th percentile. While an average SAT a score of 1090 puts one above average and increases the chances of getting in.

Applicants who wish to get into Dixie College with their ACT scores must have a minimum score of 19 on a scale of 36. To get even higher chances of being accepted, applicants should aim to hit an average of 21 or more as it places them in the higher 75th percentile.

What Other Requirements Do Applicants Need To Meet For Acceptance?

Students who meet the requirements mentioned above have an excellent probability of getting into Dixie College. Further admission requirements are the letters of recommendation, interviews to prove efficiency, personal essays, work experience (if any), and other minute factors that would give them a headstart over other applicants.

Any applicant who has met all these requirements and more has a 100% certainty of getting into Dixie State University.

Other Frequently Asked Questions On Dixie College.

Why is Dixie’s Acceptance Rate 100%?

The college is located in the little town of Utah and used to be the hub for miners. Unfortunately, the miners have lost their jobs there, given that there is almost nothing left in the underground to mine.

This led to underpopulation in the area, which adversely reduced the number of applications to the school. So to keep themselves in the game, the school had to raise its bar and enroll almost every applicant in the school.

Dixie State University is, by all means, a great college and is only underutilized due to these circumstances.

Does Dixie College Accept International Students?

The school is home to over 170 international students making it 1.7% of the student body. So yes, Dixie College accepts international students from all over the world who meet the requirements.

Applicants who are US citizens or have obtained their permanent residency, are first-time freshmen (that is, they have not schooled anywhere else), and promise to graduate in Dixie College are welcome to apply.

What is Required Of International Students Who Wish To Apply To DSU?

International students who meet the general requirements are to apply this:

  • Apply officially at the website apply.utahtech.edu.com
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of $75
  • Tidy and submit their proof of completion of specific admission requirements, including admission test scores, letters of reference, and more.
  • Evidence of English Language proficiency for non-native speakers.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university (for degree students only). Degrees obtained outside the United States will need the transcript evaluated by a credential company duly registered with NACES.
  • Proof of residency in the United States and other necessary documents.
Is Dixie State University A Good School?

That depends on your definition of good schools, though. But based on ranks, excellence, and even environment, Dixie State University is a great school.

The school is ranked No. 37-48 best schools in the Regional West (based on their performance and excellence across various accepted excellence indicators). It is also No. 25 on the Top Performers on the Social Mobility list.

Even more interesting, the school is among the No.11-17 Too Public Schools. These and more could show how good Dixie State University is.

Research has it that what students and graduates of the shook loved most about it was the big campus feeling it gave out with its small size. Plus the fact that many events existed for students to choose from, both within and outside the school’s rich environment.

They said too that the teachers are excellent and usually take their time to attend to the needs of students.

When it involves academics, a medical student says, “I graduated when it was just division two and was later accepted to medical school. Being a smaller school is not limiting.”

So, even though it accepts almost every student that applies (who are primarily average), it doesn’t stop it from producing excellence.

What is Dixie College Called Now? 

Due to controversies about the name ‘Dixie’ and the agitation from students as it is associated with slavery, the school applied for a change of name. And after much deliberation on it, the legislature recently subscribed to the idea of a change of name.

So, from July 1st, 2022, the college would officially be known as ‘Utah State University.’ Till then, though, it is still called Dixie College and may go by that name (unofficially) for a long time before it completely phases off.

Which Test is Better to Use When Applying To DSU? ACT or SAT?

Even though neither of the two tests is preferred to the other when it comes to application to Dixie State, it is advised that students submit their ACT scores instead of SAT.

This is not about ACT being better than SAT, but just that the students have greater control over the test score the admission committee gets to see when they use ACT instead.

That is to say that while submitting their ACT scores, applicants can choose to send only their best scores for vetting. But in the SAT, all the taken tests are considered before an applicant is accepted.

So, a student who was below average in previous ACTs can make up for their redundancies by submitting only the one test they performed best in without revealing their poor scores.


In conclusion, students (both citizens and international students alike) who meet the requirements mentioned in this article should apply to school. They have a 100% chance of getting accepted—best of luck to all the applicants.