Can I Get Into UNT With A 3.1 GPA?

University of North Texas (UNT) is famous for its creativity, progress, innovation and entrepreneurship. The University of North Texas accepts applications from applicants who are done with high school, finalists in high school or students who wish to transfer from other institutions. This is quite easy although the application process is not limited to just the aforementioned, there are other requirements listed below that if met, admission is almost always guaranteed but if not, the application gets rejected. University of North Texas also accepts international students who meet the criteria listed below and it is quite interesting to know that they offer various scholarship programs when admitted. Let’s start with Can I Get Into UNT With A 3.1 GPA?

Can I Get Into UNT With A 3.1 GPA?

Who can apply?

  • United States citizens
  • United States permanent residents
  • International students 
  • Transfer students

When do you apply?

 You can enroll in season with priority dates. These seasons are;




How to apply?

  • Go to, follow the instructions and outlined steps therein whilst paying attention to details to prevent being denied the admission.

Admission Requirements for University of North Texas

  1. CGPA Requirements
  2. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) Requirements
  3. Application Letter

CGPA Requirements

CGPA is a short form for (Cumulative Grade Point Average) which is used to ascertain the academic performance of students. A large number of schools have a minimum CGPA requirement in order to get into their schools and University of North Texas is not left out. The average CGPA accepted by the University of Texas is 3.0, so you are safe with an average of 3.1 GPA but this is not the ultimate criteria to getting admitted into University of North Texas. This is a tool to assess if you would be able to take classes and perform given tasks. The average CGPA of students in University of North Texas is 3.47.

SAT or ACT Requirements:

You do not need to have both SAT and ACT to be admitted into University of North Texas but you must have one of these to be admitted and the scores required should be quite strong giving a range from 1160 – 1600 to qualify for admission. Scores less than that will reduce one’s chances. University of North Texas has a SAT score policy that provides one the leverage to choose which test score you want to send to the school so you can send your best scores.

The average ACT test score for University of North Texas is 23 and though University of North Texas says they have no minimum ACT test score, anything from 20 below will have a difficult time gaining the admission. UNT also requires you to take the SAT or ACT writing section because this is another tool for assessing potential students.

Application Requirements

You cannot get into the University of North Texas without applying to the University. University of North Texas requires you to apply to them attaching your GPA, your high-school transcript, SAT OR ACT test scores, application form and letter of recommendations from professionals. Your application letter should be precise, accurate and devoid of misinformation.

International students are to meet other requirements and deadlines like;

  • Language proficiency tests (IELTS Academic) with an overall band of 6.0 or higher  or  TOEFL score of 79 or higher to be eligible.
  • It is also worthy of note that all application requirements are to be sent online for evaluation and must meet up with their deadlines. No onsite application.


The University of North Texas is a great University with great campus life, flexible entry requirements and quality education. Students with average GPA of 3.1 and meet their other requirements are eligible to apply to the University. University of North Texas provides exceptional experiences to all their students. The school also accepts International students and offers robust learning opportunities through their courses. You will get value for your money and gain knowledge that will impact the community and the world at large. In a nutshell, you would not go wrong choosing UNT.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How many programs are offered at the University of North Texas?

The University of North Texas offers a good number of programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It offers  about 109 bachelor degree programs, about 94 masters and over 30 doctorate degrees.

Is the University of North Texas easy to get into?

Yes. It is easy as long as all requirements are fulfilled and one meets the criteria . University of North Texas has an acceptance rate of 71% making it a fairly easy school to get into if you meet their requirements.

How long does it take to gain acceptance into the University of North Texas?

Within two weeks. University of North Texas informs potential students of their application status after  their application, application fees and other documents have been received and reviewed which usually takes about two weeks.