Sample Breakup Letter Examples

Pouring out your emotions through words can become a daunting task. Writing breakup letters is a difficult job, you have to strike the right balance of emotions. You might get perplexed about how to express your emotions. You might not get the right words. This article will provide you with some examples as to how you can fathom your thoughts and emotions into words and write a perfect breakup letter. So let’s check some sample breakup letter examples.

Sample Breakup Letter Examples

Breakup is one of the nadirs of anyone’s life. You feel dejected, lost, despondence, and malice while going through a heartbreak. To write a breakup letter in such circumstances might seem a tough job. You have to refer to something to give your emotions a shape. Read on to know what you should write in a breakup letter and how can you put your emotions into words.

How to write a breakup letter?

A plethora of emotions is experienced by a person who goes through heartbreak. It is difficult to comprehend people undergoing a breakup. Those who cannot break up verbally, write down their feelings. But it is difficult to find words when you are dejected and sad. So here is the list of do’s and don’ts that you should bear in mind while writing breakup letters:

  • Do’s while writing a breakup letter
  • Do specify your intentions. Be clear with your emotions and feelings, then write them down.
  • Do keep your language decent so that might not hurt the sentiments of the reader. 
  • Do mention all the real reasons for the breakup and keep the language lucid.
  • Stick to the truth, do not knot a web of lies.
  • Don’ts while writing a breakup letter
  • Do not use rude language, no matter how hurt you are, you should try to control your emotions.
  • Do not tangle the reader in a web of words, the letter should be comprehensive.
  • Do not end the relationship on a harsh and disrespectful note.
  • Try not to blame the receiver for the failed relationship. However, there are exceptions in some cases when you are cheated on.

These were some of the things to bear in mind while writing a breakup letter. You have to make sure that this last letter of yours to someone you once loved, should be a memorable and impactful one. 

Reasons for breakup

There exist certain reasons which lead to breakup. Why would someone find solace in leaving someone they love? No one would like to leave someone they love. But it happens due to certain circumstances or certain reasons. The reasons for breakup differ from couple to couple and situation to situation.

However, the following are some of the most common reasons for breakup:

  • A common reason for the breakup is a break of trust or loyalty. The person might have cheated on his/her partner. This hurts the sentiments and feelings of the person being cheated on and they might want a breakup, as they are too broken to continue the relationship.
  • Another reason for a breakup can be a toxic relationship. A person might feel curtailed. He/She might feel that their freedom is being infringed upon by his/her partner. This is a valid reason for breaking up with someone.
  • Couples also break up when they are not able to continue with a long-distance relationship. Long-distance relationships are a test for couples. Many couples are not able to continue with long-distance relationships because they feel insecure that their partner might be cheating on them. At times, the partner might cheat because he/she is too vulnerable.
  • A breakup can also be a consequence of the want to find oneself. People might want to undergo a self-introspection. They might need a break from their relationship or they might not be sure about the person they are with. 
  • People might want to break up to achieve their prospects and goals in life. They might want to focus on themselves rather than focus on relationships. They might perceive relationships as a distraction. So, they might want to break up.
  • Some people cannot afford to commit themselves to a single person. They feel trapped and there might be many reasons attributed to this. The breakup also happens when someone does not want to make a commitment and just live in the movement.
  • Couples break up because of the loss of spark in their relationship. People often break up when they lose interest in each other. You need to have something in your relationship to get along with someone.
  • People often break up when they discover themselves, or in simpler words come out as gay or lesbian. Not everyone comes to know about their sexual orientation at the initial stages, some might discover after coming into a relationship. When they come to know about their true self, they tend to break up with their partner.

These were some of the common reasons people give for breakups. However, breakups can have different reasons depending upon the nature of people.

Examples for breakup letter

To make it more clear and give you a concrete idea of how your breakup letter should look like, here are a few sample letters that will help you to write breakup letters in different situations.

Breaking up with someone who has cheated on you


I never thought we would end up on this note. I have known you for a year now. Little did I know that you would cheat on me, that too with my best friend. The image of you kissing her cannot fade away. I loved you like no one else. And this has shattered me, I don’t think I would ever like to see your face.

I tried to change myself for you but it seems like it was all in vain. I trusted you even when you were acting suspiciously and that hurts me the most. I trusted someone who did not even respect my feelings. We were so in love, you even talked about being there forever.

I even thought of giving you a second chance when you pleaded, but I have realized that things will not remain the same. I cannot trust you anymore. Even if we continue being in this relationship, I don’t think I would ever be able to find love. 

I do not want to see your face. You do not deserve a person like me to be by your side. You even made me hate my best friend. I still hope the best for you.

All the luck for the future, hope that girl makes you happier.


Breaking up with someone you are in a long-distance relationship with


I have been thinking about writing this to you for a while now. I have been unable to express myself and a letter seems the only option. We have been in a relationship for more than five years now. Out of which two years are of a long-distance relationship. I know how much you have endeavored to make this relationship work. But our fights due to this long-distance relationship have escalated into something that I never envisaged. We both are insecure about each other. 

I am not denying that I do not love you, it is just that this long-distance relationship is not working for us anymore. This distance has been successful in breaking us apart. I feel less attached to you, I feel like this distance has overtaken our love. I do not want our relationship to end on a bitter note. 

So, here I am informing you through this letter that I won’t be able to continue this relationship. Hope you achieve everything you aspire for. I will always wish the best for you.


Ending a toxic relationship


I know you love me, but your possessiveness has overshadowed your love for me. I tried hard to make you believe that it is only you, and will always be you, but it seems like all that was in vain. I told you several times to not feel insecure, that I am never going to cheat on you. But you explicitly blamed me for cheating on you without any concrete proof.

I am an independent woman, and I have the right to make my own choices. Why can I not have guy friends? I never objected to you hanging out with your girlfriends, because I trusted you. You never did. Sometimes I doubt if you loved me or not.

I have always tried to be the best for you, always complying with what you say, but blaming me for no reason is not done. This incident opened my eyes that this relationship was getting toxic.

I cannot tolerate this immature behavior anymore, I have experienced enough of your possessiveness, obsession, and tantrums.

I have realized that I deserve better. I do not know why you can’t be a better version of yourself. I liked you initially, but after seeing this side of yours, I am dejected, disappointed, and heartbroken. I cannot continue this relationship anymore.

Wish you all the luck in the future. 


Breaking up to focus on your career and prospects


Lately, I have been thinking about my career and life goals. I have realized that I have never been serious about my career. But now, I want to right the wrongs that were done in the past and build a better future for myself. I have been trying to juggle my career commitments and my personal life but seems like this is not a good idea. I have been trying to focus on my career, but this relationship is obstructing that.

It is not as if I do not love you enough, but I want to make my career my priority. I know this is an egoistic behavior, I am just thinking about myself, but I cannot help. And anyway, what is the benefit of staying in this relationship half-heartedly. I want to give my best in this relationship because I know you deserve it. But right now, I do not think I will be able to give my best in this relationship.

With a very heavy heart, I want to end this relationship on a good note. I hope you will understand me as you always do. I apologize if I have heard you in any way.

I hope the best for you. Good Luck.

Take care 


Breaking up to find yourself


I have been thinking about us for a while now. I tried to share this with you, but could not gather the guts to do so. So, this letter is a medium to convey my emotions. Lately, I have been feeling very ambiguous. I do not know what I am doing. It feels like I am aimlessly roaming, I do not have a mind of my own. I need to self introspect myself.

I do not want you to get into this mess. I am a mess, love, I would never want you to be a part of this. I need time to self introspect and find myself. 

I have always dragged you into my problems, but this time I have to deal with it myself. I cannot let you suffer always. You deserve better than this.

I will always be there for you, but I need some time off. I need a break to find myself. I hope you understand. I do not want to end this on a bitter note.

I hope the future brings joy to your life. Take care of yourself.


Breaking up because you cannot commit 


It has been a while since I wanted to tell you this. I think it is the right time to get it off my chest now. I cannot be in a relationship with you anymore. I have realized that I do not want a long-term commitment and I know how much the word forever means to you. Love, we are two different people, wanting different things from life. I do not think that I can fulfill your wish of staying together forever. 

I am not blaming you for this. It is not as if you do not make me feel loved. It is just me. I am not ready to commit. I fear if I will be able to make such an important commitment in life or not. I admit that I am fickle-minded, I cannot stick to one girl. You are awesome, you deserve much better than this. 

I do not want you to suffer because of my fickle-mindedness. I want you to stay happy wherever you are and with whoever you are. I am doing this for both of us. I hope you will understand.

Take care. I will always wish the best for you.


 Breaking up because of the faded spark in the relationship


Lately, I have been thinking about our relationship a lot. You might say that I am overthinking but this thing has been bothering me for a while now. I think we have lost what we had in the beginning. Being with you does not give me butterflies anymore. I do not feel the same spark with you now.

I know we share a great bond. No one can replace you in my life. We have been together for more than ten years. I am not blaming you or the time for the fading spark in our relationship. It is the circumstances that are not favorable. 

Though I can still not envisage a future without you, yet I do not want to compel this relationship on any one of us. I do not think I have the same feelings for you as before. I miss that spark we had in our relationship when we were young. And somewhere, I feel that you also have a similar opinion. Parting ways would be the best decision for both of us. None of us would want to stay unhappy or feel a lacuna in our relationship. I hope you get me. I want to end this on a happy note, after all, we have so many good memories to cherish. I would keep them with me forever.

Take care.


Breaking up because you discovered yourself


I know everything is going well in our relationship, and to be honest, I do not think that I have seen a guy like you in my life until now. But, there is this thing that I have been dying to tell you. I did not know how to say it, so thought of writing it instead. I have been attracted to girls for a while now. I realized that this is something more than attraction. I love girls, Noah. I did not know this earlier. Only if I had known this earlier, I would never have bothered you. I know how much you love me and I do love you but only as a friend.

I have feelings for girls, which I cannot control. I tried to suppress these feelings for you, but all in vain. I know this will break your heart as it has broken mine too. 

But remember, I will always be there for you as a friend. I can still be your shoulder to cry upon if you want. You get me the best, I know you will understand this. 

All the fortune for the future. Take care,


The above were some of the sample breakup letters that might help you to formulate a perfect breakup letter. You can refer to these to decide the structure of your letter and personalize and customize accordingly.


Breakup letters are very difficult to write. Fathoming your emotions and thoughts during a low phase of life is difficult. This article solved this problem for you. It gives you an idea as to how to write a breakup letter, what are the do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind while writing a breakup letter. Go through all the points mentioned above and then write your breakup letter.

The article also listed several reasons as to why breakups happen. The reason depends on the individual as well as the circumstances. You might need to break up because you are bored, or your partner cheated on you, or that you want to focus on yourself. The breakup letters are written according to these situations and one needs to use the present the reasons for breakup explicitly in the letters.

The sample letters given in the article might help you in figuring out how to go about writing breakup letters depending upon different circumstances. These letters will give you a rough idea of what you can write in a given situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I bear in mind while writing a breakup letter?

There are certain things that you should bear in mind while writing a breakup letter. You have to state the reason for the breakup clearly, do not tangle the reader in a web of words. Make sure that you use decent language, and do not get rude while writing the letter. You should maintain respect for the person you love. Try not to blame the reader for the breakup. Make sure to cherish the good qualities of your partner, even though it is a breakup letter.

How should I start writing a breakup letter?

Before writing a breakup letter, you should be sure of the reason for breaking up. If you do not know the reason for this behavior of yours, give yourself time and think about it, then make a decision. You need a valid reason for breaking up. Find that out and then start writing the letter.

What are some of the common reasons that people break up?

 There are many common reasons why people break up. Some of them are: breaking up because of a long-distance relationship. Some people break up because of the level of toxicity in their relationship. Breakups also happen when people cheat on each other. Sometimes, they might also happen when the person wants to focus on himself and his life goals.