MIT Sloan Acceptance Rate Ranking and More

MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the world’s leading business schools. Founded in 1914, the school offers a full-time two-year MBA program as well as part-time and executive programs. Its location in Cambridge, Massachusetts makes it an ideal environment for students with interests outside of business. Let us know about MIT Sloan Acceptance Rate Ranking and More.

MIT Sloan Acceptance Rate Ranking and More

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

MIT Sloan School of Management is a leading business school with an acceptance rate of only 11%. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the campus offers access to the vibrant local startup community as well as Boston University’s business schools and alumni network. An active student community promotes networking opportunities and a sense of belonging among faculty and peers. The MBA program also provides opportunities for international travel through study trips or an exchange with one of MIT Sloan’s partner schools in Europe or Asia.

MIT Sloan School of Management has three primary concentrations: Finance & Risk Management; General Management; Marketing & Operations Management; Technology & Operations Management (TOM)

The curriculum at MIT Sloan develops action-oriented leaders who make an impact. 

The curriculum at MIT Sloan develops action-oriented leaders who make an impact. Students work and study together to create flexible solutions for the world’s most pressing problems and develop creativity, innovation, and leadership skills that are essential for their careers. Here are given all the details of MIT Sloan Acceptance Rate Ranking and More.

The program is designed to provide students with the tools needed to navigate complexity in business, industry, and society today. Leaders who understand both technology and business will be well positioned for successful careers in a wide range of fields including technology management, consulting or investment banking as well as public policy or non-profit work

If you want to apply to the MIT Sloan School of Management.

The MIT Sloan School of Management is a renowned school that offers MBA degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The school has a global network, and its alumni are actively involved in business all over the world.

It’s no surprise that many students want to attend this elite institution. But before you apply to MIT Sloan School of Management, it’s important that you know about its acceptance rate ranking, application deadlines, and more.

If you’re interested in applying to MIT Sloan School of Management, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the school has an acceptance rate of 14% for its MBA program. This means that if 100 people apply and 14 are accepted, you have a 86% chance of being rejected from this business school if you don’t meet its other requirements like GMAT score or GPA. Second, applicants should be aware that their application will be reviewed by both the admissions committee and an academic department before being considered for admission into this program. Thirdly, applications must include all required documents as well as one letter of recommendation from someone who knows them well professionally or personally such as work supervisor/manager/co-worker etc.; academic references are optional but not required at this time.”

MIT Sloan Acceptance Rate Ranking and More

  • Average GMAT score: 722
  • Average GPA: 3.40
  • Percentage of applicants admitted: 7%

MIT Sloan’s MBA program is a full-time, two-year degree program that begins in September.

The MIT Sloan School of Management is a global business school with a unique learning model. The MBA program at MIT Sloan is a full-time, two-year degree program that begins in September. Students enroll in an intensive curriculum that includes courses in leadership, finance, and economics to build their management skillset before they graduate.

MIT Sloan’s MBA program is highly selective and likes to consider applicants who have relevant work experience or professional skillsets when reviewing applications for admission. As such, you need to show potential employers why you are the right person for this position by highlighting your strengths and accomplishments within your career history.

The acceptance rate to MIT Sloan 

The acceptance rate to MIT Sloan has been steadily declining. In the past three years, MIT Sloan has gone from accepting 11.8% of its applications to 10.9%. This means that for every 100 people who apply, only 11 will be accepted.

This trend is not specific to MIT Sloan — all top business schools have seen their acceptance rates decline over the past few years. But why?

The answer lies in two trends: increased competition and more applicants than ever before. In 2014, there were over 40,000 applicants to US business schools and by 2020 it’s estimated there will be approximately 60k! The number of applicants has grown because there are more students pursuing an MBA (interested in using their education as a stepping stone into consulting or finance) but also because many qualified candidates are looking for other career paths such as entrepreneurship and management consulting rather than traditional banking jobs

Part of the reason for this decline 

Part of the reason for this decline might be the construction of new buildings and renovations on campus, such as the new East Campus complex and the addition of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.

The expansion plans were approved in 2014, with an estimated cost of $1 billion. The East Campus is set to be completed by 2020, according to a report from MIT News.

Tuition at MIT Sloan.

Tuition at MIT Sloan is $64,600 a year, according to Poets and Quants, which ranked MIT Sloan #5 on its list of top MBA programs based on ROI.

This is more expensive than the average tuition for other top 10 schools (about $53K), but not as much as Harvard Business School ($72K). Additionally, this number does not include housing costs or any other expenses; you will have to pay them with your own money.

Some other rankings.

You may have heard that MIT Sloan is ranked #8 by U.S. News & World Report, #11 by Forbes, and #11 by Poets and Quants. You might even have heard about the program’s high placement on Bloomberg Businessweek’s top MBA programs list for 2019. These rankings mean a lot to students who are looking at different MBA programs and trying to decide which one will be the best fit for them—and they’re also good reasons to consider an education at MIT Sloan!

In 2017, Fortune magazine highlighted MIT Sloan as one of its “Best Schools For Women

If you are interested in attending a school that is not only ranked highly by US News but also by Fortune magazine, the MIT Sloan School of Management might be right for you. In 2017, Fortune magazine highlighted MIT Sloan as one of its “Best Schools For Women” in part because women have made up 40% or more of each incoming class for the last 20 years.

The curriculum is unique. 

The curriculum is unique. It has no core business classes; instead, students must fulfill nine requirements ranging from subjects such as “Leadership Development Lab” to “Global Economics and Markets.” In the Leadership Development Lab, for example, students are required to complete a team-based project that requires them to make decisions under pressure.

This type of intensive training helps prepare Sloanies for their careers in consulting and management roles where they often have tight deadlines and little room for error.

You can apply online using your laptop or mobile device — no old-fashioned paper applications here!

When you apply to Sloan, you can do so online. No paper application or need to mail anything—you just answer a few questions on your computer or mobile device. You don’t even have to go to a physical location! The whole thing is done electronically and doesn’t require any waiting for an application to arrive or for it to be processed, reviewed, and mailed back.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one! If you have a laptop or mobile device with Internet access (and who doesn’t these days?), then there’s no reason not to apply right now!

If you are applying to MIT you should know about its programs and admissions policies.

If you are applying to MIT Sloan, you should know about its programs and admissions policies.

MIT Sloan is an elite business school that offers a unique curriculum and has a high acceptance rate.

MIT Sloan is widely recognized as one of the top-tier business schools in the world, with a history dating back over 100 years. Founded in 1949, MIT Sloan was originally named The School of Industrial Management at MIT (SIM). It later changed its name to The Graduate School of Management at MIT (GSOM), then shortened it again after it expanded beyond just graduate students by offering undergraduate degrees in 1988. Since then, it’s been referred to as simply “MIT Sloan.”

As part of MIT, one of the world’s greatest research universities.

MIT Sloan is one of the world’s leading business schools and a pioneer in management education. One-third of MIT Sloan graduates work in firms less than five years old, illustrating the school’s focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. MIT Sloan equips students with the practical knowledge, analytical skills, and cross-disciplinary mindset they need to thrive in global business environments. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a generalist education that exposes them to multiple functional areas while preparing them for careers as innovative leaders within their organizations.

The MIT MBA application process 

The MIT MBA application process involves a series of assessments to evaluate your academic ability, professional experience, and motivation for pursuing a degree at MIT Sloan.

The first assessment is the MIT Sloan Admissions Assessment (SAA), which is required for all applicants regardless of background or career path. The SAA measures your quantitative reasoning abilities through a series of tests that will be administered by Pearson VUE Testing Centers located across the United States. In addition to the SAA, you’ll also complete an essay based on one of three prompts:

The admissions committee takes a holistic approach to the evaluation process

The admissions committee takes a holistic approach to the evaluation process, meaning we consider all aspects of your application to determine whether you will be successful here at MIT and whether you will contribute to the fabric of the campus community.

We understand that you may feel that there are many factors beyond your control in this process, but it’s important to remember that we take into consideration many things about each individual applicant when making our decisions.

The Sloan Edge demonstrates how we help transform students.

The Sloan Edge demonstrates how we help transform students through learning science and technology, leadership development and experiential learning.

Our unique approach to higher education provides a distinct advantage for aspiring innovators who want to make a difference in the world. Our innovative approach focuses on the needs of our students by incorporating the latest research on how people learn best with hands-on projects in real-world settings. We prepare you for success with a rigorous curriculum that combines theory-based learning with applied skills training using real-world tools like Excel and MATLAB, as well as industry-standard software platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Google Analytics 360 Suite.

Sloan is committed to developing leaders who will change our society for good through scientific discovery or innovation in business or policymaking.

We offer several programs designed specifically for social enterprise ventures including an MBA concentration focused on social entrepreneurship, an interdisciplinary certificate program in entrepreneurism & innovation (E&I), an advanced certificate program in social enterprise management (SEC), an executive education program called Social Innovation: Leadership & Impact (SI: LI), and a student community dedicated to supporting these ventures called Social Impact House.

Through our four-stage learning model, students combine foundational skills 

Sloan’s four-stage learning model is based on an immersive first year, a balanced second year, and final two years that allow you to choose from among five areas of study:

  • Leadership & Communication
  • Finance
  • Analytic Decision Making
  • Organizational Design & Operations Management
  • Social Enterprise & Emerging Markets

This approach ensures that our students graduate with both the foundational skills required in business management and advanced knowledge and practical experience in these five areas. Our unique learning model allows you to develop critical thinking skills through experiential learning opportunities throughout your time at Sloan, with an emphasis on leadership and communication skills, financial analysis abilities, and analytical decision-making abilities at each stage of your education.


We hope that this information about the Sloan MBA program has helped you understand what makes it so unique. The holistic approach to admissions and evaluation, combined with our learning model, helps us create a community of people who are prepared to lead and change the world. Now it is clear about MIT Sloan Acceptance Rate Ranking and More.