Are Notebooks Good For College?

A notebook acts as an evidence of work of any subject throughout the Academic year . Notebook is a valuable tool for students. What is needed is presented by students in a correct manner in the form of activities, diagrams, projects etc . let us know, “Are notebooks good for college?”.

Are Notebooks Good For College?

Of Course notebooks are good for college students. Books are the best friend anyone can have at any age .Using a notebook helps students to make a  catalog of what they have learned. generally notebooks are good for college based on the benefits.


  • In a notebook everything is arranged in order students will never miss anything from learning.
  • Having notebooks and making proper notes helps students during their examination a lot .
  • Notes clearly reflect back on everything they have learned during lectures throughout the year 
  • Students make notebooks for classes that they use for writing important topics .
  • It helps them to organize their thoughts in a well mannered form

How to choose a notebook?

There are a wide  variety of notebooks available . So selecting the best for keeping your notes is very important.

  • Notebooks are useful when they are in hand when you need them . choosing extremely large ones that could be difficult to handle will not work .
  • Notebooks with division margins are very helpful for school , college students . To reflect their ideas, homework, to do list etc 
  • Organize your notes in the best form, mention date, number the pages, and title your entry .
  • Write them in well mannered form so that they can easily be read by you and others too .

Carrying Notebooks :-

It provides students a practice space where they can simply write and get themselves trained. They keep in their notes important points to remember , find ideas, and get their spellings and grammar corrected. Before exams students keep on learning through their notes .

How to Make Effective Notes :-

Students should make notes neat and clean, well-organized, concise so that they can easily be understood and make sense to you whenever you read them .

  • Notes should be written in bulletins and phrases instead of long sentences because at exam time you can quickly review them.
  • If you can explain your words through pictures and diagrams it will be more 

easier for students to learn.

  •  For making notes fast use will help a lot to save your time .
  • Effective notes will help you gain better knowledge, good learning skills .
  • When your notes are well prepared it will lessen your stress during exams .
  • Make notes in your own words .
  • Write key points wherever your teacher gives you lecture.
  • Students must keep numbering their points to keep notes well organized.
  • You can outline the important points using sketches to highlight the points .
  • Using a mapping method helps a lot and makes your notes attractive .

Benefits of Keeping Notes in Laptop:-

Laptop makes it easier for students as they can type 100 words within a few minutes. Laptop has made it easier to edit your notes very easily and in different forms .By using laptop your notes , documents etc are always safe like you can make your notes in Google Docs .If deleted by mistake your notes can easily be backed up .

Benefits of Keeping Notes in Notebooks:- 

  • Notebooks are not expensive so these are easily affordable by every student.
  •  Easy to carry everywhere as compared to laptop because with laptop on has to carry charges too.
  •  Notes explained with the help of diagrams can be easily understood.
  • Notebooks provide us with reliable sources of information.
  •  Notes help a lot  in gaining self confidence. As students answer questions asked during lectures .
  • Self notes help a lot in gaining extra knowledge .
  • It helps them to boost up their grades during academic exams

Disadvantages of Keeping Notes in Laptop:-

  • During lectures they focus on typing their notes as fast as they can without understanding and knowing why and how  these answers are correct.
  • They start depending on their pc without using their heads for eg :- for math calculation they simply go for calculator.
  • Typing 100 words within few seconds make them lazy they want to try and write on their own 
  • Students who are facing financial problems can’t go for a laptop or mobile phone as they are expensive.

Laptop v/s notebooks 

Laptops have become best friends of students specially during Covid -19 pandemic going through online classes . Typing is much faster than writing.Notes can easily be edited through laptop.using internet notes can be shared easily .On other hand notebooks help students to focus on what they have written .Notes help them to learn faster .

Laptop or notebooks which is better? 

  • Laptops make it easy to write faster on the other hand notebooks help to improve handwriting.
  • Notebooks can easily be purchased by anyone whereas laptops are costly .
  • Notebooks are easy to carry hand in hand whereas laptops need special care including charges.
  • Making notes by hand makes it easier to remember as compared to typing them on a laptop.
  • Students who make notes have better understanding than those who type .
  • Writing by hand means you are hearing your professor with focus and will also memorize better.

Conclusion :- 

Laptops and notebooks or any other way of keeping notes all have their importance at one place or other . Making notes in a notebook is a slow process.But it helps a lot when you keep all important points from a particular chapter or lecture.

Also a notebook provides you the ability were you are free to write where there is no limit to express your words Talking about the best way to keep notes all depends upon the students how well they maintain their notes. But a student should always remember one thing that is keeping their notes well maintained will further help them a lot during their exams.

Having a notebook using pen and pencil writing your thoughts with free state of mind gives you another level of satisfaction.It makes you more creative. Notebooks are the best companion of not only students but everyone.As we all know books are more patient than humans they understand us more than people .