College of Charleston’s Acceptance Rate

Getting admitted into the college has always been a huge concern for students. But are they often engrossed in things like “will they get admitted? What is the College of Charleston’s acceptance rate? What GPA do they need to get into the college? How hard is it to get into college?

It is much easier to get admitted into Charleston college these days if you meet the college requirements. This set of requirements is designed to help incoming students reach the highest possibilities for triumph in college.

In this article, we will be explaining what you need to be admitted into Charleston college, the requirements, and the acceptance rate.

What are the requirements to get into the College Of Charleston?

The college of Charleston only accepts two forms of results from prospective students. It is either SAT or ACT results with requirements. For students who have sat for both exams and wondering which will be best to present, below is a guide on how you can choose the best result.

SAT Requirement to Get Admitted Into College of Charleston

On a scale of 1600, the total of the maths and reading portions should be 1905. The college of charleston requires its applicants to have a minimum of 1095 scores on their SAT results. Any score below this average score will be too competitive for such an applicant to get admitted.

Although the Average SAT score stated above does not equal automatic admission, you might still need to compete if the number of applicants with the same score as you is too many. It is safer to beat any form of competition among other applicants to score above 1200.

ACT Requirement to Get Admitted Into College of Charleston

The average score required for admission into the college with an ACT result is 72. Therefore, applicants should focus on coming close to this score and even more to stay clear of the competition.

Charleston College Requirements

Now that you’re aware of the required SAT and ACT score. You will also be required to provide the following.

  • Your GPA
  • Your School Rank
  • Your school record

What Minimum GPA do you need to get into the College of Charleston?

Applicants who got admitted into the college of Charleston in the past had outstanding results. On a scale of 4, you need to have 3.9 to get admitted into the college as a freshman, which means A students are highly favored. 

Charleston College Acceptance Rate

The college in charleston is very picky when it comes to admission, and they have an acceptance rate of 74%, although it was previously 81%. And also, a survey shows that most successful applicants have an average SAT score of 1105 or 72 ACT scores on the ACT.

How to Get Into College of Charleston With Low GPA/Test Score?

To successfully get admitted into the college of charleston, follow these guides to ensure you prepare ahead of time to get accepted.

Criteria for successfully getting admitted into the college of Charleston

  • Have a minimum score of 1095 on SAT exam or 72 on the ACT exam
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.9 
  • Join activities outside academics that resonates with charleston values

To join Extracurricular activities outside academic work, you can

  • Join your school music club. If you discover that the college cherishes music, you can try participating in a club that also cherishes music. It may resonate with the school values.
  • Do some volunteering work. People love people who love to give back to society. Since every school values good ambassadors and would always want them to be an image of their school, you may try volunteering in your hometown or city
  • Work on your Personal Development. You may decide to do something that aligns with your core values and personal growth and try to contribute to other people. You may try public speaking during your free time or help people in your little way with your experience. Your application might be considered without considering your grades and test scores.

How to Apply For Admission?

  • Write a compelling essay that helps you stand out among other competitive applicants
  • Get recommendations from teachers in the course you wish to major in. At least one recommendation letter from the department will do.
  • Apply on time. Do not wait for the deadline before submitting your application. Many applicants wait till the last hour before submitting their application; this often leads to downtimes on the college website and may delay your application submission till after the deadline. So don’t take risks.


Admission into the college of Charleston can be challenging and competitive when students do not know the basic requirements and the application process. It can also be challenging to figure out why applications forget rejected when the student is ignorant of the process. With the guide above, we hope to help prospective students make better decisions while applying for admission to the college and work harder on other alternatives to help boost their chances of getting admitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the College of Charleston hard to get into?

The university is picky when it comes to admitting students into its college. Presently, its acceptance rate is about 74%, and it is observed that most of the successful applicants have an average SAT score of 1105 or 24.5 -25 as an average score on the ACT.

2) Can I Get Into the College of Charleston with a 3.4 GPA?

You can, but your chances are slim. It is safer to beat competition between applicants to have a GPA above 3.4. A GPA of around 3.9 is preferable. However, you can take extracurricular activities to boost your chances of getting admitted without considering your GPA.

3) What major is the College of Charleston known for?

The best significant courses at the college of Charleston are Business administration and Management, Biology and Biological Sciences, Psychology, Political science and Government, and lots more.