Will I get into the University of Houston?

University of Houston is a university based in Houston, Texas, and  was founded in 1927. The University of Houston is ranked the 7th best university in all of the USA and is the best university in all of Texas. This university believes in innovation and creation. Let us know Will I get into the University of Houston?

Will I get into the University of Houston?

The acceptance rate for the University of Houston is 62.8%, which is higher compared to most universities. The minimum requirement of GPA  to get accepted into the University of Houston is 3.2. Apart from that, the minimum score for SAT has to be 1100, and the minimum score for the ACT is 24.

The University of Houston is known for its first-class courses in all field areas but especially those in law, business, and health research. Apart from these, the University of Houston has a lot to provide in fields like :

  • Architecture and  Design
  • Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Exploratory Studies
  • Public Affairs
  • Social Work
  • Technology

The University of Houston requires undergraduate students to fulfill the mandate of the Texas Course Curriculum. The Texas Core Curriculum can be unique to every university and universities have the liberty to make accommodations in the curriculum as they see fit. At the University of Houston, the Texas Core Curriculum includes :

  • Communication – 6 hours
  • Mathematics – 3 hours
  • Life and Physical Sciences – 6 hours
  • Languages, Philosophy & Culture – 3 hours
  • Creative arts – 3 hours
  • American History – 6 hours
  • Government or Political Science – 6 hours
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences – 3 hours
  • Reasoning – 3 hours
  • Writing in the Disciplines – 3 hours

Each subject is carefully chosen to complete a set of objectives.


  • Communication courses enhance the student’s communication skills and at the same time mold their ability to handle personal responsibility.
  • Communication courses include a plethora of exercises that involve the command of oral, visual, aural, and written literacy skills.


  • Mathematics courses focus on developing the quantitative skills of an individual.
  • Mathematics courses include exercises that help the student learn the key tools of mathematics required to apply in daily life.

Life & Physical Sciences

  • The courses in this subject focus on learning how to predict natural phenomena using scientific methods.
  • This subject also focuses on developing critical thinking skills and relating human experiences to natural phenomena.

Language, Philosophy, and Culture

  • The courses on this subject have a clear objective of teaching students social responsibility.
  • All exercises in the courses on this subject teach students about various social values, and morals and how they affect the human experience.

Creative Arts

  • The core goal of courses on creative arts is to analyze creative artifacts and understand the nature of human imagination.
  • All courses in this subject include interpretation of various artworks and focus on developing innovative communication skills solely pertaining to art.

American History

  • As the name suggests, courses in American History are all about the past of the United States.
  • In this subject, there is also an option to learn about the History of Texas in-depth.

Government or Political Science

  • Courses focus on the Constitution of the United States of America, but a lot of attention is also given to the Constitution of Texas.
  • Courses include analysis of government structures and public behavior.

Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • The courses on this subject focus on the scientific study of finding out the essence of being human.
  • This course focuses on analyzing interactions between groups, individuals, and more to understand human behavior and nature.


  • Courses in reasoning focus on the development of logical thinking skills.

Writing in disciplines

  • This subject focuses on teaching students how to communicate effectively in every kind of differing situation.
  • It builds their skills to convey everything that they wish to in a manner that is clear and suitable.

How to Apply to the University of Houston?

  1. Fill out the online application, and submit all the documents and details that are asked for.
  2. The next step is to pay the application fee of $75
  • The application fee varies for international students and is $90.
  1. Submit your high school transcripts.
  2. Submit test scores.
  • It is to be noted that once the application fee is paid, it cannot be refunded.

The deadlines for submitting applications

  • Summer: Applications end on 9th May
  • Fall: Applications end on 31st May


The University of Houston is a well-reputed university known for its drive, its innovative and creative powers. Getting into the University of Houston is possible for students with a GPA of 3.2 or higher.


What is the tuition fee of the University of Houston?

  • The local tuition fee for the University of Houston is 11,870 USD per semester.
  • The domestic tuition fee for the University of Houston is 27,110 USD per semester.

What are the housing options for students at the University of Houston?

  • There is a colony of student apartments available for students near the campus. The fee for apartments is 9,404 USD.
  • Students who wish to stay on campus, can get a dorm room with roommates. The fee for dorms is 9,962 USD per semester.

What are the meal plans available and what is their cost?

  • The university provides various unlimited meal plans that are subdivided into: 
  1. Platinum meal plan for 2,994 USD.
  2. Gold meal plan for 2,794 USD.
  3. Silver meal plan for 2,497 USD.
  4. Bronze meal plan for 2,209 USD.
  • The university also provides various block meals which are subdivided into:
  1. Cougar Cash 1650 plan for 1650 USD.
  2. Cougar Cash 1200 plan for 1200 USD.
  3. Cougar Cash 500 plan for 500 USD.
  4. Cougar Cash 250 plan for 250 USD.
  5. Block 100 Meal Plan for 1241 USD.
  6. Block 50 Meal Plan for 628 USD.
  • Various restaurants are also available on campus to dine from.

What types of financial aid is available at the University of Houston?

  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Financial Incentives
  • Work-Study, the university provides students with placements on campus.