Bismarck State College Admission Requirements and GPA

To know Bismarck State College Admission Requirements and GPA….Read on this article….!

Bismarck State College Admission Requirements and GPA

The Bismarck State College (BSC) is located in Bismarck, US, and is highly regarded with its status as the only polytechnic in North Dakota. It runs a series of programs such as cyber security, health sciences, agriculture, energy, and STEM, amongst others. This variety of programs available at the college makes it a top choice for students planning to get into college. However, to be considered for admission at BSC, you need to apply to the school, and this is not complete without fulfilling the requirements laid out by the college. 

Bismarck State College Admission Requirements and GPA

Applying to colleges requires the provision of certain documents that will inform the college about your past academic experiences. Also, Bismarck State College requires that you provide some documents alongside your application form for admission. The major admission and GPA requirements of Bismarck State college for all students include a non-refundable fee of about $35 for the 2022/2023 session, official transcripts from either secondary or post-secondary institutions, immunization results, and placement assessment/test results. These requirements are general to all international students, new students, transfer and returning students, military, and online students. Other requirements for international students include evidence of English proficiency, declaration of finance, medical insurance, and passport, which are to be submitted after admission.

Also, the college requires that you have a GPA of about 3.0 on an average, even though it is subject to change based on the decision-makers, but you should aim higher than 3.0. Furthermore, it is essential to get good recommendation letters from your teachers to put in good words (about your general conduct and academics) to be admitted to the college. All these requirements are needed to boost one’s chances at the college and inform the decision-makers of your ability to study at BSC. Detailed information about the admission requirements and the GPA is provided below.  

Application Fee

It is required that every student who seeks admission at the college pays a non-refundable fee of $35 alongside the application form. However, exceptions are made for active-duty military personnel and applicants who have previously paid the application fee. 

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts showing the academic performance (grades) of the student from all secondary (high school transcript or GED) and post-secondary institutions (where applicable) are required for the admission process. It is stated that all transcripts are to be sent to the college admissions office in a sealed envelope before they can be treated as official transcripts or submitted electronically to the provided email. 

Proof of Immunization

Immunization documents for conditions like measles, meningococcal, tuberculosis, mumps, and rubella are required from all students applying to the college. However, exceptions are made for students who have medical conditions contradicting taking the immunization vaccine and if it stands in the way of the student’s belief. 

Placement Assessment

BSC requires that incoming students take placement assessments even though they do not have a significant share in making decisions for admission. Depending on the course you are applying for, some courses require placement assessment, such as the ACT or SAT, dated within five years, while some require ACCUPLACER dated within three years. The assessment scores will also be required for students registering for Mathematics and English courses. 

Grade Points Average (GPA)

Most colleges require that incoming students have a high GPA to be considered for admission, and the same goes for BSC. Although, the current GPA used for admission is an average of 3, which is subject to change. Decision-makers at BSC often increase the minimum GPA required for admission to create a good reputation for the school as a high-standard college. Hence, it is often advised that students score high in their grades to have a GPA close to 3.4 to boost their chances at BSC.  

English Proficiency

International students who have not studied in English-speaking countries or do not have their native language as English are required to submit evidence of English proficiency either by studying in the U.S or studying at an English-speaking school where the mode of instruction is in English. However, there are options to take tests such as ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL-65), International English Language Testing System (IELTS-6.0), Pearson Test of Academic English (PTE-A-50), Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB-55), and the Duolingo English Test-95 (required minimum score is after the hyphen). 

Declaration of Finance

The declaration of finance is to be submitted directly to BSC’s admissions office with bank statements proving constant withdrawal and deposits over the last six months. 

Medical Insurance and Passport

These are required after admission has been granted, mainly from an international student.


Once you have decided to study at Bismarck State College, applying to the college is an easy process that can be done online via the school website. The necessary documents are to be submitted along with the application to be valid. Therefore, it is essential to double-check the documents required to avoid errors during submission. If you have further questions about programs you can apply to or additional requirements from each department, you can ask for help on the school website by sending an inquiry mail to the admissions office.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What is BSC’s acceptance rate? 

BSC is an open admission college with a very high acceptance rate of 100% if you meet the minimum requirements for the program you wish to apply for.  

  • When is BSC’s application deadline for international students?

The application deadline for the Fall 2022/2023 session is June 1, 2022, while the application deadline for Spring is November 1, 2022

  • Does Bismarck State College have dorms?

Yes. The dorms have been created to provide secure, comfortable, and affordable living for students at the college. There are different rates for dorms depending on your choice to stay alone or stay with a roommate. Each dorm also has room rates ranging from $1400 per semester to $2210 for double and $2000 to $2900 for single.