Be Prepared For Unexpected Expenses

Unexpected expenses can cause real trouble in your life. Flat tires, medical emergencies or unexpected life expenses can all leave you financially crippled. Here are some ways you can make these unexpected costs a little more manageable.


With the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, health insurance is more affordable than ever before. Sign up on during an open enrollment period. Whatever health insurance plan you pick, be aware if it is a PPO (preferred provider option) plan, or not. A PPO has a network of hospitals and doctors it will pay a larger percentage of costs (minus your co-pay). If you visit a hospital or doctor outside that network, your PPO will typically cover 70-80 percent of your costs. While that may seem like a lot, this could still land you in mountains of debt if you get seriously injured.

Car Troubles

Did you know Americans experience 220 million flat tires every year? The chances that you’ll get a flat tire are higher than you think. Carry a spare tire in your car, as well as a jack, tire iron and car maintenance kit. If you do have a breakdown you can’t remedy yourself, a AAA membership can save you from costly tow fees if you’re a distance from a trusted mechanic. Young adults under the age of 26 can be added on their parents coverage for a minimal fee. Check out these and other car facts on this handy infographic from TireBuyer.


Computer Replacement

A virus can ruin your computer just as badly as a spilled cup of coffee. Nobody ever plans on a computer emergency, but they still happen all the time. Your livelihood might depend on a reliable computer, and that’s why a good laptop protection plan (laptop insurance) can save you big. Worth Ave. Group offers complete laptop insurance, which includes liquid submersion, theft, vandalism, fire and much more. Squaretrade offers similar laptop insurance plans with coverage on Wi-Fi failure, drops and even hard drive crashes. Without a comprehensive protection plan for your laptop, an unexpected spill or drop could put you back thousands of dollars.

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