Do Barclays Do Student Accounts?

If you have ever heard of Barclays bank, then you would know that it is a huge corporation with thousands of branches located across the globe. Barclays was first established in London, United Kingdom during the 1690s and has grown tremendously every year decade to be the reputable international bank that it is today. Barclays bank is currently headquartered in London, England and its operation has two divisions which are known as Barclays UK and Barclays international. Lets’s start with Do Barclays Do Student Accounts?

Do Barclays Do Student Accounts?

The contents of this article will aim at giving you an answer on whether Barclays bank offers a student account. Student bank accounts have grown rapidly over the past couple of decades, and this is simply due to globalisation. There are now more international students studying abroad than there ever have been, and this will keep on rising as the world becomes more interconnected. 

Barclays Bank in the United Kingdom currently offers a student account to all home and international students that are interested in applying for a UK bank account. The student account at Barclays is designed with the student in mind and offers a range of services such as interest-free overdrafts and fixed deposit accounts. 

Features of the Barclays student account: 

  • In-built money tracking feature – This is an excellent tool to help all university students manage their monthly expenses by helping them see what they spend their money on the most and how much each student has been spending each month. 
  • Freeze or lock your debit card – While being a student, you are prone to lose more things than usual cause you are always on the move to different classes or hanging out with your friends. Therefore, Barclays has introduced a new feature that lets you control our debit cards on your mobile app. You now can freeze or temporarily lock your debit card if you have lost it, or it has been stolen. 

Additionally, the app lets you set a limit on your debit card stating what the maximum number of withdrawals are every month. You can always increase or decrease this number depending on your spending habits. 

  • Support for contactless payments – the ability to make contactless payments has grown in popularity over the last decade due to the ease with which you can make your payment in stores. The Barclays student app now supports Apple pay and Android pay. This feature allows you to make payments by your phone or your smartwatch with a single tap on the shop’s machine. 

You can always allow your app to accept payments on public modes of transportation like the bus or train. 

What documents do I need to apply for a student account? 

If you are a new customer of Barclays, you can either walk into the Barclays branches nearest to you with following details:-

  • A Copy of your passport or driving license.
  • A valid UK phone number 
  • A valid UK residential address. 
  • You must also be over the age of 18. 
  • You must be enrolled in an institution of higher education or a higher apprentice (level 4). 

How To Apply For A Bank Account At Barclays? 

If you are new to Barclays and are not able to walk into the branches to set up your student account, then you can download the Barclays mobile app and create your account there. You will need documents such as your identity card, a short video of yourself to verify your identity and consent towards a credit check as well as a few details regarding your current course. 

In my opinion, it would be faster to have your student account opened at the branches as the process will be much easier. You never know how long the bank would take to get back to you if you applied through your phone. 

On the other hand, if you are already an existing customer with Barclays, but would like to apply for a student account, you need to walk into the branch and provide the bank with your updated details such as your approved enrolment in an institution of higher learning, including higher apprentices (level 4). You also must have the mobile app ready to go. 

One of the fantastic aspects of the Barclays student account is that the student does not need it. To pay any overdraft in their account from when they first have it opened. During the first year of your account, the maximum overdraft limit is 500 GBP. For the second and third years of your account, the overdraft limit is raised to 500 pounds each year. 


In conclusion, Barclays bank does currently offer a student account in the United Kingdom. Barclays may also offer student accounts in other countries such as America however the terms and conditions of that account may be different. If you are interested in opening an account, then do visit the Barclays branch with the documents stated above and you shall be good to go. 

The following section of this article will feature any FAQs that you may have regarding Barclays and their student accounts. 


  • Can I apply for a student account if my place at university has not yet been confirmed?

Yes, you may apply for a student account before you have been accepted into university, however, your account will be incomplete until you have the proper documentation from your university. 

  • When can I expect to receive my new debit card? 

If all your documents have been verified by the bank, then you shall receive your bank details and debit card in your post box within three to five days of you making the application. If you use the banking app to apply, then the waiting time maybe a little longer. 

  • How can I apply if I am having issues with the mobile application? 

If you are having issues with the mobile app, then please visit the Barclays branch with all your documents so that the staff can assist you with opening an account. Additionally, if you are an international student and have not yet activated your mobile number, you need to visit the Barclays branch with your 4-digit UCAS pin for quick verification of your university.