Which Division Is The University Of North Carolina Asheville?

There are endless opportunities for students at the University of North Carolina Asheville. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a degree in an exciting and new field, or looking for hands-on experience in your field of interest, UNC Asheville has it all for you. Let’s see Which Division Is The University Of North Carolina Asheville?

The Division of Health Sciences is the division that the University of North Carolina Asheville (UNCA) falls into. UNCA provides a variety of programs in health sciences, including nursing, pharmacology and physiology, and so on.

Which Division Is The University Of North Carolina Asheville?

Why UNC Asheville?

UNC Asheville is an excellent choice for students because of its strong academics and rich culture. The school provides a variety of diverse majors and minors, as well as tons of opportunities for student engagement. 

UNC Asheville provides a great academic life. From fraternities to sororities to clubs and more; there’s something for everyone on campus. You won’t be disappointed when you choose this great institution.

What Are The Divisions Of UNC?

The University of North Carolina provides many different divisions that cater to students’ specific interests and needs. These include (but are not limited to) –

  • College of Arts and Sciences, which provides a wide range of undergraduate degrees in fields such as humanities, sciences, etc.
  • School for Advanced Study (SAS), which specializes in the graduate-level study; 
  • Charlotte Center for Food & Agricultural Policy (CCFP), which promotes sustainable food systems.
  • Law School Admission Test preparation courses provided by SAS
  • Nursing with multiple undergraduate options leading to an associate’s degree or Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Agricultural science granting a Bachelor of Science via majoring in either in Agriculture Business Administration or Animal Science.

North Carolina has nine professional schools across many disciplines including medicine, dentistry, optometry/optics therapy, podiatry/foot care surgery, etc. at both the undergraduates’ level through UNC’s J.D./M.B.A program.

Is UNC Asheville A Good Choice?

UNC Asheville is a great choice for anyone looking to study in the Southeast. This private and nonprofit university has a good reputation for its academic programs, clinical training opportunities, and diverse campus environment.

UNC Asheville provides over 130 undergraduate degree courses, as well as more than 60 graduate programs. In addition to traditional courses provided in college classrooms, students have access to unique learning opportunities such as distance learning and online classes. 

The school boasts top-notch research facilities and resources that include a planetarium, two museums (including the Historic Weaver Museum of Fine Arts), seven botanical gardens/parks, 17 athletic fields, three music venues, six residence halls, two counseling centers, and 2 libraries with over 1 million books. 

Selection At UNC Asheville

While UNC Asheville does have a selective admissions process, it is not difficult as people may think. Only about 2% of all applicants are admitted to the school each year, so chances are you will be able to get in if you apply! The school has a low cost of tuition, and the fees that do apply tend to be lower than those at other universities. 

There are a few things that you will need to meet before being accepted into UNC Asheville. These include submitting your Common App application, taking the SAT or ACT, and having great academic results (3.0 GPA or higher). 

In addition, you will demonstrate letters of recommendation from professors and can attest to your ability to succeed in college. Finally, we favor applicants who have volunteered their time for community service or participated in activities outside of studies.


As you can see, UNC Asheville provides a great variety of programs and services that can meet your needs. It’s important to think of what you’re hoping to gain from your university experience before making a decision, as not all divisions are created equal. UNC Asheville is a great choice for students who are looking for an academically rigorous education coupled with opportunities for extracurricular involvement and community engagement.

  1. Is the University of North Carolina Asheville a party school?

    The UNC Asheville is not considered a party school. Party culture is more toned down at this University.
  2. What is the G.P.A range for applying to the University of North Carolina Asheville?

UNC Asheville does not look for a high GPA ranking in its selection process and will look for a GPA above 2.0 from its applicants.

  1. Does the University of North Carolina have a high ranking?

    The UNC is a highly ranked public university and is ranked one of the best liberal arts and science universities.
  2. How much is the tuition at UNC Asheville?

    For local tuitions, UNC Asheville sets its fees at $7,244 and for domestic tuitions, fees are $24,592.