Are Huskies Good for College Students?

There are many breeds of dogs or types of dogs we see through daily life. In today’s period, we are accessible to social media and interactions, where short-video of sweet and cute dogs catches great attention to us and many people have started to adopt dogs as they protect the house or they just love them. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss “Huskies” a kind of dog breed, and if they are good for college students or not!

There are always positive and negative aspects of anything, but looking through the good ones, it is listed below:

Are Huskies Good for College Students?

1. Intelligent, gentle and best dog

“Huskies” are one of the natural and friendly breeds in the dog category. With their intellectual understanding of the situation and reacting to real-life problems, they are considered to be intelligent if they are trained well. As well as, they are easy to handle, polite, and one of the best dogs when compared to other ones. So, most of the children like them, and these dogs are mostly attracted by college students who they can show to their friends as they are really cute.

2. Energetic, dynamic and always ready to play with you

Behind the intellectual and gentle part of these dogs, they are always get-to-go with you when it comes to playing with you. “Huskies” are never out of energy, they are loaded with enough stamina and you will never be bored when it comes to taking them outdoors or in any park.

Besides that, these dogs are naturally made for extreme and adventurous works such as running, jumping, and even hiking as a companion. Their dynamic behavior makes them always full of great energy and an ideal owner is that who always loves moving around parks, sweet locations, and outdoors with their dogs. And for the students in college, they can always get refreshed after spending boring lectures where dogs can be mood refreshing part of their life.

3. Free-spirited and self-sufficient

Even with the attachment of these dogs to their owner, they never come into your space and their self-sufficient, as well as free-spirited characteristics, never make them annoying to you. They are always fine when the situations come around when we have minimal contact with them like if they are infected or during bad weather conditions where we are not able to go outdoors or even travel.

4. These dogs are economical and handy

The great significance of having pet dogs as “Huskies” is that they are very economical, require a small amount of food, and are cost-efficient. And even, a college student can handle the monthly expenses of their dogs as they are economical and they are easy to handle but a balanced diet is always a good preference for them.

5. They are naturally neat and clean

Another good advantage of having these dogs are their natural tidiness and clean body and doesn’t sting as other does. And, in good terms, these dogs don’t harm other people and mainly children or even college students who can be prone to diseases caused by non-tidy and harmful dogs.

6. Abilities of good observation and many skills

Keep one point strong for “Huskies” is that they have great abilities and skills when it comes to the action of hearing, observing as well as sled-pulling skills. As well as, they are very adaptable in cold climate regions which adds great value to the owner’s sleeve where other dogs can’t even tolerate cold climates. It is because their body and skins resist the cold temperatures. And in advantage, it can aid entertainment to children, who are amazed by dog’s skills too.

7. Awesome friendly nature

Even though they have the tough and appearance like a wolf, these dogs are amazingly friendly. For any student or even any people, their nature of kindness, absolute trusting nature, and charming nature aids them as the best dogs while comparing to other breeds of dog.

I guess with all these traits, why not have these dogs in your house? 

  • Friendly nature, kind behavior, and charming appearance all add great advantages and assets to the house who pets these and mainly for the students who are studying and coming home and they are lucky to see their dogs always energetic, loving, and always want to be with you.

But as we all know, with all the happy parts, there are some of not so good parts, which are enlisted below that are the disadvantages of having “Huskies”:

8. Noiseless and large shedding

While looking at the bad side of these dogs, “Huskies” are the nosiest dog not in terms of barking but they howl a lot. This behavior can irritate most people as for the new ones who pet these dogs and the whole day is that they howl and howl. Another disadvantage of having these dogs is that they shed their furs a lot every year. If preserving and cleaning the furs irritates you then the suggestions are to not keep these dogs in your house.

9. Escaping and full energetic nature

For college students, who are thinking of bringing their dogs to school or college can be a tricky and bad decision too. Since they are masters in escaping from one place to another and also they can go to places here and there as well as may irritate other people in the college regime. And due to their full energy all day, they can move around to other student classes and even escape outside the college, which may create lots of trouble for you.

So with these traits, as a college student, can you bear the consequences?

  • In my view, it will be a very difficult and irritating part for you and for your dog too where it is waiting for you all the time and you are not there and you have to search for your dog too when you are free, right?


After looking at all the good and bad traits of having “Huskies” and mainly for the college students, it can be very difficult to manage and having them in the college every day you may not be available every time for your dog and when it is hungry or looking for you, you may not be available and it is better to have these dog in a home than in the college in my view.