The 4 Most Powerful Salary Negotiation Tactics

If you find yourself feeling queasy at the thought of negotiating your salary, you aren’t alone. Research from Salary.com reveals that around one-fifth of candidates don’t counter the first number on the table after they receive a job offer. In fact, a poll by the Society of Human Resource Management found that nearly 80 percent […]

50 Facts About Millennials and Money

Millennials are twice as likely as the general public to say their generation is irresponsible. Over one third of Millennials (36%) describe their peers as “not at all responsible” compared to only 17% in all other age groups. Similarly, only 7% of Millennials describe their generation as “very responsible” vs. 19% of those in other […]

Having trouble saving money? You’re not the only one!

Recent polling shows a big majority of Americans think it will be more difficult for this generation of millennials to achieve the American Dream of climbing the economic ladder. That’s probably way too much pessimism, but what is troubling is the early indicators of how young people are faring in the economy and what they […]

Your finances in the real world

Millennials, the name for the generation of 18-35 year olds, represent 24% of the United States, or over 77 million adults. This group often gets a bad reputation for being entitled, self-obsessed, and unfocused. But, in most cases these labels are unfairly applied. A large portion of this generation is just graduating from college, starting […]

The Struggle is Real: Post-Grad Finances

Ask any recent college graduate their most stressful concern and guaranteed a large majority will tell you “student loans”. While getting an education student loans are barely even a thought; something far into the distance that will seemingly never become an issue. When you graduate loans suddenly become not only very real, but the constant […]

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