Xavier University of Louisiana Admission Requirements

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Getting into a university or college is a dream come true for many students. Some students have a dream university or college that they would want to attend and work hard to learn everything they can about these institutions to gain admission. Xavier University is also a dream university for many students, and this article gives important details about Xavier University for these students and other students who are looking for a university of their choosing.

Xavier University of Louisiana Admission Requirements

Xavier university of Louisiana like every other university has admission requirements each candidate is expected to meet and some of these requirements are: Secondary school GPA which is an average of 3.40 on a 4.00 scale, secondary school record, recommendation letters, admission test scores, TOEFL and advanced placement examinations Meeting a university’s prerequisites is essential for admission since these conditions are put in place to guarantee that only the top individuals are chosen and that no one is neglected or missed. Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, is home to approximately 3000 students from all over the world, all of whom have come together to start a new chapter in their lives and prepare for what the future has in store for them. XULA stands for the Xavier University of Louisiana. is a catholic private school founded by St. Katherine Drexel, and is the only catholic Historical Black Colleges and University (HBCU) which was built in honor of the black community. Xavier University is an institution that operates on catholic principles, though admission is given to all individuals irrespective of their race or religion and this makes them an unbiased university. There are many courses and faculties available at XULA ranging from science to art and humanity.

In this article, we will look at 2 major things which are:

XULA Admission requirement

XULA GPA requirement

Requirements for Admission at Xavier university of Louisiana

There are requirements set in place by the management of XULA regarding the admission of students.

  1. A transcript: this provides a list of all courses completed during your enrollment in high school as well as the grades assigned to each subject, is one of the most popular high school or secondary school records typically sought by universities or colleges.
  2. Participation in college prep programs: this is not required for admission, but it is recommended because college prep courses demonstrate a candidate’s academic preparedness. It also increases the likelihood of candidates being accepted.
  3. Letter of recommendation: To serve as proof of conduct, a letter of reference from a principal, teacher, counselor, or any other competent professional is required.
  4. Admission exam score: To get admitted to XULA, you must take either the SAT or the ACT. There are test score criteria for each of them, and we will look at them individually:
  • SAT: an average of 1050 on a 1600 scale is necessary to have a good chance of getting into XULA because it may be quite competitive; the math, reading, and writing parts of the SAT are the major areas from which the test score will be generated.
  • ACT: An average ACT test score of 23 in each part is advised to increase your chances of acceptance because there is a lot of competition to get in.
  1. TOEFL: this is for international students who seek to gain admission into XULA, it is an English-based test done to test a candidate’s ability to understand and speak the English language.
  2. Dual credit courses: these are courses that allow students to receive high school credit while also earning college credit or technical credentials.

For candidates interested in the graduate programs, there are some additional requirements which are:

  1. A copy of passport: international candidates are required to submit a copy of their passport to the institution.
  2. An official bank statement: the official bank statement in its original form is to be submitted as the photocopy, scanned, or faxed copies are not accepted.
  3. Transcript: a transcript from a previous college or university is also required.
  4. GMAT or GRE score is also a requirement.

GPA Requirement

The average GPA at Xavier University is 3.4 on a scale of 4.00, having a good GPA is very important in getting into college as a lot of schools place great priority on the GPA of students since academic excellence is very good for the image of the school. If your GPA is low, taking advanced placement classes may help in giving you the extra boost you need. Having a high SAT score may also be an added advantage, as it could compensate for your GPA.

Fields of Study available at Xavier University of Louisiana

  1. Art: art, graphics design, music, theater, and theology are art courses.
  2. Athletics: the causes under athletics are athletic training, exercise science, sports administration, sports marketing, and sports management.
  3. Business: marketing, management, international business, finance, accounting, and business management are some business courses.
  4. Communication: Advertising, digital media, public relations, communication studies, digital innovation, film, and television.
  5. Education: music education, theater education, secondary education, education administration, special education and so much more are education courses.
  6. Health and Medicine: nursing, applied physics, chemical science, environmental science, chemistry, social work, radiology, etc.
  7. Honors: philosophy, politics, and the public.
  8. Humanities: classics, English, sociology, gender and diversity studies, history, land, farming, and community.
  9. Language and international affairs: German, English, Spanish, modern language, and international economics.
  10. Online: family nurse practitioner, family nursing, forensic nursing, and nursing education are some online courses available at XULA
  11. Politics: political science and international studies.

There are a lot of other courses available for study at XULA all of which are very recommended and needed in society. It’s all about finding one that really suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is Xavier University known for? XULA is known for being the only historical black roman catholic institution in the USA.
  2. Does Xavier University offer nursing courses? Yes, there are nursing courses at XULA.
  3. What is Xavier University’s tuition fee? The average fee at XULA is $21,000.  Fees might be higher based on the course or the year in which you are reading this article.