Cuny Hunter College Transfer Requirements

To know Cuny Hunter College Transfer requirements….Read on this article…!

Transferring to Cuny Hunter College is always the dream of every undergraduate or graduate student, but most times, they fail to meet up with the needed requirements of cuny Hunter College. Cuny Hunter is one of the public schools in the country, with over 21,000 undergraduates going to the College, seeking both undergraduate and graduate programs in over 170 unique courses of study.

Cuny Hunter College Transfer Requirements

Following are the transfer requirements for Cuny Hunter College:Official Transcripts, SAT Scores, Application Fee, interview and a minimum GPA, all of which will be discussed further in this article.

Details of the Cuny Hunter College Transfer Requirements

Official Transcripts:

School transcripts have detailed academic information, including your grades, the courses you completed, and the school you graduated from. All transfer candidates are expected to submit official transcripts of the school they attended. Oversight of transcripts from the school you attended brings about a five-year bar from Hunter College and the City University of New York (CUNY)

An official school transcript should have the following details:

  • Information of Students: Contingent upon the data your school accumulates, the record should contain your complete name, and date of birth, including your admission or matriculation number
  • Grade point normal: Your GPA report will have to include your GPA starting from the last Semester of your admission to all other of your GPA scores for every Semester.
  • The scores you got for all classes: this must contain all your class scores from your former school or College.
  • Date of your admission: These reports will carry the date of your admission and other dates on which you took specific classes.
  • A complete record of all classes you’ve taken: Contingent upon your school’s approaches for dropping classes and classes you signed up for but couldn’t complete
  • Other institutions: The report will contain different schools you went to and even credits you got from those schools.
  • Official documentation: your Transcript carries a seal, signature, or other authority documentation showing the report came directly from your past school or College.

How to get your official Transcript

There are two types of transcripts which include:

  • Official Transcript
  • Unofficial Transcript

Official Transcript

You can get your official Transcript by connecting with your school registrar either through an online form asking for your Transcript or by writing to the registrar’s office to get an official copy of your Transcript that is signed and stamped by the school authority.

Unofficial Transcript

Here, you log in to your official school portal and get a copy of your Transcript with your registration number but note this kind of Transcript is not always signed or stamped by the school registrar or authority.

Please note that when you apply for your transfer, Cuny Hunter requires that you submit a copy of the official Transcript and not the unofficial one to prove to the school how authentic your transcript is. Although the process of getting the Transcript is hard and stressful, it is advisable that you plan ahead depending on the deadline given to you by Cuny Hunter. 

Some schools can ask you to pay a particular fee or amount to help you get your Transcript faster.

  • Application Fee:

For your application to go through the College requires that you make a non $70.00 non-refundable application fee to the appropriate authority of the school.

  • Interview:

Once you meet up with the transfer requirements, the school authority will schedule a time for you to meet with the school, and will help you to know if you are eligible for the transfer. This particular assessment will be reached to plan a direction or interview with the officials of the school for the Semester. Through the interview, you will be opportune to meet with a counselor that will take you on this particular phase of assessment.

  • Other Requirements

Here, according to the school, all other transfer payments or fees supporting your transfer need to be sent to the University Admission Processing Center.

Transfer Acceptance Rate of Cuny Hunter college

Cuny Hunter acknowledges 29.72% of transfer applicants, which shows that they are very strict and selective in their acceptance rates.

To have a shot at moving into Hunter, you have to have an ongoing GPA of something like 3.43, but it is better if your GPA should be around 3.57. Remember, both in-state and out-of-state candidates are remembered for these figures. Because non-citizens are not always left behind in this transfer percentage, the school doesn’t discriminate against people because they are not citizens of the country.

 Yearly Acceptance Rate of Cuny Hunter College

Here are some of the acceptance rates of Cuny Hunter College

  1.  2016-2017:37.9:%
  2. 2017-2018:40.2%
  3. 2018-2019:36.4%
  4. 2019-2020:35.2%

What makes you suitable for Cuny Hunter College Transfer

You are eligible for transfer when you have gone to another school/college or you are an alumnus

Requirements for Students outside the United States of America

  • TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Test Scores
  • Official English interpretations


Although Cuny Hunter College is very selective in its transfer policies, it is important that students or applicants follow this article or post carefully and the instructions it carries. With these, it would help their transfer applications to be successful. Your transfer can only be rejected or stressful if you don’t comply with the school’s requirements for transfers.

Frequently asked Questions
  • How hard is it for transfer students to be accepted into Cuny Hunter College

Cuny Hunter’s ratio of admission is 29.72%, and for students to be admitted, you must have a GPA of like 3.43 – But it is important that your GPA should be around 3.57 with these Grades. We know that Cuny HUnter is very selective in its transfer.

  • Can foreigners apply for transfer to Cuny Hunter?

Yes, foreigners from different countries can apply for transfer in the so if only they meet up with the requirements of the school or College. The school is not meant for just citizens and doesn’t discriminate. Irrespective of where they come from.