Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Or Grand Canyon University

Did you just finish high school and have a hard time choosing a college of study? You have dilly-dallied around several options and now, you have streamlined your choices between Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Or Grand Canyon University. Here is an insight into all you need to know about both schools before making a decision.

Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Or Grand Canyon University

Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix and Grand Canyon University are both excellent research universities that are committed to the success of their students, Arizona State University is a public university, while Grand Canyon is private. If you have a fuller pocket, you might want to consider being a part of the antelopes or a student at the Sun Devils if yours is less full.

Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Or Grand Canyon University, Which Has a Better Location?

Arizona State University is located in Arizona, United States, with its main campus in Tempe. Its branch campuses are situated in Phoenix and Mesa.Tempe is one of the best areas to live in within Arizona. It is a small town near much bigger cities. With the average weather condition in Tempe, students are spared from the harsh winter conditions. A student can decide to take a mountain hiking trip to Camelback Mountain.The bus service in Tempe operates every day of the week, including the public holidays. There are railways for train transportation. Also, there is the orbit bus system that is free for customers’ use.There are several shops and waterparks for fun, relaxation and to do your shopping. In addition to this, there is the Arts and culture music festival and other cultural events that students can participate in. With this, students can maintain a healthy school-life balance.

Moreso, Tempe is a very affordable place to live in. Here, there are less expensive houses in several neighbourhoods that you can choose from. The town is not only affordable, but it is also a safe option for any student.These endearing features also characterize Mesa where the other ASU campuses are located. It is an equally affordable area with several job opportunities and a good place for biking.

On the other hand, GCU is in Phoenix city. In Phoenix, it hardly rains but it shines. Summers are usually very hot and there is no snow for “White Christmas”.Sometimes, Haboobs-dust winds blow in the hottest seasons. When one is forecasted, be prepared for safety. In Phoenix, real estate is quite affordable. It is easier to own a property in Phoenix than in New York City.

The transportation system in Phoenix is also quite easy to access. You can opt for the bus or the train to school. However, if you can afford to get your private car, you would enjoy the car lanes. In Phoenix, having a car is much more comfortable than waiting for the bus.Tempe is smaller in size compared to Phoenix and it is easier to move around with public transport. But, in Phoenix, you need your private car for better comfort in its large landmass.

ASU or GCU, Academic Reputation

In 2016, ASU was ranked among the 100 most prestigious universities in the world. In the United States, the ASU is ranked number 1 for thorough research and the implementation of innovative ideas.The school is famous for admitting unique talents as students and strategic partnerships with other organizations to aid growth. 

In terms of admission, the school is hardly selective. All admissions are given based on merit. So, if you had a good GRE score and are considering processing an application to ASU, by all means, do go ahead.At GCU, the acceptance rate is equally high. Like ASU, an offer of admission is usually based on merit. One unique quality of GCU is that the school integrates Christianity into the lives of the students. Although this belief is not enforced on the students, it is a basic necessity for students of Theology.

ASU and GCU are both accredited citadels of learning by the Higher Learning Commission.

ASU or GCU, which is More Affordable?

ASU is a public university and GCU is a private learning institution. The average tuition fees at ASU are cheaper than the school fees at GCU.  

However, GCU gives larger sums of money as financial aid to students.

What is the Employment Rate for ASU vs GCU students?

ASU graduates are considered to be fine material suitable for the job sector. This is because the standard of education at ASU is high. Graduates from ASU are thought to have been well trained and would be a good addition to their businesses. 

Big companies like Honeywell and Salt River Project among others are reputable establishments where ASU graduates have worked in time past. Most reputable companies in the United States appreciate the value of the ASU certificate.For GCU graduates, research indicates that a greater majority of graduates land jobs quickly. A greater majority of the GCU graduates in the survey got their first job offers before graduation.

Are There Foreign Exchange Programs for ASU vs GCU students?

ASU has a variety of foreign exchange programs that students can participate in during the summer or spring break, or even for a full year. Every day, through the ASU over 200 international students from several countries across the world benefit from the exchange program.

At GCU, there are course-specific exchange programs for GCU students and the European partner institutions of the school.These exchange programs help to broaden the knowledge of the students and give them access to better opportunities in the global space. There are global exchange programs, internships, short-term mission trips and other eye-opening opportunities provided by these foreign exchange programs.


ASU and GCU are equally good schools. It is a fact that the quality of education delivered in both schools is top-notch.Therefore, going to any of these schools would be worth the fortune. If you have a large budget, try GCU, and if your budget is less, try ASU. Both schools are good options.