Why Do I Deserve To Be In A Student Council

Participating in extracurricular activities throughout college provides major professional advantages. It’s a good idea to become more involved with the students’ union or one of its many organizations or sports clubs. Lets’ start with Why Do I Deserve To Be In A Student Council.

Why Do I Deserve To Be In A Student Council

Many elective jobs are available, some of which require more time and effort than others. There are several paid, full-time sabbatical positions available via the student union, including president and vice-president, education officer, and welfare officer. Societies and sports clubs offer unpaid, elected positions that run concurrently with studies.

Why do I deserve to be in a student council;

Being elected to the student council of your school affords you a unique chance to develop as a person. It teaches you the importance of collaboration.

Actually, cooperation is what gets things accomplished. Certainly, you may be able to do some tasks on your own. However, it is far more effective and significant when others support you. Therefore, collaboration is taught immediately upon joining a student group. Here, you will experience both the obstacles and benefits of collaboration. These student government possibilities will not always be straightforward. You will have to contend with different viewpoints and personalities. In the end, you would have gained more knowledge than before.

1. It provides access to a network of opportunities.

Many of the largest student-led groups are always seeking individuals who are prepared to assume more responsibilities. If you join your student council, you will be better prepared for changes like these. It introduces you to a whole new network of individuals, organizations, and groups that can propel you forward. When you graduate, you may contact these organizations so they can help you realize your ambitions and present you with outstanding employment options.

2. It enhances your leadership abilities.

Youth leadership is more important than ever before. Youth seems to be the pillar of every society so the world is counting on them to make a better future for everyone. Therefore, we feel it is optimal for students to acquire leadership abilities while still in school.

Participating in student council education equips you with the skills, experiences, and knowledge necessary to become a successful leader. Student council options, such as participating in service-learning projects and attending seminars, can help you understand what it means to be a servant leader.

3. Good Understanding of advocacy;

By joining the student’s council, your peers might pick you to represent them on an issue you’re passionate about. You have the opportunity to help various organizations and offer a voice to the voiceless. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how inequality affects various people and groups and to take action in response.

How to win election in the student’s council;

  • Believe that you are the best candidate for the position – If you want people to vote for you, you must believe in yourself and what you stand for. Nobody will think you can win if you don’t.
  • Organize your manifesto – Know in advance the emphasis of your campaign. This requires merging one’s own views with those of one’s peers. Figure up your ‘brand’ and capitalize on your unique selling characteristics. Keep the message straightforward and assemble a strong support team.
  • It is crucial to polish your communication skills since you will be conducting a great deal of public speaking before and throughout your tenure. Seize every chance to practice public speaking, whether via class assignments, job presentations, or hobbies.
  • Be noticeable – To win an election, you must be recognizable to student voters. You will not succeed by just printing your face on a few posters. Move around the campus and converse with students face-to-face.
  • Don’t overpromise – Throughout your campaign, be practical and truthful, and don’t make promises you cannot meet. Consult with existing union officials if you need advice on what is credible.


Joining a student’s council should be considered an extracurricular activity since it helps students develop their character, leadership, decision-making, organizational, and responsibility abilities.

Students interested in student council must be adaptable and have leadership potential. exhibit appropriate classroom conduct; genuinely care for the well-being of others; always demonstrate responsibility, empathy, bravery, honesty, and persistence.


1. What is your objective as a student council member?

The major aim of the student council is to build capacity and serve the local schools or the Community To enhance student potential and promote a well-informed, trustworthy, interested, and engaged citizenry.

2. What qualifies your candidacy for student council?

The following characteristics are essential for Student Council members: Leadership abilities – Are you willing to head committees and serve as a class representative? This extracurricular activity should be considered by students since it fosters character, leadership, decision-making, organizational abilities, and responsibility.

3. Why should you join the student council?

You should be interested to join the student council to take part in making the decisions that affect the students on campus. It makes you a better and more well-rounded student.

In addition, you can join the student council if you have the Leadership skill to direct the affairs of the school and improve the quality of learning.

4. How can I be a successful school council member?

•Have strong problem-solving abilities.

•Confident speaking skills and strong listening abilities.

•Value teamwork.

•Be receptive to new ideas.

•Be accountable.

•Work hard to complete tasks.