Is NCAA 14 On The Playstation Store?

NCAA Football 14 is a video game released on 9th July 2013, the NCAA Football series was developed by EA Tiburon and published by EA sports. The video game was developed for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles and revolves around the sport American football. NCAA Football 14 is no longer on the Playstation store. The video game has been on the Playstation store since its release and even though the reviews on the video game were mixed, it is still considered to be a commercial success due to over a million copies being sold physically and digitally on the Playstation store. Let us know ‘Is NCAA 14 On The Playstation Store?’.

Is NCAA 14 On The Playstation Store?

Is NCAA 14 On The Playstation Store?

The video game series production was placed on hold with EA in September 2013 after NCAA publicly reported that it will not renew its licensing contract with EA and its contracted parties.

NCAA Football 14 was then removed from the PlayStation store in 2017 due to its partners removing their licenses from EA along with ongoing lawsuits involving the use of players. This impacted the NCAA community.

The history of the NCAA franchise

The American football video game franchise released its first game ‘Billy Walsh College Football’ in June 1993. A few years after that, EA then acquired all rights to the NCAA name and the franchise, officially adding their take to the series by releasing ‘NCAA Football 98’ and everything thereafter. Which allowed each title to play in its unique way, which allowed the franchise to branch out to different gaming platforms.

The franchise has released its earlier games for many different gaming platforms such as:

-Super Nintendo 

-Microsoft Windows / PC

-Sega Series

-Game Cube

-Nintendo Wii

-Original Xbox

-Xbox 360


-Playstation 2

-Playstation 3 

-Playstation portable 

Their later releases were mostly tailored towards Xbox 360, Playstation 2, and Playstation 3 platforms. 

There has not been an NCAA release for Xbox One, Xbox Series X,  Playstation 4, and Playstation 5 due to the release dates of these consoles.

NCAA has released a title every year between June 1995 and July 2013, making NCAA Football 14 the last release of the franchise. Due to the positive reviews on most of these games along with personal favorites, hardcore fans of the franchise are dedicated to the games. It is a fan favorite that is played even today. 

The future of the NCAA franchise

February 2021, EA Sports officially reported that the NCAA franchise would make a comeback under the new name ‘EA Sports College Football’. A statement was released announcing that they are working on a partnership with an NCAA licensing group ‘Collegiate Licensing Company’ to bring the traditions, kits, stadiums, and more from 100+ NCAA sports teams back but fans of the franchise do raise a concern about whether player names and styles will be included in the game or not. 

EA Sports has responded to this by stating that player names and images are currently not planned for the game, they have gone on to mention that a revival of the NCAA franchise was one of their customer’s most requested games.

The musical soundtrack of their new game is unannounced.

This comes with the concern of whether the release of ‘EA Sports College Football’ reception and reviews will exceed that of EA’s ‘Madden’ franchise. 

Will NCAA Football 14 return to the Playstation store?

It seems like NCAA Football 14 will not be returning to the PlayStation store. Due to lawsuits and legal disputes between EA and NCAA players, any previous titles will not be returned to the PlayStation store. 

Any existing NCAA title to date is not on the PlayStation store.

However, EA’s upcoming ‘EA Sports College Football’ title could have a digital copy sold on the Playstation store upon release.

The date of ‘EA Sports College Football’ remains unannounced.

Frequently Asked Questions. 

Q. What is NCAA Football 14?

NCAA Football 14 is a video game released on 9th July 2013 that is part of the NCAA Football series developed by EA Tiburon and published by EA sports. The game revolves around the sport American football.

Q. Is a digital copy of NCAA Football 14 still playable? 

Yes, Any digital copies of the game are still playable. However online play may not be achievable as it is not confirmed whether the NCAA Football 14 online servers were updated. 

Q. How many NCAA Football titles are there?

There are 17 NCAA Football titles. There are 4 titles that do not fall under the ‘NCAA brand but are still part of the franchise. 

Q. On which platform am I able to play previous NCAA titles? 

The previous titles are available on any of the gaming platforms provided that it is a physical copy, however previous titles are not playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X,  Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.


To answer the original question, NCAA 14 is no longer available in the Playstation store. For any fans of the franchise, it seems like the only form in which the game is currently available is a physical copy for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms, physical copies of NCAA 14 for the two platforms might still be sold at various video games stores and online stores. However, we may see the revival of EA’s NCAA franchise reaching the PlayStation store during the time of its release.