Admission to Penn State World Campus and requirements

To know Admission to Penn State World Campus and requirements….Read on this article….!

A new challenge is beginning, and you will decide about your future. Planning is crucial to creating your future, living your dreams, and meeting the admission requirements of colleges like Penn state world and its campus.

Admission to Penn State World Campus and requirements

It’s recommended to talk with an admission counsellor and not wait until the deadline to apply for the online admission. Each program has its requirements and checks them before. The deadline for undergraduate fall programs is June 30, 2022.

Admission to Penn State World Campus and requirements

Undergraduate programs

The first step is to complete the online form with the following link and check the details according to the mayor you choose.

There are respects depending on the type of student you are because it depends if you are returning, international, or military student, or have credits you may be transferred and complete the data.

Returning student

There are ways to return to your program depending on your circumstances and pending credits. 

Important: Students with a warning of academic suspension or dismissal, read the respective procedures because they are weeks. Please, complete the re-enrollment until four weeks of the semester begin.

The first step is to communicate with World Campus Academic Advising between six to eight weeks before your semester return. They will review your conditions and they will help you with the next steps. It’s important to complete the form a maximum of two weeks before.

If you need our support, call 814-863-3283 or mail

For the re-enrollment, you must have left the place in good standing, have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher, and meet the requirements and $20 fee. The fee will be charged if it is accepted.

Adult learner re-incorporation

The adult learners have the following requirements such as they have left the university institution at least three years, they have the knowledge of the requirements according to the degree, and return to the same mayor and campus that they stayed previously. No fee is charged when meeting all the points named.

International student

International students are people who do not have English as a native language. They must prove their level of English. We consider TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GCSE, IB, and others.

The documents should be sent in the original language. All documents that are different from English must be accompanied by official documents and will be rejected automatically.

All required documents should be originals and copies certified by the examining board. Uncertified or notarized copies are not acceptable. The documents and academic records should be mailed to the Admissions office at Admission located in 201 Shields Building in University Park PA 16802-1294.

Transferred credits

In case you are from a current program and have credits earned last year or several years since you applied your studies, your admission will be applied as a transfer student.

The students may transfer credit from college-level to a regionally accredited institution. There is no limit to the number of credits but, not all your transferred credit may count in the degree program. The department will take the decision to say on what credit can be accepted or rejected. The Transfer Credit Tool system will help you to determine how much of your previous credit may transfer but cannot determine which credits will apply to the program you choose.

You must consider a minimum of credits to earn to complete your degree. You have 18 credits of 30 to complete your degree. In the case of a Bachelor’s degree, you must earn 36 of the last 60 of the totals.

In case to qualify for a course for the credit, the marks are A, B, C, or at least a 2.0 GPA and the course between institutes must be equivalent to each other. The transferred course credits must be useful to the program.

Graduated Students

International Students

Check and read the requirement for each degree because it varies.

It is crucial to submit official or attested transcripts for each institution attended in the country you studied with translated certification. 

It is crucial to present official and attested documents for each institution that you studied.  If the translations are not in English, must be uploaded as part of the graduate school application. Notarized copies will be rejected. 

The international applicants must have a comparable degree for four- year equivalent to a U.S bachelor. This must be recognized in the institution’s country of origin. Additional information may you find on the admission page.

All the payments are in U.S dollars. 

Transferred credits

Transfer of graduate credit will be considered for each case. You must consider:

 The course you wish to transfer to must appear from a regionally accredited institution. Must be with a B or higher grand and not been used to complete the degree in another university. The undergraduate credits do not use to transfer to a graduate program, you must send official copies of the transcript. The credits don’t be earned for more than five years with a justification letter.  

The maximum number of credits that is acceptable for the new program is 10 credits at an external institution and 15 credits from the nondegree graduate course at Penn State.


You can review the program and check the details. Do not leave for the last time and do not wait until the deadline to complete the application. On the website feel to contact us.

Frequency Answer questions.

what do I need to apply? 

You may review the program list according to your major interest and the requirements depend on the degree and country. Please check the list and don’t wait until the deadline to complete the form.

What is an adult learner?

They are adults over 24 years old, veterans or active members of the U.S military, or people who ended high school at least four years.

What is the Deadline to apply to new students?

There are two periods to an application program. 

If you are an undergraduate applicant, the deadline for the Fall Period is June 30, 2022, and the Spring Period is October 31, 2022.

Can I have additional support?

Yes, You can more information in the following link, but first You must review the information about your program on the website.