How To Reply To Wyo?

WYO stands for “what you on?” in texting slang. According to Urban Dictionary, this expression is used to inquire about someone’s plans and whether they would want to participate in an activity or hang out. It can also get used to inquire about someone’s activities while catching up. WYO takes on a new connotation in this context, becoming more of a greeting, such as “how’s it going?” or “what are you up to?” Let us know How To Reply To Wyo?

How To Reply To Wyo?

The context in which the question got posed has everything to do with the question’s meaning. So, for example, when someone asks, “What you on?” you can say one of the following things: “Nothing,” “Not much,” and “You don’t have much, do you?”

Reasons To Say “What You On?”

“What you on?” a person could inquire. as a result of one of the following factors:  

1) To demonstrate courtesy in a constrained situation,  

2) To initiate small talk,  


3) To demonstrate genuine interest.  

When someone asks you, “What you on ?” they are not expecting an in-depth response. Any courteous response you can come up with will suffice. The speaker will not think you are aloof because you did not answer the inquiry.

Appropriate Responses To WYO

Consider the following suggestions for appropriate responses 

  • “As usual,”  
  • If you are inside, say “the roof,” If you are outside, say “the sky.”  
  • After a meeting with your boss, you say, “My blood pressure.”  
  • If you are being sarcastic, say “gas prices.”  
  • If you want to return the greeting, say “How are you?” or “How are you?”

Informally or casually, you can use slang like

  • “Everything is OK.”  
  • “I’m doomed.”  
  • “Rent.”  
  • “I am concerned about my blood pressure.”

Responding To A Friend

When a friend asks, “Wyo?” you can be more flexible in your response. Depending on your friend’s aim, your response could be amusing, biting, or indifferent.  

Here are some examples of how to answer a close friend’s message:  

“I have nothing to complain about.”  

It will convey to your friend that everything is alright with you at the moment and that nothing is upsetting you.

“Everything is OK.”

It simply implies that everything is fine right now.  

“I’m doomed.”

It is something you can tell a friend if they sense you are frightened and appear to be in trouble. It is an excellent place to start telling them what’s wrong or what’s going on in your life.  

“I’m concerned about my blood pressure.”

If you are getting older, this response is appropriate. It can tickle your friend’s funny bone while informing them of your current health situation. Even if you don’t have a blood pressure problem, you can employ this response. For example, it could indicate that you are stressed. 

Responding At The Workplace

When a coworker asks, “Wyo,” a close coworker sees you every day. As a result, you may expect them to ask, “What’s up?” multiple times throughout the day. Here are some possible responses for your coworkers or officemates.  

“Today, I am pretty exhausted.”

This remark might get used to letting your coworker know that you’ve had a long day and are looking forward to getting home to relax. It could also start a conversation that will assist you in passing the time till five o’clock arrives.

“I’m occupied with this project; we will discuss it later.”  

If you don’t want to converse, you can respectfully and softly respond with this. Without being nasty to your coworker, you will be able to escape the subject. However, you remind him that it is still business hours and is not yet time for a friendly chat.

“There is nothing unique about it.”

It is a fantastic reaction if the individual is someone you’re not connected to and aren’t especially interested in learning about because you’re still showing them your politeness. It demonstrates respect for them and nicely impresses them that you don’t want to discuss.

“A lot of things. Have you heard that I have been promoted?”

You can use this response if things are going well at work. Give it so that it doesn’t sound like you’re bragging, but rather that you’re simply giving good news. Your coworker will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that. It is a typical response that most people anticipate. However, asking your coworker nearly the same question is a highly courteous approach to reacting.  

“I’m holding on; it has been a long week.”

It is an appropriate and courteous response to a coworker you are not especially friendly. It’s also not overly formal so that the remark won’t bother them. Instead, it is a polite way of stating, “I’m fatigued and desperate to get home.”

Some Synonyms For The Abbreviation WYO

There are a variety of synonyms for WYO that can be used to inquire about someone’s activities or whether they would like to do anything together.  What are you doing (WYD) is a phrase that means “what are you doing.”  

What’s going on?

This is a casual greeting that asks how someone is doing or how they are feeling.  


“What’s up?” is a variation of “what’s up?”  

How are you doing?

A greeting is used to inquire about someone’s emotional status.

How are things going for you?

A greeting that inquires about someone’s well-being.

What’s the status of the dangling?

An informal greeting that inquires about someone’s well-being.

What’s going on?

An informal technique of inquiring about someone’s activities.

How’s it going?

“How’s it going?” is a variation of “how’s it going?”

What’s new this time?

When you haven’t seen someone in a long time, you use this greeting.  


“What you on” is a common slang to which you can react with one-liners such as “Nothing,” “Not Much,” or “Alright.” The best answer to this question is highly dependent on the individual who asked it and the situation in which it was asked. When a stranger approaches, it is sometimes preferable and safer to nod your head to recognize them. Because the query came from someone you don’t know, there’s no need to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que. Is WYO Casual Or Formal Slang?  

Ans. WYO is a slang term that should never be used in a formal setting. It is more sort of informal casual slang between the young generation.

Que. What Are The Alternatives For WYO?  

Ans. What’s going on?, Wassup? – “What’s up?” is a variation of “what’s up?”, Waddup? – A slang term for “what’s up?”