How Long Is A Temporary Suspension On PS4?


Play station has been around for several years. With some captivating video games, screams, cheering and a whole lot of action, Play station just got better at its virtual gaming. But did you know that there have been cases where Play station implies suspension on your account? In simple words, your account gets banned for a while. The main question is that How long is s Temporary Suspension on PS4?

The account can be banned if the Code of Conduct is violated by the user. Depending on the degree of offense, the account can be suspended for 7 days, 14 days, or an entire month. For example, swearing too much while playing can prohibit or temporarily suspend your account. The suspension is applicable under Section 31.

How Long Is A Temporary Suspension On PS4?

Duration Of the Suspension

“Suspended” means that you are left hanging with your banned account. This means that your account is neither temporary nor permanent. There is no specific time for the suspension. Repeat offenders will be received quite a few times and then the account can be banned forever. Though one can appeal a suspension anytime and most schools insist on doing this because of the increasing amount of screen time, this ban can be removed or lifted once the debt is paid.

Suspension On Play station Account

When you sign up for Playstation Network (PSN), there are a set of Terms & Conditions that one has to obey. This includes the Community of Code of Conduct. When the guidelines are breached, an error code is displayed on the screen and the account is automatically banned or suspended temporarily. 

Usually, an email is sent to the user explaining the reason behind the suspension. Information about when the suspension will be is also given. Once the suspension date is over, the user can log in to the account and use it again. one thing that a user should keep in mind is that every suspension is a result of a thorough investigation taking place in one’s account. 

Bans That Lead to Suspension 

There are three types of bans. 

  1. A temporary ban, 
  2. A permanent ban, 
  3. An account ban system. 

While the user is playing the game and violates any of the Community guidelines by mistake, certain warnings are displayed on the screen. If the guidelines are violated multiple times, it can lead to a temporary ban of the account. In a permanent ban, the account gets banned permanently if the guidelines are not made sure. 

Thirdly, the account ban system is the kind of ban in which the user is denied access to his account. There won’t be any access to use Playstation features or any kind of services by the Playstation. The ban cannot be removed until and unless you appeal to PlayStation to remove it by writing an email and explaining what went wrong.

The Consequences of A PS4 Ban

All data will be lost, including trophies, subscriptions, and money in your account. Other reasons for the account to be banned are:

  • Non-payment of your account.
  • The account is linked to some other person.
  • An unfamiliar login.
  • Getting hacked.

Words that depict homophobia, hurting religious sentiments, sexually explicit comments, cursing, or degrading languages gets banned from PS4. As Playstation encourages a healthy gaming environment, it strictly follows its community guidelines.     

Terms Services

If you are a guardian of a minor 7 to 17 years, you should go through the guidelines, understand them and explain it to your child . There are a total of 3 temporary suspensions for PS4. However, there is no exact number of bans one may receive, but there are high chances that continuous violation of rules can lead to permanent suspension.


There are several bans regarding PS4 such as permanent ban, temporary ban, and account ban that have been coming to PlayStation for a long time. One only way to avoid such circumstances is to obey the guidelines and ensure a safe gaming environment.


  1. What is the difference between a Ban and a suspension?

Suspension and Ban may sound the same but both have different outcomes. Suspension is a short-term penalty or non-allowance to use the device. The ban means the account is completely shut to the user forever.

  1. What do the error codes indicate in PS4?

The error code ‘CE-34878-0=’ indicates that the error has occurred within the application. CE-30005-8= means an error has occurred with the hard disk or DVD. CE-36329-3= means an error has occurred within the software.

  1. How do I fix the error codes?

By closing the application, install the latest software system, and restart. If there’s an upgraded hard disk, then try to reinstall the original HHD. If you notice the issue even after this, back up all the data, go to the settings and initialize the PS4.

  1. How do you clean your PS4?

Using compressed air, gently blow the dust away or use a soft cloth that is dry to wipe off the dust. Or you can try to aim at the air so that all the dust flows away.