Can I Get Into College With A Ged?

Under usual circumstances, learners who have completed grade school are rewarded with a diploma at graduation, confirming the completion of required coursework. Unfortunately, not all students are able to finish and qualify for a high school diploma on the first try mainly due to socio-economic reasons. In such instances, learners are encouraged to seek out an alternative route which will lead to a path of higher education, such as the General Education Development Test also known as the GED. Can I Get Into College With A Ged?

Can I Get Into College With A Ged?

The GED is a computer based test that measures a learner’s high school-level knowledge and skills. The tests are categorised into four subjects; Mathematics, Science, Reasoning through language and art and finally Social studies. The structure allows you to take all tests at the same time or one at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself. Once learners have passed all four subjects they will receive an official GED credential from the state, this qualification is equivalent to a high school diploma. 

Almost all universities in the United States and many universities across the globe accept the GED when applying for university admission, it is by far the most recognised high school diploma equivalency available.

The minimum GED score

In order to obtain your GED qualification, you need to score a minimum of 145 out of 200 for each topic (subject) for a total score out of 800. Your grades reflect your level of comprehension, scoring above 165 across the board, the score demonstrates your readiness to take university courses without needing to take a placement test or to first enrol into a degree bridging course.

A distinction pass mark between 175 – 200 points further demonstrates your skills and understanding which -depending on the university or course- could qualify a student for an average of 10 college credits divided among the four subjects. 

When you have taken the test and hopefully produced either a ‘College Ready’ pass or ‘College Ready + Credit’ results, the GED testing service recommends that you 

1. Send your transcripts, academic report and score results to the university you plan to attend 

 2. Contact the admissions office to confirm whether or not you’re eligible for university credit based on your GED test score.

 Universities Accepting a GED qualification to name a few

  1. The University of California will accept the GED certificate for admission, however, students are still required to meet the course and GPA requirements.
  2. The University of Michigan states that once students have earned a GED, applicants are required to submit their high school transcripts from the time they had attended high school along with GED scores.
  3. According to New York University, potential students should submit their GED results in lieu of a final high school transcript. Tests taken anywhere in the United States and Canada at any official GED testing centre will be accepted. 

Keep in mind that your GED is not the only academic transcript that determines or contributes to the weight your application carries. Your GPA is also a deciding factor. If you are unsure about how to calculate your GPA Gedeno

allows you to convert your GED scores to GPA by simply inputting your final subject mark achieved in all four topics, and your GPA is converted immediately. 

Get the grades for Admission

The GED program is designed for flexibility, ensuring that you work at your own pace whether your schedule revolves around a 9 to 5 job or family commitments. On average students achieve their GED within three months, but remember you set the pace, so don’t put yourself under pressure. 

How do I start?

Easy! Start by signing up for a free account on an official GED test service site. The site allows you to personalise your journey by selecting the best study options for you. 

Preparation is key! You can use a wide range of tools from mobile-friendly practice apps, to tailored online courses and in-person tutoring or via zoom.

Once you feel confident about your progress and comprehension, it’s time to put it to the test with the GED Ready Official Practice test, this will give you insight into where you need to improve before the real thing.     


Just like all things in life, before you commit to a life-altering event you need to identify your ‘why?’  Why do you want to take your GED exams and get your high school equivalency credentials? If you have not identified the reason you might have a difficult time staying consistent with studying and preparation. For most people getting a GED might make the difference between staying in an entry-level position and getting a promotion that might lead to higher earning potential. Others seek to prove to themselves that they can actually achieve a goal or set a good example for a family member or child.